Services DateIndexSeries DateServices TitleSeries IndexReferenceSpeakerTimeServices TitleSermon
2019-05-1220541995-01-0111Galatians 3:1-14 Bob Cottonpm
2019-05-1220531995-01-0111Galatians 1 Bob Cottonam
2019-05-0520522018-07-29The council of Jerusalem126Acts 15:1-21Andrew ThomsonpmThe council of Jerusalem
2019-05-0520512018-09-09The Sword of the Spirit 127Matthew 4:1-11; Ephesians 6:10-20Andrew ThomsonamThe Sword of the Spirit
2019-04-2820501995-01-01Turning Point51 Thessalonians 1:1-10Andrew ThomsonpmTurning Point
2019-04-2820492018-09-09Helmet of Salvation127Ephesians 6:10-20Andrew ThomsonamHelmet of Salvation
2019-04-2120482018-07-29Back from the dead 126Acts 14Andrew ThomsonpmBack from the dead
2019-04-2120471995-01-01The resurrection personified 7John 11:17-27Andrew ThomsonamThe resurrection personified
2019-04-1920461995-01-01The Attraction of the Cross7John 3:9-15 & 12:27-36Andrew ThomsonamThe Attraction of the Cross
2019-04-1420441995-01-0111Matthew 7 Joe Kingam
2019-04-1420451995-01-0111Psalm 39 Joe Kingpm
2019-04-0720422018-09-09The shield of faith127Ephesians 6:10-20Andrew ThomsonamThe shield of faith
2019-04-0720432018-07-29The message of salvation126Acts 13:13-43Andrew ThomsonpmThe message of salvation
2019-03-3120402018-09-09A Firm Footing127Ephesians 6:10-20Andrew ThomsonamA Firm Footing
2019-03-3120411995-01-01A Glorious Mystery 5Colossians 1:15-29Andrew ThomsonpmA Glorious Mystery
2019-03-2420382018-09-09The Breastplate127Ephesians 6:10-20Andrew ThomsonamThe Breastplate
2019-03-2420392018-07-29Herod's Fall126Acts 12Andrew ThomsonpmHerod's Fall
2019-03-1720372018-07-29The grace of God in action126Acts 11:1-26Andrew ThomsonpmThe grace of God in action
2019-03-1720362018-09-09Belt up!127Ephesians 6:1-20Andrew ThomsonamBelt up!
2019-03-1020351995-01-0111Isaiah 1 Brian Freerpm
2019-03-1020341995-01-0111Ruth Brian Freeram
2019-03-0320322018-09-09War!127Ephesians 6:10-20Andrew ThomsonamWar!
2019-03-0320332018-07-29Anointed preaching126Acts 10:34-48Andrew ThomsonpmAnointed preaching
2019-02-2420301995-01-01Delighting in God's Word11Psalm 1 Michael BostockamDelighting in God's Word
2019-02-2420311995-01-01The Demands of Discipleship11Matthew 8:18-27 Michael BostockpmThe Demands of Discipleship
2019-02-1720281995-01-0111Psalm 49 Malcolm MacGregoram
2019-02-1720291995-01-0111Matthew 5:1-16Malcolm MacGregorpm
2019-02-1020272018-07-29How to Hear God's Word126Acts 10:1-33Andrew ThomsonpmHow to Hear God's Word
2019-02-1020262018-09-09On His Majesty's Service 127Ephesians 5:22-6:9Andrew ThomsonamOn His Majesty's Service
2019-02-0320252018-07-29Fear & Comfort126Acts 9:20-43Andrew ThomsonpmFear & Comfort
2019-02-0320242018-09-09Christ & the church 127Ephesians 5:22-33Andrew ThomsonamChrist & the church
2019-01-2720231995-01-01To be or not to be5Philippians 1:12-30Andrew ThomsonpmTo be or not to be
2019-01-2720222018-09-09Walking in the light 127Ephesians 5:1-21Andrew ThomsonamWalking in the light
2019-01-2020212018-07-29Road to Damscus126Acts 9:1-20Andrew ThomsonpmRoad to Damscus
2019-01-2020202018-09-09Walking as Christians127Ephesians 4:17- 5:1Andrew ThomsonamWalking as Christians
2019-01-1320191995-01-01At Home11John 1.1-18 Michael BostockpmAt Home
2019-01-1320181995-01-01The Pilgrim Life11Psalm 107 Michael BostockamThe Pilgrim Life
2019-01-0620162010-04-11Resist!81James 4Andrew ThomsonamResist!
2019-01-0620172018-07-29The evangelist126Acts 8:26-40Andrew ThomsonpmThe evangelist
2018-12-3020151995-01-01New Year's Boast5Galatians 6Andrew ThomsonpmNew Year's Boast
2018-12-3020142010-04-11New Year's Resolution81James 4Andrew ThomsonamNew Year's Resolution
2018-12-2520131995-01-01What has God done? 7Romans 8:1-11Andrew ThomsonamWhat has God done?
2018-12-2320122018-07-29Priceless gift 126Acts 8:1-25Andrew ThomsonpmPriceless gift
2018-12-2320112018-09-09Heaven-sent gifts 127Ephesians 4:1-16Andrew ThomsonamHeaven-sent gifts
2018-12-1620091995-01-0111Colossians 1:1-2,15-23 Malcolm MacGregoram
2018-12-1620101995-01-01Carol Service 7John 1:1-14; Isaiah 9:2-7; Luke 2:8-20; Matthew 2:1-12Andrew ThomsonpmCarol Service
2018-12-0920081995-01-0111Galatians 1:11-24 Bob Cottonpm
2018-12-0920071995-01-0111Genesis 32:22-32 Bob Cottonam
2018-12-0220062018-07-29Stephen's Sermon 126Acts 6:8-15 & 7:44-60Andrew ThomsonpmStephen's Sermon
2018-12-0220052018-09-09United! 127Ephesians 4Andrew ThomsonamUnited!
2018-11-2520031995-01-0111Deuteronomy 33:26-34:12 Michael Bostockam
2018-11-2520041995-01-0152 Corinthians 4:16-5:10Andrew Thomsonpm
2018-11-1820011995-01-0111Exodus 8:1-19 Malcolm MacGregoram
2018-11-1820022018-07-29126Acts 6:1-7Andrew Thomsonpm
2018-11-1119992018-09-09Paul the Prisoner 127Ephesians 3Andrew ThomsonamPaul the Prisoner
2018-11-1120002018-07-29Worthy to Suffer126Acts 5:17-42Andrew ThomsonpmWorthy to Suffer
2018-11-0419972018-09-09United127Ephesians 2:11-22Andrew ThomsonamUnited
2018-11-0419982018-07-29Liars!126Acts 4:32-5:11Andrew ThomsonpmLiars!
2018-10-2819961995-01-01On guard!51 Corinthians 9:24-10:14Andrew ThomsonpmOn guard!
2018-10-2819952018-09-09Saved!127Ephesians 2:1-10Andrew ThomsonamSaved!
2018-10-2119932018-09-09Plumbing the depths127Ephesians 1:15-2:10Andrew ThomsonamPlumbing the depths
2018-10-2119942018-07-29Look & grant126Acts 4:23-37Andrew ThomsonpmLook & grant
2018-10-1419912018-09-09127Ephesians 1:3-23Andrew Thomsonam
2018-10-1419922018-07-29126Acts 4:1-22Andrew Thomsonpm
2018-10-0719902018-07-29126Acts 3Andrew Thomsonpm
2018-10-0719892018-09-09127Ephesians 1:1-14Andrew Thomsonam
2018-09-3019872018-09-09127Ephesians 1:7-10Andrew Thomsonam
2018-09-3019881995-01-015Romans 8:1-17Andrew Thomsonpm
2018-09-2319851995-01-01Desiring God11Psalms 42 & 43 Michael BostockamDesiring God
2018-09-2319861995-01-01Serious Prayer11Psalm 74 Michael BostockpmSerious Prayer
2018-09-1619831995-01-01What does this mean? 2Mark 1:1-14Andrew ThomsonamWhat does this mean?
2018-09-1619842010-04-11Fearless!81Isaiah 43:1-7Andrew ThomsonpmFearless!
2018-09-0919812018-09-09Blessed!127Ephesians 1:1-14Andrew ThomsonamBlessed!
2018-09-0919822018-07-29A Spirit-filled Church126Acts 2:22-47Andrew ThomsonpmA Spirit-filled Church
2018-09-0219792018-05-20Two Dangers125Numbers 32:1-23 & 33:50-56Andrew ThomsonamTwo Dangers
2018-09-0219802018-07-29The Most Successful Sermon Ever?126Acts 2:14-41Andrew ThomsonpmThe Most Successful Sermon Ever?
2018-08-2619781995-01-0111Daniel 3: 1-30 Ron Lowpm
2018-08-2619771995-01-0111Revelation 1: 1-20 Ron Lowam
2018-08-1919751995-01-01Some good reasons to pray11Psalm 86 Michael BostockamSome good reasons to pray
2018-08-1919761995-01-01The origin and destination of praise11Psalm 145 Michael BostockpmThe origin and destination of praise
2018-08-1219742018-07-29Spirit-filled 126Acts 2:1-13, 32-39Andrew ThomsonpmSpirit-filled
2018-08-1219732018-05-20Zelophehad's Daughters125Numbers 27:1-11 & 36:1-12Andrew ThomsonamZelophehad's Daughters
2018-08-0519712018-05-20Following Phinehas 125Numbers 25:1-13Andrew ThomsonamFollowing Phinehas
2018-08-0519722018-07-29Devoted 126Luke 24:44-53 & Acts 1:12-26Andrew ThomsonpmDevoted
2018-07-2919692018-05-20Prophet for hire125Numbers 22:7-35Andrew ThomsonamProphet for hire
2018-07-2919702018-07-29Waiting Witnesses126Luke 24:44-49; Acts 1:1-11Andrew ThomsonpmWaiting Witnesses
2018-07-2219672018-05-20Stormy waters125Numbers 20:2-13Andrew ThomsonamStormy waters
2018-07-2219682017-01-22Senseless Census1222 Samuel 24Andrew ThomsonpmSenseless Census
2018-07-1519651995-01-019Matthew 28Jim Sayersam
2018-07-1519661995-01-019Philippians 1:9-11Jim Sayerspm
2018-07-0819632018-05-20Refuge! 125Numbers 35:9-29Andrew ThomsonamRefuge!
2018-07-0819642017-01-22Famous last words 1222 Samuel 23Andrew ThomsonpmFamous last words
2018-07-0119622010-04-1181Psalm 62Andrew Thomsonpm
2018-07-0119612018-05-20Spy Story 125Numbers 13:17-33Andrew ThomsonamSpy Story
2018-06-2419601995-01-01Safe Keeping5Acts 20:17-38Andrew ThomsonpmSafe Keeping
2018-06-2419592018-05-20Complaints Department 125Numbers 11:1-15; 18-23Andrew ThomsonamComplaints Department
2018-06-1719571995-01-01Gospel Defence112 Timothy 3 Michael BostockamGospel Defence
2018-06-1719581995-01-01Gospel Fulfilment112 Timothy 4 Michael BostockpmGospel Fulfilment
2018-06-1019562017-01-22Tried & Tested! 1222 Samuel 22:1-20,47-51Andrew ThomsonpmTried & Tested!
2018-06-1019552018-05-20Look & Live! 125Numbers 21:4-9Andrew ThomsonamLook & Live!
2018-06-0319542017-01-22Consequences 1222 Samuel 21Andrew ThomsonpmConsequences
2018-06-0319532018-05-20Before them 125Numbers 10:1-10,29-36Andrew ThomsonamBefore them
2018-05-2719511995-01-0111Matthew 27:1-2, 11-26 Ron Lowam
2018-05-2719521995-01-01111 Kings 10:1-13 Ron Lowpm
2018-05-2019501995-01-01Reborn!5John 3:1-17Andrew ThomsonpmReborn!
2018-05-2019492018-05-20Blessed Indeed! 125Numbers 6:22-27Andrew ThomsonamBlessed Indeed!
2018-05-1319482017-01-22A tale of 2 children 1222 Samuel 12:13-31Andrew ThomsonpmA tale of 2 children
2018-05-1319472010-04-11Portrait of a fool81Luke 12:13-21Andrew ThomsonamPortrait of a fool
2018-05-0619451995-01-01Gospel Creation112 Timothy 1 Michael BostockamGospel Creation
2018-05-0619461995-01-01Gospel Focus112 Timothy 2 Michael BostockpmGospel Focus
2018-04-2919442017-01-22Convicted! 1222 Samuel 12:1-15Andrew ThomsonpmConvicted!
2018-04-2919432018-01-14Precepts & Promises1241 Thessalonians 5:12-28 Andrew ThomsonamPrecepts & Promises
2018-04-2219412018-01-14Church Life1241 Thessalonians 5:12-28 Andrew ThomsonamChurch Life
2018-04-2219421995-01-01The Biggest Decision5Luke 15:11-24Andrew ThomsonpmThe Biggest Decision
2018-04-1519392018-01-14Surprise!?1241 Thessalonians 5:1-11 Andrew ThomsonamSurprise!?
2018-04-1519402017-01-22David's Defeat 1222 Samuel 11Andrew ThomsonpmDavid's Defeat
2018-04-0819381995-01-0111Deuteronomy 7:1-11 Ron Lowpm
2018-04-0819371995-01-0111Ephesians 2:1-10 Ron Lowam
2018-04-0119351995-01-01Fake News? 7Acts 26:8-29Andrew ThomsonamFake News?
2018-04-0119361995-01-01Transformation power 7Philippians 3:1-14Andrew ThomsonpmTransformation power
2018-03-3019341995-01-01Forgiveness Friday 7Isaiah 53Andrew ThomsonamForgiveness Friday
2018-03-2519321995-01-01The Rich Young Ruler11Luke 18:18-27 Bruce FrancisamThe Rich Young Ruler
2018-03-2519331995-01-01Our Song of Victory11Psalm 18:1-3 & 31-50 Bruce FrancispmOur Song of Victory
2018-03-1819302018-01-14FYI1241 Thessalonians 4 Andrew ThomsonamFYI
2018-03-1819312017-01-22Mephibosheth 1222 Samuel 9Andrew ThomsonpmMephibosheth
2018-03-1119282018-01-14God's Will1241 Thessalonians 4:1-12 Andrew ThomsonamGod's Will
2018-03-1119292017-01-22Covenant! 1222 Samuel 7Andrew ThomsonpmCovenant!
2018-03-0419262018-01-14Keep Growing!1241 Thessalonians 2:17-3:13 Andrew ThomsonamKeep Growing!
2018-03-0419272017-01-22Big Mistake(s)! 1222 Samuel 6Andrew ThomsonpmBig Mistake(s)!
2018-02-2519251995-01-01Mark's vital verse5Mark 9:14-29Andrew ThomsonpmMark's vital verse
2018-02-2519242018-01-14Standing Fast1241 Thessalonians 2:17-3:13Andrew ThomsonamStanding Fast
2018-02-1819221995-01-0111James 5:7-20 Bob Cottonam
2018-02-1819231995-01-01112 Corinthians 12:1-10 Bob Cottonpm
2018-02-1119211995-01-01Instructions from God's Word 11Psalm 119:1-32 Derek BaileypmInstructions from God's Word
2018-02-1119201995-01-01Four steps in becoming a disciple 11Luke 5:1-10 Derek BaileyamFour steps in becoming a disciple
2018-02-0419182018-01-14The Working Word of God1241 Thessalonians 2:1-16Andrew ThomsonamThe Working Word of God
2018-02-0419192017-01-22David is established1222 Samuel 5Andrew ThomsonpmDavid is established
2018-01-2818172018-01-14Walk Worthy1241 Thessalonians 2Andrew ThomsonamWalk Worthy
2018-01-2819171995-01-01Matthew's Vital Verse5Matthew 7:21-29Andrew ThomsonpmMatthew's Vital Verse
2018-01-2118162017-01-22Kingdom Beginnings1222 Samuel 2-4Andrew ThomsonpmKingdom Beginnings
2018-01-2118152018-01-14Quick Turnaround1241 Thessalonians 1Andrew ThomsonamQuick Turnaround
2018-01-1418142017-01-22Two Trajectories1221 Samuel 30:11-31:13; 2 Samuel 1:1-16Andrew ThomsonpmTwo Trajectories
2018-01-1418132018-01-14How the gospel came to Thessalonica1241 Thessalonians 1Andrew ThomsonamHow the gospel came to Thessalonica
2018-01-0718111995-01-01The parable of the wise and foolish virgins11Matthew 25:1-13Michael BostockamThe parable of the wise and foolish virgins
2018-01-0718121995-01-01The parable of the talents11Matthew 25:14-30Michael BostockpmThe parable of the talents
2017-12-3118092010-04-11Putting the past behind us81Psalm 51Andrew ThomsonamPutting the past behind us
2017-12-3118102010-04-11Facing the future before us81Psalm 51Andrew ThomsonpmFacing the future before us
2017-12-2518081995-01-01The point of Christmas7Galatians 3:23-4:7Andrew ThomsonamThe point of Christmas
2017-12-2418071995-01-01A New Song for Christmas7Psalms 96 & 98Andrew ThomsonpmA New Song for Christmas
2017-12-2418061995-01-01Christmas star-gazing7Psalm 8Andrew ThomsonamChristmas star-gazing
2017-12-1718042017-11-12Ruth's Redeemers123Ruth 4Andrew ThomsonamRuth's Redeemers
2017-12-1718051995-01-01Christmas Presence7Isaiah 9:2-7; Matthew 1:18-25; Luke 2:1-20; John 1:1-14Andrew ThomsonamChristmas Presence
2017-12-1018021995-01-01Why Bethlehem?11Micah 5:2-5, Matthew 2:1-6Derek BaileyamWhy Bethlehem?
2017-12-1018031995-01-01The rejected sign11Isaiah 7:1-14, Matthew 1:20-25Derek BaileypmThe rejected sign
2017-12-0318012017-01-22Recovering Strength1221 Samuel 29:1-30:15Andrew ThomsonpmRecovering Strength
2017-12-0318002017-11-12Ruth's Request123Ruth 3Andrew ThomsonamRuth's Request
2017-11-2617981995-01-01Seeking righteousness not popularity11Luke 14:1-6Bruce FrancisamSeeking righteousness not popularity
2017-11-2617991995-01-0111Luke 14:7-14Bruce Francispm
2017-11-1917972017-01-22Saul's Desperation1221 Samuel 28Andrew ThomsonpmSaul's Desperation
2017-11-1917962017-11-12Ruth's Relative123Ruth 2Andrew ThomsonamRuth's Relative
2017-11-1217952017-01-22Triumph & Disaster1221 Samuel 26:1-27:4Andrew ThomsonpmTriumph & Disaster
2017-11-1217942017-11-12Ruth's Resolve123Ruth 1Andrew ThomsonamRuth's Resolve
2017-11-0517921995-01-01Giving glory to God alone11Exodus 33:12-34:10Michael BostockamGiving glory to God alone
2017-11-0517931995-01-01The proper use of law and tradition11Matthew 12:1-14Michael BostockpmThe proper use of law and tradition
2017-10-2917911995-01-01Waiting for the sunrise5Malachi 4Andrew ThomsonpmWaiting for the sunrise
2017-10-2917902016-11-20Doxology121Romans 16Andrew ThomsonamDoxology
2017-10-2217891995-01-01Girding Up the Lions of Your Mind11Philippians 4:4-8Bruce FrancispmGirding Up the Lions of Your Mind
2017-10-2217881995-01-01The Narrow Way11Luke 13:22-30Bruce FrancisamThe Narrow Way
2017-10-1517862016-11-20Workers & Warnings121Romans 16Andrew ThomsonamWorkers & Warnings
2017-10-1517872017-01-22Delivered from Evil1221 Samuel 25Andrew ThomsonpmDelivered from Evil
2017-10-0817842016-11-20Paul's Bucket List121Romans 15:14-33Andrew ThomsonamPaul's Bucket List
2017-10-0817852017-01-22All in God's time1221 Samuel 24Andrew ThomsonpmAll in God's time
2017-10-0117822016-11-20Endurance & Encouragement121Romans 15:1-13Andrew ThomsonamEndurance & Encouragement
2017-10-0117832017-01-22David in the wilderness1221 Samuel 23Andrew ThomsonpmDavid in the wilderness
2017-09-2417801995-01-01The Best Verse7John 3:1-21Andrew ThomsonamThe Best Verse
2017-09-2417811995-01-01Not by might5Zechariah 4Andrew ThomsonpmNot by might
2017-09-1717782016-11-20Walking in love121Romans 14Andrew ThomsonamWalking in love
2017-09-1717792010-04-11Exulting & Exalting81Psalm 57Andrew ThomsonpmExulting & Exalting
2017-09-1017772017-01-22Faltering faith1221 Samuel 21Andrew ThomsonpmFaltering faith
2017-09-1017762016-11-20Wake up and get dressed!121Romans 13Andrew ThomsonamWake up and get dressed!
2017-09-0317742016-11-20Dual citizenship121Romans 13Andrew ThomsonamDual citizenship
2017-09-0317752017-01-22Friend or Foe?1221 Samuel 18:1-16Andrew ThomsonpmFriend or Foe?
2017-08-2717721995-01-01Essential forgiveness - looking toward man11Matthew 18:21-35Michael BostockamEssential forgiveness - looking toward man
2017-08-2717731995-01-01Repentance - the whole Christian life. Part 2.11Psalm 25Michael BostockpmRepentance - the whole Christian life. Part 2.
2017-08-2017701995-01-01Amazing forgiveness - looking toward God11Matthew 18:21-35Michael BostockamAmazing forgiveness - looking toward God
2017-08-2017711995-01-01Repentance - the whole Christian life. Part 1.11Psalm 25Michael BostockpmRepentance - the whole Christian life. Part 1.
2017-08-1317691995-01-01111 Peter 2Derek Baileypm
2017-08-1317681995-01-01111 Peter 1:1-12Derek Baileyam
2017-08-0617672017-01-22An uneven contest1221 Samuel 17:31-50Andrew ThomsonpmAn uneven contest
2017-08-0617662016-11-20Overcoming evil121Romans 12Andrew ThomsonamOvercoming evil
2017-07-3017652017-01-22The Anointed One1221 Samuel 16Andrew ThomsonpmThe Anointed One
2017-07-3017642016-11-20Love life121Romans 12:1-21Andrew ThomsonamLove life
2017-07-2317622016-11-20121Romans 12:1-13Andrew Thomsonam
2017-07-2317632017-01-221221 Samuel 15Andrew Thomsonpm
2017-07-1617611995-01-01The goal of mission9Revelation 21Jim SayerspmThe goal of mission
2017-07-1617601995-01-01Mission and the judgement of God9Revelation 20:7-15Jim SayersamMission and the judgement of God
2017-07-0917592017-01-22Venturing faith1221 Samuel 14:1-23Andrew ThomsonpmVenturing faith
2017-07-0917582016-11-20A Living Sacrifice121Romans 12:1-13Andrew ThomsonamA Living Sacrifice
2017-07-0217562016-11-20Goodness & Severity121Romans 11:1-1-24Andrew ThomsonamGoodness & Severity
2017-07-0217572010-04-11Help & Hope81Psalm 146Andrew ThomsonpmHelp & Hope
2017-06-2517542016-11-20Mercy!121Romans 9:1-18Andrew ThomsonamMercy!
2017-06-2517551995-01-01Consider your ways!5Haggai 1Andrew ThomsonpmConsider your ways!
2017-06-1817521995-01-01Troubled Hearts11John 13:18-14:6Derek BaileyamTroubled Hearts
2017-06-1817531995-01-01Preparing the disciples for mission11John 14:7-31Derek BaileypmPreparing the disciples for mission
2017-06-1117512017-01-22Foolishness1221 Samuel 13Andrew ThomsonpmFoolishness
2017-06-1117502016-11-20Submit!121Romans 10:1-17Andrew ThomsonamSubmit!
2017-06-0417482016-11-20Super-conquerors 121Romans 8:28-39Andrew ThomsonamSuper-conquerors
2017-06-0417492017-01-22Secret Saviour1221 Samuel 9:1-10:16Andrew ThomsonpmSecret Saviour
2017-05-2817461995-01-01Dealing with temptation11Matthew 3:13-4:11Michael BostockamDealing with temptation
2017-05-2817471995-01-01The call of discipleship11Matthew 4:12-5:1 Michael BostockpmThe call of discipleship
2017-05-2117442016-11-20His Purpose121Romans 8:18-30Andrew ThomsonamHis Purpose
2017-05-2117452017-01-22Asking Amiss1221 Samuel 8Andrew ThomsonpmAsking Amiss
2017-05-1417422016-11-20Gracious groaning121Romans 8:16-30Andrew ThomsonamGracious groaning
2017-05-1417432017-01-22Ebenezer1221 Samuel 7Andrew ThomsonpmEbenezer
2017-05-0717402016-11-20Spirit-led Living 121Romans 8:1-17Andrew ThomsonamSpirit-led Living
2017-05-0717412017-01-22Too hot to handle1221 Samuel 5 & 6Andrew ThomsonpmToo hot to handle
2017-04-3017391995-01-01A Divine Duet5Zephaniah 3Andrew ThomsonpmA Divine Duet
2017-04-3017382016-11-20Not under law121Romans 7Andrew ThomsonamNot under law
2017-04-2317362016-11-20At your service121Romans 6:13-23Andrew ThomsonamAt your service
2017-04-2317372017-01-22Ichabod1221 Samuel 4Andrew ThomsonpmIchabod
2017-04-1617341995-01-01Come, see7Matthew 28Andrew ThomsonamCome, see
2017-04-1617351995-01-01For ever with the Lord71 Thessalonians 4:13-18Andrew ThomsonpmFor ever with the Lord
2017-04-1417331995-01-01Barabbas7Matthew 27:11-26Andrew ThomsonamBarabbas
2017-04-0917311995-01-0111Matthew 21:1-11Ron Lowam
2017-04-0917321995-01-0111Luke 7:18-23Ron Lowpm
2017-04-0217291995-01-01Safety, certainty and enjoyment11John 10:7-30Peter SeccombeamSafety, certainty and enjoyment
2017-04-0217301995-01-01The New Covenant11Hebrews 8Peter SeccombepmThe New Covenant
2017-03-2617281995-01-01Though ... yet5Habakkuk 3Andrew ThomsonpmThough ... yet
2017-03-2617272016-11-20Dead or alive!121Romans 6:1-14Andrew ThomsonamDead or alive!
2017-03-1917261995-01-01God's rich grace 111 Peter 1:1-12Colin GrimwoodpmGod's rich grace
2017-03-1917251995-01-01What shall I do? 11Luke 10:25-37Colin GrimwoodamWhat shall I do?
2017-03-1217242017-01-22The Word of the Lord1221 Samuel 3Andrew ThomsonpmThe Word of the Lord
2017-03-1217232016-11-20The Two Reigns121Romans 5:12-21Andrew ThomsonamThe Two Reigns
2017-03-0517212016-11-20The State We're In121Romans 5:1-11Andrew ThomsonamThe State We're In
2017-03-0517222017-01-22A Tale of Two Priests1221 Samuel 2:12-36, Andrew ThomsonpmA Tale of Two Priests
2017-02-2617201995-01-01Fortress or flood5Nahum 1Andrew ThomsonpmFortress or flood
2017-02-2617192016-11-20Firm Faith121Romans 4:13-25Andrew ThomsonamFirm Faith
2017-02-1917171995-01-01Solving tomorrow's problem today11Romans 1:16-17Michael BostockamSolving tomorrow's problem today
2017-02-1917181995-01-01Tasting the future11Exodus 15:22-27Michael BostockpmTasting the future
2017-02-1217151995-01-0111Joshua 2Robert Jeffreyam
2017-02-1217161995-01-01112 Peter 1Robert Jeffreypm
2017-02-0517132016-11-20Our Father Abraham121Romans 4Andrew ThomsonamOur Father Abraham
2017-02-0517142017-01-22Magnified1221 Samuel 2Andrew ThomsonpmMagnified
2017-01-2917121995-01-01Unrivalled Grace5Micah 7Andrew ThomsonpmUnrivalled Grace
2017-01-2917112016-11-20Gospel side effects121Romans 3:21-31Andrew ThomsonamGospel side effects
2017-01-2217102017-01-22Asked and Given1221 Samuel 1Andrew ThomsonpmAsked and Given
2017-01-2217092016-11-20The Gospel Trio121Romans 3:21-31Andrew ThomsonamThe Gospel Trio
2017-01-1517072016-11-20Warts & All121Romans 3:1-20Andrew ThomsonamWarts & All
2017-01-1517082016-09-11Unsung Heroes119Colossians 4:17-18Andrew ThomsonpmUnsung Heroes
2017-01-0817052016-11-20Speechless121Romans 3:1-20Andrew ThomsonamSpeechless
2017-01-0817062016-09-11Unsung heroes119Colossians 4:17-18Andrew ThomsonpmUnsung heroes
2017-01-0117042016-09-11Wise Words119Colossians 4:2-18Andrew ThomsonpmWise Words
2017-01-0117032010-04-11Marching Orders81Joshua 1:1-9Andrew ThomsonamMarching Orders
2016-12-2517011995-01-01The Complete Christmas7Matthew 2:1-12Andrew ThomsonamThe Complete Christmas
2016-12-2517021995-01-01Christmas in mind7Philippians 2:1-11Andrew ThomsonpmChristmas in mind
2016-12-1816991995-01-0111Matthew 1:18-25Ron Lowam
2016-12-1817001995-01-01Christmas Display7Isaiah 9:2-7; Matthew 1:18-24; Luke 2:8-20Andrew ThomsonpmChristmas Display
2016-12-1116982016-09-11A Change of Clothes119Colossians 3:12-4:1Andrew ThomsonpmA Change of Clothes
2016-12-1116972016-11-20Curing Complacency121Romans 2Andrew ThomsonamCuring Complacency
2016-12-0416962016-09-11A Change of Clothes119Colossians 3:1-14Andrew ThomsonpmA Change of Clothes
2016-12-0416952016-11-20When God gives up121Romans 1:16-32Andrew ThomsonamWhen God gives up
2016-11-2716932016-11-20Faith from first to last121Romans 1:1-17Andrew ThomsonamFaith from first to last
2016-11-2716941995-01-01Out of the depths5Jonah 2Andrew ThomsonpmOut of the depths
2016-11-2016912016-11-20Pauls gospel121Romans 1:1-15Andrew ThomsonamPauls gospel
2016-11-2016922016-09-11Elevated Thoughts119Colossians 2:16-3:4Andrew ThomsonpmElevated Thoughts
2016-11-1316891995-01-01Yes or No11Matthew 21:28-32Michael BostockamYes or No
2016-11-1316901995-01-01A correct evaluation of kingdom life11Matthew 13:44-52Michael BostockpmA correct evaluation of kingdom life
2016-11-0616872016-09-18The blazing sun120Malachi 3:16-4:6Andrew ThomsonamThe blazing sun
2016-11-0616882016-09-11Made alive!119Colossians 2:1-15Andrew ThomsonpmMade alive!
2016-10-3016852016-09-18Harsh Words120Malachi 3:6-4:1Andrew ThomsonamHarsh Words
2016-10-3016861995-01-01Bad blood5ObadiahAndrew ThomsonpmBad blood
2016-10-2316832016-09-18Daylight robbery120Malachi 2:17-3:12Andrew ThomsonamDaylight robbery
2016-10-2316841995-01-0111Jude 17-25Derek Baileypm
2016-10-1616822016-09-11As you were119Colossians 2:1-15Andrew ThomsonpmAs you were
2016-10-1616811995-01-0111Jude 1-7Derek Baileyam
2016-10-0916802016-09-11Continuing in hope119Colossians 1:13-29Andrew ThomsonpmContinuing in hope
2016-10-0916792016-09-18Coming, ready or not120Malachi 2:17-3:5Andrew ThomsonamComing, ready or not
2016-10-0216782016-09-11Colossians 1:11-23119Andrew ThomsonpmColossians 1:11-23
2016-09-2516761995-01-01'Seek me & Live'5Amos 5:1-17Andrew Thomsonpm'Seek me & Live'
2016-09-2516752016-09-18Honoured or Despised?120Malachi 1:6-2:9Andrew ThomsonamHonoured or Despised?
2016-09-1816732016-09-18Losing sight of God’s love120Malachi 1:1-14Andrew ThomsonamLosing sight of God’s love
2016-09-1816742016-09-11Prayer priorities119Colossians 1:1-14Andrew ThomsonpmPrayer priorities
2016-09-1116712010-04-11How to be happy81Psalm 32Andrew ThomsonamHow to be happy
2016-09-1116722016-09-11Gospel fruit119Colossians 1:1-14Andrew ThomsonpmGospel fruit
2016-09-0416702010-04-11The voice of the Lord81Psalm 29Andrew ThomsonamThe voice of the Lord
2016-08-2816682010-04-11The Kings Confidence81Psalm 27:1-6Andrew ThomsonamThe Kings Confidence
2016-08-2816692010-04-11The Kings Cry81Psalm 27:7-14Andrew ThomsonpmThe Kings Cry
2016-08-2116661995-01-01111 Timothy 2:1-8Derek Baileyam
2016-08-2116671995-01-01Change is constant, growth is optional 11James 1:2-8Bruce FrancispmChange is constant, growth is optional
2016-08-1416651995-01-01Considering Enoch11Genesis 5:18-24; Hebrews 11:1-6Michael BostockpmConsidering Enoch
2016-08-1416641995-01-01Mission Matters11John 20.19-23Michael BostockamMission Matters
2016-08-0716622015-04-26In my place112Mark 14:53–15:15Ben MansonamIn my place
2016-08-0716632015-04-26The coronation of the King112Mark 15:21–32Ben MansonpmThe coronation of the King
2016-07-3116612016-04-17Knowing that we know1171 John 5:1-13Ben MansonpmKnowing that we know
2016-07-3116602015-04-26Rejected and reinstated112Mark 11:2712:12 Ben MansonamRejected and reinstated
2016-07-2416581995-01-0111Matthew 4:1-11Mark Newcombeam
2016-07-2416591995-01-0111Psalm 133Mark Newcombepm
2016-07-1716572016-04-17True Joy117Psalm 16Ben MansonpmTrue Joy
2016-07-1716562015-04-26The King arrives112Mark 11:1-20Ben MansonamThe King arrives
2016-07-1016542015-04-26A ransom for many112Mark 10:35-45Ben MansonamA ransom for many
2016-07-1016552016-04-17True contentment117Philippians 4:4-13Andrew ThomsonpmTrue contentment
2016-07-0316531995-01-01Salvation Song7Isaiah 12Andrew ThomsonpmSalvation Song
2016-07-0316522016-05-15Returning118Hosea 5:15-6:3; 14:1-7Andrew ThomsonamReturning
2016-06-2616502016-05-15A case of backsliding118Hosea 4Andrew ThomsonamA case of backsliding
2016-06-2616511995-01-01Blessings for the future5Joel 2Andrew ThomsonpmBlessings for the future
2016-06-1916482016-05-15Steadfast Love118Hosea 3Andrew ThomsonamSteadfast Love
2016-06-1916492016-04-17True peace117Isaiah 26:3Ben MansonpmTrue peace
2016-06-1216472010-04-11The Throne Psalm81Psalm 45Andrew ThomsonpmThe Throne Psalm
2016-06-1216462015-04-26The poverty of riches112Mark 10:17-31Ben MansonamThe poverty of riches
2016-06-0516441995-01-019Matthew 7:13-29Jim Sayersam
2016-06-0516451995-01-019Mark 15:25-39Jim Sayerspm
2016-05-2916432016-04-17True Guidance117Romans 12:1,2; Matthew 6:31-33; Proverbs 3:1-7Ben MansonpmTrue Guidance
2016-05-2916421995-01-0111Acts 19:8-20Joe Kingam
2016-05-2216402016-05-15The Way to the Valley118Hosea 2:2-23Andrew ThomsonamThe Way to the Valley
2016-05-2216412010-04-11In his hands81Psalm 31Andrew ThomsonpmIn his hands
2016-05-1516392015-09-13Concern for Corinth1142 Corinthians 12:11-13:10Andrew ThomsonpmConcern for Corinth
2016-05-1516382016-05-15Tough love118Hosea 1:1-2:1Andrew ThomsonamTough love
2016-05-0816362016-01-10A final caution1161 John 5:13-21Andrew ThomsonamA final caution
2016-05-0816372015-09-13Paradise and pain1142 Corinthians 12:1-10Andrew ThomsonpmParadise and pain
2016-05-0116342015-04-26Cut off or be cut off112Mark 9:38-50Ben MansonamCut off or be cut off
2016-05-0116352016-04-17True love117John 13:34-35Ben MansonpmTrue love
2016-04-2416322016-01-10Confidence in prayer1161 John 3:16-24Andrew ThomsonamConfidence in prayer
2016-04-2416331995-01-01The writing’s on the wall5Daniel 5Andrew ThomsonpmThe writing’s on the wall
2016-04-1716302015-04-26Who’s the greatest?112Mark 9:30-41 Ben MansonamWho’s the greatest?
2016-04-1716312016-04-17Successful living - Transformed worship117Romans 12:1-8Ben MansonpmSuccessful living - Transformed worship
2016-04-1016292015-09-13The danger of deception1142 Corinthians 11Andrew ThomsonpmThe danger of deception
2016-04-1016282016-01-10Believe1161 John 3:19-24; 5:1-12Andrew ThomsonamBelieve
2016-04-0316262016-01-10Why the Christian can’t keep sinning1161 John 3:1-10Andrew ThomsonamWhy the Christian can’t keep sinning
2016-04-0316272015-09-13Waging war wisely1142 Corinthians 10Andrew ThomsonpmWaging war wisely
2016-03-2716251995-01-01Death Valley5Ezekiel 37:1-14Andrew ThomsonpmDeath Valley
2016-03-2716241995-01-01The keys of death7Revelation 1:9-20Andrew ThomsonamThe keys of death
2016-03-2516232013-09-29Good Friday service103Matt 27:32-54 Ben MansonamGood Friday service
2016-03-2016212016-01-10What we are and what we'll be1161 John 2:18-3:3Andrew ThomsonamWhat we are and what we'll be
2016-03-2016222013-09-29Unique103John 12:1-8Ben MansonpmUnique
2016-03-1316202015-09-13The grace of generosity1142 Corinthians 8:1-15; 9:6-15Andrew ThomsonpmThe grace of generosity
2016-03-1316192015-04-26The hope of glory112Mark 9:1-32Ben MansonamThe hope of glory
2016-03-0616182015-09-13Good Grief1142 Corinthians 7:2-16Andrew ThomsonpmGood Grief
2016-03-0616172016-01-10The antichrists and the anointed1161 John 2:15-27Andrew ThomsonamThe antichrists and the anointed
2016-02-2816152016-01-10Worldliness1161 John 2:12-17Andrew ThomsonamWorldliness
2016-02-2816161995-01-01Best laid plans5Jeremiah 29:4-19Andrew ThomsonpmBest laid plans
2016-02-2116132016-01-10Fatherly advice for young and old1161 John 2:7-17Andrew ThomsonamFatherly advice for young and old
2016-02-2116142015-05-03Suffering, sickness and sin113James 5:13-20Ben MansonpmSuffering, sickness and sin
2016-02-1416112015-04-26What does it mean to follow Jesus?112Mark 8:27-38Ben MansonamWhat does it mean to follow Jesus?
2016-02-1416122015-09-13Set Apart1142 Corinthians 6:14-7:1Andrew ThomsonpmSet Apart
2016-02-0716102015-09-13Obstacles & Restrictions1142 Corinthians 6:1-13Andrew ThomsonpmObstacles & Restrictions
2016-02-0716092016-01-10The Old Commandment1161 John 2:1-14Andrew ThomsonamThe Old Commandment
2016-01-3116072016-01-10Sinning Less1161 John 1:5-2:6Andrew ThomsonamSinning Less
2016-01-3116081995-01-01God's Servant5Isaiah 53Andrew ThomsonpmGod's Servant
2016-01-2416052015-04-26Eye Test112Mark 8:11-30Ben MansonamEye Test
2016-01-2416062015-05-03Worthy words113James 5:12Ben MansonpmWorthy words
2016-01-1716032016-01-10Walking in the Light1161 John 1:1-2:2Andrew ThomsonamWalking in the Light
2016-01-1716042015-09-13From now on ...1142 Corinthians 5:6-21Andrew ThomsonpmFrom now on ...
2016-01-1016021995-01-0111JonahDavid Quinpm
2016-01-1016012016-01-10 Life & Fellowship1161 John 1:1-4Andrew Thomsonam Life & Fellowship
2016-01-0315992013-09-29The one thing103Luke 10:38-42 Ben MansonamThe one thing
2016-01-0316002013-09-29A prayer for fullness103Ephesians 3:14-21Ben MansonpmA prayer for fullness
2015-12-2715982010-04-11Looking backwards and forwards81Psalm 21Andrew ThomsonpmLooking backwards and forwards
2015-12-2715972010-04-11Best wishes for 201681Psalm 20Andrew ThomsonamBest wishes for 2016
2015-12-2515961995-01-01Christmas morning service7Luke 2:8-15Ben MansonamChristmas morning service
2015-12-2015951995-01-01Carol Service7Matthew 2:1-12Andrew ThomsonpmCarol Service
2015-12-2015942015-09-20Words of wisdom115Proverbs 10:8-32Andrew ThomsonamWords of wisdom
2015-12-1315932015-05-03Warnings and encouragements113James 5:1-11Ben MansonpmWarnings and encouragements
2015-12-1315922015-09-20Gospel wisdom115Proverbs 16:1-16Andrew ThomsonamGospel wisdom
2015-12-0615902015-04-26Can't hear, can't speak112Mark 7:31-37Ben MansonamCan't hear, can't speak
2015-12-0615912015-09-13Our earthly tent and our heavenly home1142 Corinthians 5:1-11Andrew ThomsonpmOur earthly tent and our heavenly home
2015-11-2915892015-05-03Boasting about the future113James 4:13-17Ben MansonpmBoasting about the future
2015-11-2915882015-09-20Wisdom & Wealth115Proverbs 6:6-11; 26:12-16; 30:7-9Andrew ThomsonamWisdom & Wealth
2015-11-2215872015-09-13Treasure and clay1142 Corinthians 4:7-18Andrew ThomsonpmTreasure and clay
2015-11-2215862015-09-20Everything's under control115Proverbs 16:1-9 & 25-33Andrew ThomsonamEverything's under control
2015-11-1515852015-09-13A glorious message1142 Corinthians 3:4-4:6Andrew ThomsonpmA glorious message
2015-11-1515842015-04-26Christs crumbs112 Mark 7:24-30Ben MansonamChrists crumbs
2015-11-0815822015-09-20Pride problems115Proverbs 6:16-35Andrew ThomsonamPride problems
2015-11-0815832015-05-03The foolishness of foolish speech113James 4:11-12Ben MansonpmThe foolishness of foolish speech
2015-11-0115812015-05-03Wars Within113James 4:1-10Ben MansonpmWars Within
2015-11-0115802002-12-29The Cost of Redemption621 Peter 1:13-25John EyersamThe Cost of Redemption
2015-10-2515792015-09-13Christian Confidence1142 Corinthians 2:12-3:6Andrew ThomsonpmChristian Confidence
2015-10-2515782015-09-20The Heart of the Wise115Proverbs 4Andrew ThomsonamThe Heart of the Wise
2015-10-1915771995-01-01Association event: 'Is the Gospel Good News for the Gay community?'12Jonathan BerryamAssociation event: 'Is the Gospel Good News for the Gay community?'
2015-10-1815762015-09-13A Battle of Wits1142 Corinthians 1:23-2:11Andrew ThomsonpmA Battle of Wits
2015-10-1815752015-09-20Caring Correction115Proverbs 3:1-18Andrew ThomsonamCaring Correction
2015-10-1115732015-04-26Heart disease112Mark 7:1-23Ben MansonamHeart disease
2015-10-1115742015-05-03Which wisdom?113James 3Ben MansonpmWhich wisdom?
2015-10-0415722015-09-13Guaranteed!1142 Corinthians 1:12-24Andrew ThomsonpmGuaranteed!
2015-10-0415712015-09-20Seeking wisdom115Proverbs 2:1-22Andrew ThomsonamSeeking wisdom
2015-09-2715701995-01-01Missed call5Song of Solomon 5Andrew ThomsonpmMissed call
2015-09-2715691995-01-01Happier than harvest7Psalm 4Andrew ThomsonamHappier than harvest
2015-09-2015672015-09-20Words of Wisdom: Wisdoms appeal 115Proverbs 1Andrew ThomsonamWords of Wisdom: Wisdoms appeal
2015-09-1915682015-05-03A faith that works113James 2:14-26Ben MansonpmA faith that works
2015-09-1315662015-09-13The God of all Comfort1142 Corinthians 1:1-11Andrew ThomsonpmThe God of all Comfort
2015-09-1315652014-11-09Tough Love1111 Corinthians 16Andrew ThomsonamTough Love
2015-09-0615632015-04-26Compassion and confidence112Mark 6:30-52Ben MansonamCompassion and confidence
2015-09-0615642014-03-02The end of the beginning107Genesis 46-50Andrew ThomsonpmThe end of the beginning
2015-08-3015612014-11-09Resurrection truth1111 Corinthians 15Andrew ThomsonamResurrection truth
2015-08-3015622002-12-29Great Things Done for Us62Psalm 126:3John EyerspmGreat Things Done for Us
2015-08-2315601995-01-01112 Corinthians 5:1-11Derek Baileypm
2015-08-2315591995-01-01112 Corinthians 4:1-7Derek Baileyam
2015-08-1615571995-01-01Lessons from a praying man's prayer11Nehemiah 1Michael BostockamLessons from a praying man's prayer
2015-08-1615581995-01-01The fruit of lips and lives11Hebrews 13:8-16Michael BostockpmThe fruit of lips and lives
2015-08-0915562015-05-03Faith and favouritism113James 2:1-13Ben MansonpmFaith and favouritism
2015-08-0915552015-04-26Repentance, the costly call112Mark 6:1-30 Ben MansonamRepentance, the costly call
2015-08-0215532015-04-26Fear to Faith112Mark 5:21-43 Ben MansonamFear to Faith
2015-08-0215542015-05-03Doers or deceived113James 1:19-27 Ben MansonpmDoers or deceived
2015-07-2615512015-04-26The storm stiller112Mark 4:35-5:20Ben MansonamThe storm stiller
2015-07-2615522015-05-03Perfect gifts, perfect giver113James 1:16-18Ben MansonpmPerfect gifts, perfect giver
2015-07-1915492015-04-26The growing kingdom112Mark 4:21-34Ben MansonamThe growing kingdom
2015-07-1915501995-01-0111Matthew 10:26-33David Rushbrookpm
2015-07-1215482015-05-03Trails or Temptations?113James 1:13-16Ben MansonpmTrails or Temptations?
2015-07-1215472015-04-26Welcoming the word112Mark 4:1-20Ben MansonamWelcoming the word
2015-07-0515451995-01-01Death in the Pot112 Kings 4: 38-41 Malcolm McGregoramDeath in the Pot
2015-07-0515461995-01-01Life from three points of view11Luke 13:10-17 Malcolm McGregorpmLife from three points of view
2015-06-2815441995-01-01You only live once5Ecclesiates 2Andrew ThomsonpmYou only live once
2015-06-2815432014-11-09Love is ...1111 Corinthians 13Andrew ThomsonamLove is ...
2015-06-2115412015-04-26Insiders and outsiders112Mark 3Ben MansonamInsiders and outsiders
2015-06-2115422010-04-11A triple invitation81Psalm 34Andrew ThomsonpmA triple invitation
2015-06-1415391995-01-019Psalm 2Jim Sayersam
2015-06-1415401995-01-019Acts 2:1-11Jim Sayerspm
2015-06-0715382014-03-02Guilt, Gloom and Grace107Genesis 42-45Andrew ThomsonpmGuilt, Gloom and Grace
2015-06-0715372015-04-26Laws and Lordship112Mark 2:18-3:6Ben MansonamLaws and Lordship
2015-05-3115352014-11-09Concerning spiritual gifts1111 Corinthians 12Andrew ThomsonamConcerning spiritual gifts
2015-05-3115361995-01-01Life Lessons5Proverbs 3Andrew ThomsonpmLife Lessons
2015-05-2415342015-05-03True Identity113James 1:1-11Ben MansonpmTrue Identity
2015-05-2415332015-04-26Follow me112Mark 1:16-20; 2:13-14Ben MansonamFollow me
2015-05-1715312014-11-09Doing the Decent Thing1111 Corinthians 10:14-11:1Andrew ThomsonamDoing the Decent Thing
2015-05-1715322014-03-02Ups and Downs in Egypt107Genesis 39Andrew ThomsonpmUps and Downs in Egypt
2015-05-1015291995-01-01What Really Counts7Galatians 6Andrew ThomsonamWhat Really Counts
2015-05-1015302014-03-02A Dysfunctional Family107Genesis 37:1-24Andrew ThomsonpmA Dysfunctional Family
2015-05-0315272015-04-26In a word112Mark 1:16-2:17Ben MansonamIn a word
2015-05-0315282015-05-03When the going gets tough113James 1:1-8Ben MansonpmWhen the going gets tough
2015-04-2615261995-01-01The response of faith5Luke 17:11-19Ben MansonpmThe response of faith
2015-04-2615252015-04-26The Good news of Jesus112Mark 1:1-15Ben MansonamThe Good news of Jesus
2015-04-1915231995-01-01Just Grace11Matthew 19:23-20:16Peter SeccombeamJust Grace
2015-04-1915241995-01-01Faith Challenged but Triumphant11Psalm 73Peter SeccombepmFaith Challenged but Triumphant
2015-04-1215211995-01-0111Jonah 1:17-3:3James Patonam
2015-04-1215221995-01-0111Colossians 3:1-17James Patonpm
2015-04-0515191995-01-01The death of death71 Corinthians 15:12-26; 50-58Ben MansonamThe death of death
2015-04-0515202013-09-29Draw near with confidence103Hebrews 10:1-22Ben MansonpmDraw near with confidence
2015-03-2915172014-11-09Learning from Israels mistakes1111 Corinthians 10:1-13Andrew ThomsonamLearning from Israels mistakes
2015-03-2915181995-01-01I am the resurrection and the life5John 11:1-45Ben MansonpmI am the resurrection and the life
2015-03-2215162014-03-02Family Fortunes107Genesis 35:16-37:1Andrew ThomsonpmFamily Fortunes
2015-03-2215152014-11-09Giving it up for the gospel1111 Corinthians 9Andrew ThomsonamGiving it up for the gospel
2015-03-1515142014-03-02Defilement & Purification107Genesis 34:1-35:15Andrew ThomsonpmDefilement & Purification
2015-03-1515132014-03-23Tunnel vision108Daniel 12Ben MansonamTunnel vision
2015-03-0815122014-03-02Jacob's schemes & God's grace107Genesis 33Andrew ThomsonpmJacob's schemes & God's grace
2015-03-0815111995-01-01Song of the broken7Psalm 51Andrew ThomsonamSong of the broken
2015-03-0115092014-11-09Puffed up or building1111 Corinthians 8Andrew ThomsonamPuffed up or building
2015-03-0115102014-03-02Wrestling with God107Genesis 32:13-32Andrew ThomsonpmWrestling with God
2015-02-2215072014-11-09Marriage: Pros, cons and complications1111 Corinthians 7:17-35Andrew ThomsonamMarriage: Pros, cons and complications
2015-02-2215081995-01-01Stand by me52 Timothy 4:9-22Ben MansonpmStand by me
2015-02-1515062014-03-0220 tough years later107Genesis 32:1-21Andrew Thomsonpm20 tough years later
2015-02-1515052014-11-09Spot the difference1111 Corinthians 6Andrew ThomsonamSpot the difference
2015-02-0815031995-01-01Saving Faith7Galatians 2:15-21Andrew ThomsonamSaving Faith
2015-02-0815042014-03-02A Pillow and a Pillar107Genesis 28Andrew ThomsonpmA Pillow and a Pillar
2015-02-0115012014-03-23Big trouble, Bigger help108Daniel 10Ben MansonamBig trouble, Bigger help
2015-02-0115022014-08-17Finishing well1102 Timothy 4:6-8Ben MansonpmFinishing well
2015-01-2514992014-11-09Guilt by association1111 Corinthians 5Andrew ThomsonamGuilt by association
2015-01-2515001995-01-01Happy Ever After5Job 40:6-9; 42:1-17Andrew ThomsonpmHappy Ever After
2015-01-1814972014-11-09Judgements False and True1111 Corinthians 4:1-21Andrew ThomsonamJudgements False and True
2015-01-1814982014-08-17Preach the word1102 Timothy 4:1-5Ben MansonpmPreach the word
2015-01-1114951995-01-01Jesus presents the 21st Century church with our most costly challenge9John 10:1-18David QuinamJesus presents the 21st Century church with our most costly challenge
2015-01-1114962014-03-02The beginning of Jacob and Esau107Genesis 25:24-34; 27:5-38Andrew ThomsonpmThe beginning of Jacob and Esau
2015-01-0414942014-03-02Isaac107Genesis 26Andrew ThomsonpmIsaac
2015-01-0414932013-09-29By Faith in 2015103Hebrews 11:24-25Andrew ThomsonamBy Faith in 2015
2014-12-2814922010-04-11The year crowned81Psalm 65Andrew ThomsonpmThe year crowned
2014-12-2814912010-04-112015 - What's secret & what's clear81Deuteronomy 29:16-30:3Andrew Thomsonam2015 - What's secret & what's clear
2014-12-2514901995-01-01Seeing, Hearing & Receiving7John 1:1-18Andrew ThomsonamSeeing, Hearing & Receiving
2014-12-2114882013-09-29Serving and sacrifice103Mark 10:35-45Ben MansonamServing and sacrifice
2014-12-2114891995-01-013 Cries of Christmas excitement 7Isaiah 7:10-17; Luke 1:26-35; 2:8-20; Micah 5:2-5Andrew Thomsonpm3 Cries of Christmas excitement
2014-12-1414862014-11-09The spirits work and ours1111 Corinthians 2:6-3:15Andrew ThomsonamThe spirits work and ours
2014-12-1414872014-03-02A servant spirit107Genesis 24:1-58Andrew ThomsonpmA servant spirit
2014-12-0714842013-09-29Gods Great invitation103Isaiah 55Ben MansonamGods Great invitation
2014-12-0714852014-08-17Continue in the Bible because...1102 Timothy 3:14-17Ben MansonpmContinue in the Bible because...
2014-11-3014831995-01-01Such a time as this5Esther 4Andrew ThomsonpmSuch a time as this
2014-11-3014822014-11-09The wisdom and the power of the cross1111 Corinthians 1:17-2:5Andrew ThomsonamThe wisdom and the power of the cross
2014-11-2314812014-08-17Lovers in the last days 1102 Timothy 3Ben MansonpmLovers in the last days
2014-11-2314802014-03-23Salvation in stages108Daniel 9:16-27Ben MansonamSalvation in stages
2014-11-1614782014-11-09Pleading & Preaching1111 Corinthians 1:1-25Andrew ThomsonamPleading & Preaching
2014-11-1614792014-03-02The End of Sarah107Genesis 23Andrew ThomsonpmThe End of Sarah
2014-11-1514771995-01-0160th Anniversary service8Psalm 118John Blanchardpm60th Anniversary service
2014-11-0914762014-03-02The end of Isaac?107Genesis 22:1-18Andrew ThomsonpmThe end of Isaac?
2014-11-0914752014-11-09Called1111 Corinthians 1:1-18Andrew ThomsonamCalled
2014-11-0214731995-01-0111John 21:15-25Peter Croftam
2014-11-0214741995-01-0111Genesis 50:15-26Peter Croftpm
2014-10-2614722014-08-17Knowing we are his1102 Timothy 2:14-26Ben MansonpmKnowing we are his
2014-10-2614712014-03-23The road to restoration108Daniel 9:1-19Ben MansonamThe road to restoration
2014-10-1914702014-08-17The faithful christian1102 Tim 2:1-13Ben MansonpmThe faithful christian
2014-10-1914692014-06-22When you hit rock bottom109Lamentations 3:1-9;3:19-41Andrew ThomsonamWhen you hit rock bottom
2014-10-1214672014-03-23The two kingdoms108Daniel 7Ben MansonamThe two kingdoms
2014-10-1214682014-03-02A Case of Dj Vu107Genesis 20:1-13 and 21:22-34Andrew ThomsonpmA Case of Dj Vu
2014-10-0514652014-06-22The fate of the nations109Jeremiah 46:25-28; 52:1-11; 52:31-34Andrew ThomsonamThe fate of the nations
2014-10-0514662014-03-02The end of Sodom107Genesis 18:16-33; 19:14-26Andrew ThomsonpmThe end of Sodom
2014-09-2814632013-09-29An urgent harvest message103Ezekiel 34:1-10; Matthew 9:35-38Ben MansonamAn urgent harvest message
2014-09-2814642014-08-17What is a reliable christian?1102 Timothy 2:1-7Ben MansonpmWhat is a reliable christian?
2014-09-2114612014-06-223 Listening Lapses109Jeremiah 40:13-16; 42:1-7; 43:1-4; 44:7-10; 44:15-17; 45:1-5Andrew Thomsonam3 Listening Lapses
2014-09-2114622014-03-02The beginning of circumcision107Genesis 17Andrew ThomsonpmThe beginning of circumcision
2014-09-1414591995-01-01No condemnation; no separation2Romans 8:18-39Andrew ThomsonamNo condemnation; no separation
2014-09-1414602014-08-17Guard the Gospel1102 Timothy 1:1-18Ben MansonpmGuard the Gospel
2014-09-0714572014-06-22The defiant king, the dithering king & the devoted servant109Jeremiah 36:11-32Andrew ThomsonamThe defiant king, the dithering king & the devoted servant
2014-09-0714582014-03-02The beginning of Ishmael107Genesis 16:1-17:8Andrew ThomsonpmThe beginning of Ishmael
2014-08-3114552014-06-22Three covenants109Jeremiah 33:19-26; 35:1-19Andrew ThomsonamThree covenants
2014-08-3114562014-03-02The beginning of a covenant107Genesis 15Andrew ThomsonpmThe beginning of a covenant
2014-08-2414541995-01-0111Romans 8:1-11Derek Baileypm
2014-08-2414531995-01-0111Acts 16:9-32Derek Baileyam
2014-08-1714522014-08-17Courage for the call1102 Timothy 1:1-8Ben MansonpmCourage for the call
2014-08-1714512014-03-23Continual and faithful service for God 108Daniel 6Ben MansonamContinual and faithful service for God
2014-08-1014492014-06-22New Covenant, New Field109Jeremiah 31:31-37; 32:6-15; 32:36-44Andrew ThomsonamNew Covenant, New Field
2014-08-1014502014-03-02The beginning of battles107Genesis 13:1-18; 14:14-24Andrew ThomsonpmThe beginning of battles
2014-08-0314482014-03-02The beginning of a nation107Genesis 12Andrew ThomsonpmThe beginning of a nation
2014-08-0314472014-06-22His Perfect Plans109Jeremiah 29:1-14Andrew ThomsonamHis Perfect Plans
2014-07-2714461995-01-0111Philippians 1:12-30Steven Musa-Kormayeapm
2014-07-2714452014-03-23The God who removes108Daniel 5Ben MansonamThe God who removes
2014-07-2014442010-04-11Benefits Awareness81Psalm 103Andrew ThomsonpmBenefits Awareness
2014-07-2014432014-06-225 Shepherds109Jeremiah 22:11-23:8Andrew Thomsonam5 Shepherds
2014-07-1314412014-03-23Pride108Daniel 4Ben MansonamPride
2014-07-1314422014-03-02The beginning of the nations107Genesis 9:8-28; 11:1-9Andrew ThomsonpmThe beginning of the nations
2014-07-0614392014-06-22Two Ways109Jeremiah 7:1-15; 11:1-14Andrew ThomsonamTwo Ways
2014-07-0614402014-03-02A new beginning107Genesis 8:13-9:17Andrew ThomsonpmA new beginning
2014-06-2914381995-01-01Pressing on for the prize5Philippians 3:4-16Ben MansonpmPressing on for the prize
2014-06-2914372014-06-22Two Evils, One Solution109Jeremiah 2:1-13; 3:12-17Andrew ThomsonamTwo Evils, One Solution
2014-06-2214352014-06-22The Call and Calling of Jeremiah109Jeremiah 1Andrew ThomsonamThe Call and Calling of Jeremiah
2014-06-2214362014-03-23Faithfulness under Fire108Daniel 3Ben MansonpmFaithfulness under Fire
2014-06-1514342014-03-02The beginning of judgement107Genesis 6Andrew ThomsonpmThe beginning of judgement
2014-06-1514332013-06-09Believers' Baptism101Acts 22:6-16; Romans 6:1-11Andrew ThomsonamBelievers' Baptism
2014-06-0814312013-06-09Good Giving1012 Corinthians 8:1-15; 9:1-15Andrew ThomsonamGood Giving
2014-06-0814322014-03-02The Beginning of Death107Genesis 5Andrew ThomsonpmThe Beginning of Death
2014-06-0114301995-01-0111Luke 10:25-37Peter Croftpm
2014-06-0114291995-01-0111Genesis 14:11-15:6Peter Croftam
2014-05-2514281995-01-01Able and Willing5Luke 5:12-16Ben MansonpmAble and Willing
2014-05-2514272014-03-23The only god of wisdom and might108Daniel 2Ben MansonamThe only god of wisdom and might
2014-05-1814252013-06-09Memorial meal1011 Corinthians 11:17-32Andrew ThomsonamMemorial meal
2014-05-1814262014-03-02The beginning of violence107Genesis 4Andrew ThomsonpmThe beginning of violence
2014-05-1114231995-01-019John 4:1-19Jim Sayersam
2014-05-1114241995-01-019John 4:19-38Jim Sayerspm
2014-05-0414222014-03-02The beginning of consequences107Genesis 3Andrew ThomsonpmThe beginning of consequences
2014-05-0414212013-06-09Finally Forever101Revelation 21:1-22:4Andrew ThomsonamFinally Forever
2014-04-2714202014-03-23Living for God in a foreign land108Daniel 1:8-21Ben MansonpmLiving for God in a foreign land
2014-04-2714192013-06-09Dealing with Death101Luke 16:19-31Andrew ThomsonamDealing with Death
2014-04-2014172010-04-11When Easter dawns81John 20:1-17Andrew ThomsonamWhen Easter dawns
2014-04-2014182013-09-29Raised with Christ103Colossians 3:1-17Ben MansonpmRaised with Christ
2014-04-1814162010-04-11Good Friday service81John 3:1-16Andrew ThomsonamGood Friday service
2014-04-1314142013-06-09Resurrection Realities1011 Corinthians 15:35-58Andrew ThomsonamResurrection Realities
2014-04-1314152014-03-02The Beginning of Sin107Genesis 3Andrew ThomsonpmThe Beginning of Sin
2014-04-0614122013-06-09Proportionate Punishment101Matt 13:36-50Andrew ThomsonamProportionate Punishment
2014-04-0614132014-03-02The beginning of man and of marriage107Genesis 2Andrew ThomsonpmThe beginning of man and of marriage
2014-03-3014111995-01-01Asking nicely5Nehemiah 1Andrew ThomsonpmAsking nicely
2014-03-3014102013-06-09Just Judgement101Matthew 25:31-46Andrew ThomsonamJust Judgement
2014-03-2314082013-06-09Redeemers Return101Matthew 25:1-30Andrew ThomsonamRedeemers Return
2014-03-2314092014-03-23Killing with kindness - The devils plans for gods people108Daniel 1:1-7Ben MansonpmKilling with kindness - The devils plans for gods people
2014-03-1614061995-01-01The God of Judgement and the God of Mercy111 Samuel 1:1-2:11Derek BaileyamThe God of Judgement and the God of Mercy
2014-03-1614071995-01-01The God of Judgement and the God of Mercy111 Samuel 3Derek BaileypmThe God of Judgement and the God of Mercy
2014-03-0914052013-09-29Salt and Light - The Christians relationship to the world103Matthew 5:13-16Ben MansonpmSalt and Light - The Christians relationship to the world
2014-03-0914041995-01-01The Knowable God2Acts 17:22-34Andrew ThomsonamThe Knowable God
2014-03-0214022013-06-09Focussed Fellowship101Psalm 145Andrew ThomsonamFocussed Fellowship
2014-03-0214032014-03-02The Beginning of Beginnings107Genesis 1:1-2:3Andrew ThomsonpmThe Beginning of Beginnings
2014-02-2314002013-06-09Fostering Fellowship101Ephesians 4:1-16Andrew ThomsonamFostering Fellowship
2014-02-2314011995-01-01Taming the tongue5James 3:1-12Ben MansonpmTaming the tongue
2014-02-1613982013-06-09Prayer Principles101Matthew 6:5-15; 7:7-11Andrew ThomsonamPrayer Principles
2014-02-1613992013-06-16Peters New Start102John 21:15-25Andrew ThomsonpmPeters New Start
2014-02-0913962013-09-29Obedience, a safe guard against self-deception103Luke 6:46-49Ben MansonamObedience, a safe guard against self-deception
2014-02-0913972013-06-16Parting Gifts102John 20:19-23; 21:1-14Andrew ThomsonpmParting Gifts
2014-02-0213942013-06-09Attaining Assurance1011 John 5:1-13Andrew ThomsonamAttaining Assurance
2014-02-0213952013-06-16Evidence102John 19:31-42Andrew ThomsonpmEvidence
2014-01-2613932012-09-30Seeing sin in its true colours104Ezra 9Andrew ThomsonpmSeeing sin in its true colours
2014-01-2613922013-06-09Preserved Perseverers101Romans 8:28-39Andrew ThomsonamPreserved Perseverers
2014-01-1913902014-01-19Listening with your whole heart106Luke 8:1-15Ben MansonamListening with your whole heart
2014-01-1913912014-01-19Love over duty106Luke 10:25-37Ben MansonpmLove over duty
2014-01-1213892002-12-29621 Corinthians 3John Eyerspm
2014-01-1213881995-01-019Matthew 25:31-40David Quinam
2014-01-0513862013-06-09Cherished Children101Galatians 3:23-4:7Andrew ThomsonamCherished Children
2014-01-0513872013-06-16Famous last words102John 19:15-30Andrew ThomsonpmFamous last words
2013-12-2913842010-04-11812 Peter 3:1-18Andrew Thomsonam
2013-12-2913852013-09-29The path for 2014 103Jeremiah 6:16Ben MansonpmThe path for 2014
2013-12-2513832010-04-11Christmas Morning Service81Luke 2:1-20Andrew ThomsonamChristmas Morning Service
2013-12-2213812010-04-11The Governor81Isaiah 7:1-17; 9:1-7Andrew ThomsonamThe Governor
2013-12-2213821995-01-01Candlelit carol service7Luke 1Andrew ThomsonpmCandlelit carol service
2013-12-1513792013-09-29What's in a name103Matthew 1:18-25Ben MansonamWhat's in a name
2013-12-1513802013-06-16The man who is King102John 18:33-19:22Andrew ThomsonpmThe man who is King
2013-12-0813771995-01-01111 John 5:1-13Ken Busbyam
2013-12-0813781995-01-0111Psalm 116Ken Busbypm
2013-12-0113752013-06-09True Trust101John 3:1-16; 4:46-54Andrew ThomsonamTrue Trust
2013-12-0113762013-06-16Pilate's Problem102John 18:28-40Andrew ThomsonpmPilate's Problem
2013-11-2413742012-09-301041 Chronicles 17Andrew Thomsonpm
2013-11-2413732013-10-27Surely God is good?105Psalm 73Ben MansonamSurely God is good?
2013-11-1713712013-06-09What about works?101Titus 2Andrew ThomsonamWhat about works?
2013-11-1713722013-06-16Two trials102John 18:1-27Andrew ThomsonpmTwo trials
2013-11-1013691995-01-01Looking at the Lamb2John 1:19-37Andrew ThomsonamLooking at the Lamb
2013-11-1013702013-10-27Turning to God in troubled times105Psalm 6Ben MansonpmTurning to God in troubled times
2013-11-0313682013-06-16Glory hereafter 102John 17:20-26Andrew ThomsonpmGlory hereafter
2013-11-0313671995-01-0191 Corinthians 2:1-5James Hammondam
2013-10-2713661995-01-01The testimony of the blind5John 9Ben MansonpmThe testimony of the blind
2013-10-2713652013-10-27Praise the LORD105Psalm 150Ben MansonamPraise the LORD
2013-10-2013641995-01-0111Nehemiah 1Robert Jeffreypm
2013-10-2013631995-01-0111Ephesians 1Robert Jeffreyam
2013-10-1313622013-06-16Keep and consecrate102John 17:1-19Andrew ThomsonpmKeep and consecrate
2013-10-1313612010-04-11Undaunted81Zechariah 4Andrew ThomsonamUndaunted
2013-10-0713601995-01-01The Church in the Community11Phil WrightpmThe Church in the Community
2013-10-0613592013-06-16Glorified!102John 17:1-11Andrew ThomsonpmGlorified!
2013-10-0613582013-06-09Vital Verdict101Romans 3:19-28Andrew ThomsonamVital Verdict
2013-09-2913562013-09-29The dying seed103John 12:20-28Ben MansonamThe dying seed
2013-09-2913572012-09-30Wash and be Clean1042 Kings 5:1-14Andrew ThomsonpmWash and be Clean
2013-09-2213541995-01-0111Psalm 11Peter Seccombeam
2013-09-2213551995-01-0111Psalm 12Peter Seccombepm
2013-09-1513522013-06-09Soothing Spirit101Romans 8:1-17Andrew ThomsonamSoothing Spirit
2013-09-1513532013-06-16We shall overcome102John 16:16-33Andrew ThomsonpmWe shall overcome
2013-09-0813512013-06-16102John 15:18-16:17Andrew Thomsonpm
2013-09-0813502013-06-09Real Repentance101Luke 12:54-13:9Andrew ThomsonamReal Repentance
2013-09-0113492013-06-16Love and Hate102John 15:12-25Andrew ThomsonpmLove and Hate
2013-09-0113482013-06-09Sanctifying Spirit101John 14:15-27Andrew ThomsonamSanctifying Spirit
2013-08-2513462013-06-09Saving Spirit101Ezekiel 37:1-14Andrew ThomsonamSaving Spirit
2013-08-2513472013-06-16Fruitfulness102John 15:1-11Andrew ThomsonpmFruitfulness
2013-08-1813441995-01-0111Romans 8:28-39Peter Croftam
2013-08-1813451995-01-01112 Kings 5:1-14Peter Croftpm
2013-08-1113431995-01-01To Know, Grow and Show Christ11Colossians 1:12-23Derek BaileypmTo Know, Grow and Show Christ
2013-08-1113421995-01-01Gods Great Design11Ephesians 2:1-10Derek BaileyamGods Great Design
2013-08-0413402013-06-09Remarkable Roles101Mark 8:14-30Andrew ThomsonamRemarkable Roles
2013-08-0413412013-06-16Help and Peace102John 14:15-31Andrew ThomsonpmHelp and Peace
2013-07-2813392013-06-16Business in heaven and on earth102John 14:12-24Andrew ThomsonpmBusiness in heaven and on earth
2013-07-2813382013-06-09Wonderful Work101John 5:19-30Andrew ThomsonamWonderful Work
2013-07-2113362013-06-09Sinless Saviour101Matthew 1:1-25Andrew ThomsonamSinless Saviour
2013-07-2113372002-12-2962Luke 1:5-25; Matthew 3:1-17John Eyerspm
2013-07-1413342013-06-09Man's Misery101Romans 1:16-32Andrew ThomsonamMan's Misery
2013-07-1413351995-01-0111Ben Mansonpm
2013-07-0713322013-06-09Supreme Sovereignty1011 Kings 22:13-38Andrew ThomsonamSupreme Sovereignty
2013-07-0713332013-06-16A cure for heart trouble102John 14:1-14Andrew ThomsonpmA cure for heart trouble
2013-06-3013312012-09-30Make your mind up time1041 Kings 18:16-39Andrew ThomsonpmMake your mind up time
2013-06-3013302013-06-09Glorious God101Exodus 33:12-34:8Andrew ThomsonamGlorious God
2013-06-2313282013-06-09Trinity Truth101Genesis 1:1-5; 26-28; John 1:1-5Andrew ThomsonamTrinity Truth
2013-06-2313292013-06-16Jesus' love and ours102John 13:17-38Andrew ThomsonpmJesus' love and ours
2013-06-1613272013-06-16Fellowship of Footwashers102John 13:1-17Andrew ThomsonpmFellowship of Footwashers
2013-06-1613262013-06-09Scripture Study101Psalm 119:1-24Andrew ThomsonamScripture Study
2013-06-0913252013-02-17The Final Chapter100Job 42Andrew ThomsonpmThe Final Chapter
2013-06-0913242013-06-09Reliable Bible1012 Timothy 3:10-4:5Andrew ThomsonamReliable Bible
2013-06-0213222010-04-11The Lord's Anointed81Psalm 2Andrew ThomsonamThe Lord's Anointed
2013-06-0213232013-02-17The Lord's Questions100Job 38:1-11; 40:1-5Andrew ThomsonpmThe Lord's Questions
2013-05-2613211995-01-0111Luke 2:39-52Peter Newtonpm
2013-05-2613201995-01-0111Luke 1:57-80Peter Newtonam
2013-05-1913182010-04-11The Neighbourly Samaritan81Luke 10:25-37Andrew ThomsonamThe Neighbourly Samaritan
2013-05-1913192013-02-17New voice, new light100Job 33-37Andrew ThomsonpmNew voice, new light
2013-05-1213161995-01-01A Great Question7Acts 2:22-41Andrew ThomsonamA Great Question
2013-05-1213172013-02-17True Wisdom100Job 28Andrew ThomsonpmTrue Wisdom
2013-05-0513141995-01-019Genesis 10:1-12; 11:1-9Jim Sayerspm
2013-05-0513151995-01-019Galatians 4:8-20Jim Sayerspm
2013-04-2813132012-09-30Davids Fall1042 Samuel 11:1-21Andrew ThomsonpmDavids Fall
2013-04-2813122010-04-11The Redeemer81Isaiah 43 v 1-13Andrew ThomsonamThe Redeemer
2013-04-2113112002-12-29The Love of Christ622 Corinthians 5 v 14-21John EyerspmThe Love of Christ
2013-04-2113102012-08-26Building Wisely97Matthew 7:15-29Andrew ThomsonamBuilding Wisely
2013-04-1413082012-08-26False Way, False Prophets and False Confidence97Matthew 7:7-23Andrew ThomsonamFalse Way, False Prophets and False Confidence
2013-04-1413092013-02-17In the Crucible100Job 23Andrew ThomsonpmIn the Crucible
2013-04-0713072002-12-29The Souls Anchor62Hebrews 6:9-20John EyerspmThe Souls Anchor
2013-04-0713062012-08-26The Golden Sceptre, The Golden Rule and The Golden Gate97Matthew 7:1-14Andrew ThomsonamThe Golden Sceptre, The Golden Rule and The Golden Gate
2013-03-3113042010-04-11Unbelieving Thomas81John 20:19-31Andrew ThomsonamUnbelieving Thomas
2013-03-3113052013-02-17Job's Epitaph100Job 19:1-27Andrew ThomsonpmJob's Epitaph
2013-03-2913032010-04-11Forsaken81Matthew 27:32-50Andrew ThomsonamForsaken
2013-03-2413011995-01-0111Job 21Peter Croftam
2013-03-2413021995-01-0111Isaiah 40:1-11Peter Croftpm
2013-03-1712992012-08-26Logs and dogs97Matthew 7:1-14Andrew ThomsonamLogs and dogs
2013-03-1713002013-02-17seconds away! Round 2!100Job 9:1-4; 9:14-35Andrew Thomsonpmseconds away! Round 2!
2013-03-1012982013-02-17Jobs Anguish100Job 3Andrew ThomsonpmJobs Anguish
2013-03-1012972012-08-26Treading Carefully97James 1:2-18Andrew ThomsonamTreading Carefully
2013-03-0312951995-01-0111John 10:1-16David Piperam
2013-03-0312961995-01-0111John 8:1-26David Piperpm
2013-02-2412932012-08-26Bare Necessities97Mark 6:30-43Andrew ThomsonamBare Necessities
2013-02-2412942012-09-30David and the Dwarf1041 Samuel 17:31-50Andrew ThomsonpmDavid and the Dwarf
2013-02-2312921995-01-01Thanksgiving service for Cecil Cousins4Philippians 1:15-27Jim SayerspmThanksgiving service for Cecil Cousins
2013-02-1712902012-08-26A Battle of the Wills97Matthew 26:36-46Andrew ThomsonamA Battle of the Wills
2013-02-1712912013-02-17The Accusers Claim100Job 1Andrew ThomsonpmThe Accusers Claim
2013-02-1012892012-11-04Chaos!99Judges 17:1-19:30Andrew ThomsonpmChaos!
2013-02-1012881995-01-01Seeing the light7Luke 2:22-40Andrew ThomsonamSeeing the light
2013-02-0312872012-11-04A strong man's weakness99Judges 16:1-16, 15-31Andrew ThomsonpmA strong man's weakness
2013-02-0312861995-01-0111Matthew 8:23-34Robin Spittleam
2013-01-2712852012-09-30Disbelief and Displeasure104Numbers 14Andrew ThomsonpmDisbelief and Displeasure
2013-01-2712842012-08-26Your Kingdom Come97Matthew 13:31-33; 44-50Andrew ThomsonamYour Kingdom Come
2013-01-2012832010-04-1181Psalm 117Andrew Thomsonpm
2013-01-2012821995-01-0111Hebrews 2:5-18Derek Baileyam
2013-01-1312801995-01-019Acts 3:1-10; 4:1-4; 4:23-31David Quinam
2013-01-1312811995-01-019James 1David Quinpm
2013-01-0612782012-08-26A Priority for 201397Matthew 6:5-15 Andrew ThomsonamA Priority for 2013
2013-01-0612792012-11-04A Man with a Mission99Judges 13Andrew ThomsonpmA Man with a Mission
2012-12-3012762012-08-26Antidotes to worry in 201397Matthew 6:19-34Andrew ThomsonamAntidotes to worry in 2013
2012-12-3012772010-04-11Saying 'Yes' to God's promises in 2013812 Corinthians 1:3-2:3Andrew ThomsonpmSaying 'Yes' to God's promises in 2013
2012-12-2512752010-04-11Christmas Morning Service81John 1:1-18Andrew ThomsonamChristmas Morning Service
2012-12-2312741995-01-01Carol Service7John 1:1-18; Isaiah 9:2-7; Matthew 1:18-23; Luke 2:8-20Andrew ThomsonpmCarol Service
2012-12-2312732010-04-11The Christmas Effect81Luke 2:8-20Andrew ThomsonamThe Christmas Effect
2012-12-1612711995-01-0111Philippians 2:1-11; 2 Corinthians 8:9Ken Busbyam
2012-12-1612721995-01-0111John 1:1-18Ken Busbypm
2012-12-1312701995-01-01Thanksgiving service for Doug Kidby4Andrew ThomsonamThanksgiving service for Doug Kidby
2012-12-0912681995-01-01Long-term Investments7Matthew 6; Luke 12:13-21Andrew ThomsonamLong-term Investments
2012-12-0912692012-11-04A Rash Promise99Judges 11:29-40Andrew ThomsonpmA Rash Promise
2012-12-0212672012-11-04Gideons Legacy99Judges 8:22-9:6Andrew ThomsonpmGideons Legacy
2012-12-0212662012-08-26Kingdom Piety97Matthew 6:1-18Andrew ThomsonamKingdom Piety
2012-11-2512652012-09-30A Tale of Two Goats104Leviticus 16:1-22Andrew ThomsonpmA Tale of Two Goats
2012-11-2512642012-08-26Kingdom Standards97Matthew 5:17-30Andrew ThomsonamKingdom Standards
2012-11-1812622012-08-26Kingdom influence97Matthew 5:1-16Andrew ThomsonamKingdom influence
2012-11-1812632012-11-04Gideon - The nervous judge99Judges 6:11-27Andrew ThomsonpmGideon - The nervous judge
2012-11-1112612012-11-04The Drama of Deliverance99Judges 5Andrew ThomsonpmThe Drama of Deliverance
2012-11-1112602010-04-11Remembrance Day81Luke 23:26-47Andrew ThomsonamRemembrance Day
2012-11-0412592012-11-04Disobedience and Distress99Judges 2Andrew ThomsonpmDisobedience and Distress
2012-11-0412582012-08-26Persecuted and happy about it?97John 15:12-27Andrew ThomsonamPersecuted and happy about it?
2012-10-2812561995-01-0111Luke 23:32-56Derek Baileyam
2012-10-2812571995-01-019Genesis 18:16-33Malcolm Firthpm
2012-10-2112541995-01-0111Luke 14:1,12-14Peter Seccombeam
2012-10-2112551995-01-0111Luke 9:18-27; 9:57-62; 14:25-35Peter Seccombepm
2012-10-1412522012-08-26Pure in heart97Psalm 51Andrew ThomsonamPure in heart
2012-10-1412532012-08-26The sort of people we ought to be982 peter 3:8-18Andrew ThomsonpmThe sort of people we ought to be
2012-10-0712502012-08-26Peacemakers97James 3:13-4:10Andrew ThomsonamPeacemakers
2012-10-0712512012-08-26The Promise of His Coming982 Peter 3:1-10Andrew ThomsonpmThe Promise of His Coming
2012-09-3012492012-09-30How it all went wrong104Genesis 3Andrew ThomsonpmHow it all went wrong
2012-09-3012482012-08-26Mercy to the merciful97Matthew 18:21-35Andrew ThomsonamMercy to the merciful
2012-09-2312472012-08-26Wrong ways982 Peter 2Andrew ThomsonpmWrong ways
2012-09-2312462012-08-26Meek Heirs97Matthew 11:25-30; 21:1-11Andrew ThomsonamMeek Heirs
2012-09-1612451995-01-0111David Rushbrookpm
2012-09-1612441995-01-0111Mark 4:1-20David Rushbrookam
2012-09-0912422012-08-26A Healthy Appetite97Matthew 5:1-20Andrew ThomsonamA Healthy Appetite
2012-09-0912432012-08-26A Gentle Reminder982 Peter 1:1-21Andrew ThomsonpmA Gentle Reminder
2012-09-0212402012-08-26Good Mourning97Luke 16:19-31Andrew ThomsonamGood Mourning
2012-09-0212412012-08-26Fully furnished faith982 Peter 1:1-15Andrew ThomsonpmFully furnished faith
2012-08-2612392012-08-26Everything we need982 Peter 1:1-15Andrew ThomsonpmEverything we need
2012-08-2612382012-08-26Poor in spirit97Matthew 4:23-5:12Andrew ThomsonamPoor in spirit
2012-08-1912361995-01-0111Luke 23:32-43Peter Croftam
2012-08-1912371995-01-0111John 15:1-17Peter Croftpm
2012-08-1212341995-01-01111 Samuel 13:13-18; 16:1-13Derek Baileyam
2012-08-1212351995-01-0111Hebrews 11:1-29Derek Baileypm
2012-08-0512332010-04-11Mercy in view of mercy81Romans 12:1-21Andrew ThomsonpmMercy in view of mercy
2012-08-0512322012-03-11Rejoicing and Rebuke95Nehemiah 12:27-30; 13:6-31Andrew ThomsonamRejoicing and Rebuke
2012-07-2912302012-03-11After Amen95Nehemiah 9:38; 10:28-11:2Andrew ThomsonamAfter Amen
2012-07-2912312010-04-11Responding to Mercy81Romans 8:31-39; 11:33-12:8Andrew ThomsonpmResponding to Mercy
2012-07-2212292012-07-01Though ... Yet96Habakkuk 3Andrew ThomsonpmThough ... Yet
2012-07-2212282012-03-11An honest appraisal95Nehemiah 9:1-37Andrew ThomsonamAn honest appraisal
2012-07-1512271995-01-0111John 12:17-28Robert Jeffreypm
2012-07-1512261995-01-0111Colossians3:1-14Robert Jeffreyam
2012-07-0812252012-07-01Living by Faith96Habakkuk 2Andrew ThomsonpmLiving by Faith
2012-07-0812242012-03-11Enrolled, enlightened and encouragement95Nehemiah 7:1-6; 8:1-18Andrew ThomsonamEnrolled, enlightened and encouragement
2012-07-0112221995-01-01The Seventh Sign7John 11:1-6; 11:17-44Andrew ThomsonamThe Seventh Sign
2012-07-0112232012-07-01Yough Questions96Habakkuk 1:1-2:1Andrew ThomsonpmYough Questions
2012-06-2412202012-03-11Keeping your eye on the wall95Nehemiah 6Andrew ThomsonamKeeping your eye on the wall
2012-06-2412211995-01-01The most precious thing of all5Matthew 13:31-46Andrew ThomsonpmThe most precious thing of all
2012-06-1712192012-01-15Our enemy and our friend941 peter 5Andrew ThomsonpmOur enemy and our friend
2012-06-1712182012-03-11Getting back on track95Nehemiah 5Andrew ThomsonamGetting back on track
2012-06-1012172012-01-15Looking after the sheep941 Peter 4:16-5:7Andrew ThomsonpmLooking after the sheep
2012-06-1012162012-03-11Proceeding with caution95Nehemiah 4Andrew ThomsonamProceeding with caution
2012-06-0312151995-01-0110Galatians 5:25-26Jim Sayerspm
2012-06-0312141995-01-0110Galatians 5:15-26Jim Sayersam
2012-05-2712122012-03-11A mind to work95Nehemiah 3Andrew ThomsonamA mind to work
2012-05-2712131995-01-01The most valuable thing you possess5Mark 8:27-38Andrew ThomsonpmThe most valuable thing you possess
2012-05-2012112012-01-15Living for God941 Peter 4Andrew ThomsonpmLiving for God
2012-05-2012102012-03-11Nehemiah's Mission95Nehemiah 2Andrew ThomsonamNehemiah's Mission
2012-05-1312092012-01-15What we're to live for941 Peter 3:8-4:6Andrew ThomsonpmWhat we're to live for
2012-05-1312082012-03-11The priority of prayer95Nehemiah 1Andrew ThomsonamThe priority of prayer
2012-05-0612072012-01-15Obtaining a Blessing941 Peter 3:8-22Andrew ThomsonpmObtaining a Blessing
2012-05-0612062012-03-11Hope for the Guilty95Ezra 9:1-10; 10:9-14Andrew ThomsonamHope for the Guilty
2012-04-2912042012-03-11Ezra - The Man and his Mission95Ezra 7:1-10; 7:27-28; 8:21-23Andrew ThomsonamEzra - The Man and his Mission
2012-04-2912051995-01-01The worse place of all & the best place of all5Matthew 25:31-46Andrew ThomsonpmThe worse place of all & the best place of all
2012-04-2212021995-01-01it is finished!11John 19:25-30Peter Croftamit is finished!
2012-04-2212031995-01-01Doubting Thomas11John 20:24-31Peter CroftpmDoubting Thomas
2012-04-1512002012-03-11Getting going again95Ezra 4:24-5:17Andrew ThomsonamGetting going again
2012-04-1512012012-01-15Right relationships941 Peter 2:13-3:9Andrew ThomsonpmRight relationships
2012-04-0811982010-04-11A double declaration81John 20:1-18; Romans 1:1-4Andrew ThomsonamA double declaration
2012-04-0811992010-04-11The Easter Effect811 Corinthians 15:3-20; 50-58Andrew ThomsonpmThe Easter Effect
2012-04-0611972010-04-11Good Friday service81Luke 23:32-47Andrew ThomsonamGood Friday service
2012-04-0111962012-01-15E.G.941 Peter 2:23-25Andrew ThomsonpmE.G.
2012-04-0111952010-04-11April Fools?81Psalm 14Andrew ThomsonamApril Fools?
2012-03-2511941995-01-01The best thing in the world51 Corinthians 13Andrew ThomsonpmThe best thing in the world
2012-03-2511932012-03-11Mixed Feelings95Ezra 3:8-4:5Andrew ThomsonamMixed Feelings
2012-03-1811912012-03-11First things first95Ezra 2:68-3:13Andrew ThomsonamFirst things first
2012-03-1811922012-01-15Living up to being God's people941 Peter 2:1-12Andrew ThomsonpmLiving up to being God's people
2012-03-1111892012-03-11Home is where the heart is95Ezra 1:1-2:2; 2:68-70Andrew ThomsonamHome is where the heart is
2012-03-1111902012-01-15Grow up!941 Peter 2:1-12Andrew ThomsonpmGrow up!
2012-03-0411871995-01-01The pathway of Blessing7Psalm 1Derek BaileyamThe pathway of Blessing
2012-03-0411881995-01-01Total Commitment11Proverbs 3:5-7Derek BaileypmTotal Commitment
2012-02-2611861995-01-01The worst being in the world5Matthew 4:1-11Andrew ThomsonpmThe worst being in the world
2012-02-2611852011-06-26Equipped92Hebrews 13:7-25Andrew ThomsonamEquipped
2012-02-1911832011-06-26Submission and Servanthood92Hebrews 13:7-21Andrew ThomsonamSubmission and Servanthood
2012-02-1911842012-01-15Bought Behaviour941 Peter 1:13-25Andrew ThomsonpmBought Behaviour
2012-02-1211812011-06-26Outside the Camp92Hebrews 13:1-16Andrew ThomsonamOutside the Camp
2012-02-1211822012-01-15Hope & Holiness941 Peter 1Andrew ThomsonpmHope & Holiness
2012-02-0511802012-01-15Kept941 Peter 1:1-12Andrew ThomsonpmKept
2012-02-0511791995-01-01Seeing is believing7John 9:1-12; 9:35-41Andrew ThomsonamSeeing is believing
2012-01-2911781995-01-01The worst thing in the world51 John 3:1-10Andrew ThomsonpmThe worst thing in the world
2012-01-2911772011-06-26A long obedience in the same direction92Hebrews 13:1-16Andrew ThomsonamA long obedience in the same direction
2012-01-2211761995-01-019David Quinpm
2012-01-2211751995-01-019Matthew 12:20-32David Quinam
2012-01-1511732011-06-26A Tale of Two Mountains92Hebrews 12:12-29Andrew ThomsonamA Tale of Two Mountains
2012-01-1511742012-01-15Elect Exiles941 Peter 1:1-12Andrew ThomsonpmElect Exiles
2012-01-0811712011-06-26The Fathers Discipline92Hebrews 12:1-17Andrew ThomsonamThe Fathers Discipline
2012-01-0811722011-07-17Joshua and Us93Joshua 1:1-9; 21:43-45Andrew ThomsonpmJoshua and Us
2012-01-0111702011-07-17A Wise Choice93Joshua 23; 24:14-21Andrew ThomsonpmA Wise Choice
2012-01-0111692010-04-11New Year, New Creation812 Corinthians 5Andrew ThomsonamNew Year, New Creation
2011-12-2511682010-04-1181Luke 1:67-80Andrew Thomsonpm
2011-12-2511672010-04-1181Matthew 1:18-25; Luke 1:5-17; Luke 1:26-33; Luke 2:8-14Andrew Thomsonam
2011-12-1811661995-01-01Carol Service:- Christmas in a nutshell7Matthew 1:18-25Andrew ThomsonpmCarol Service:- Christmas in a nutshell
2011-12-1811652011-06-26Keeping our focus92Hebrews 11:29-12:3Andrew ThomsonamKeeping our focus
2011-12-1111632011-06-26What faith can do?92Hebrews 11:23-40Andrew ThomsonamWhat faith can do?
2011-12-1111642011-07-17An altar-cation93Joshua 22Andrew ThomsonpmAn altar-cation
2011-12-0411622011-07-17Special Cities93Joshua 20:1-22:3; 22:43-45Andrew ThomsonamSpecial Cities
2011-12-0411611995-01-01111 Timothy 6:11Derek Baileyam
2011-11-2711592011-06-26Death-defying and Daily Faith92Hebrews 11:8-28Andrew ThomsonamDeath-defying and Daily Faith
2011-11-2711601995-01-01Peer Pressure5Daniel 1Andrew ThomsonpmPeer Pressure
2011-11-2011582011-07-17Compromise and Commitment93Joshua 13:1-7; 14:6-15; 19:49-51Andrew ThomsonpmCompromise and Commitment
2011-11-2011572011-06-26Faith in Action92Hebrews 11:1-16Andrew ThomsonamFaith in Action
2011-11-1311551995-01-0111Isaiah 49:1-6; Romans 1:7-17Robert Jeffreyam
2011-11-1311561995-01-0111Hebrews 9:1-14; Exodus 28Robert Jeffreypm
2011-10-3011541995-01-01Growing pains5John 16:1-15Andrew ThomsonpmGrowing pains
2011-10-3011532011-06-26Believing God92Hebrews 10:32-11:7Andrew ThomsonamBelieving God
2011-10-2311511995-01-0111Ephesians 2:1-3; Romans 8:5-17Peter Croftam
2011-10-2311521995-01-01112 Corinthians 11:16-12:10Peter Croftpm
2011-10-1611492011-06-26Keys to endurance92Hebrews 10:19-11:3Andrew ThomsonamKeys to endurance
2011-10-1611502011-07-17Joshua's Example93Joshua 10:1-28Andrew ThomsonpmJoshua's Example
2011-10-0911472010-04-11The final harvest81Matthew 13:24-43Andrew ThomsonamThe final harvest
2011-10-0911482011-07-17A cunning plan93Joshua 9Andrew ThomsonpmA cunning plan
2011-10-0211451995-01-01Deliverance! (Baptismal service for David Strange)2Psalm 107Andrew ThomsonamDeliverance! (Baptismal service for David Strange)
2011-10-0211461995-01-01Making Sure51 John 2:28-3:24Andrew ThomsonpmMaking Sure
2011-09-2511441995-01-0111Nehemiah 1-2Ted jackpm
2011-09-2511431995-01-0111Psalm 126; Isaiah 37:30-37Derek Baileyam
2011-09-1811422011-07-17Plan B93Joshua 8Andrew ThomsonpmPlan B
2011-09-1811412011-06-26What we need to do92Hebrews 10:1-10; 19-31Andrew ThomsonamWhat we need to do
2011-09-1111391995-01-01Why Shouldn't I? (Baptismal Service for Cara Havell, Solomon Atkinson-Padmore & Ben Colver)2Acts 8:26-40Andrew ThomsonamWhy Shouldn't I? (Baptismal Service for Cara Havell, Solomon Atkinson-Padmore & Ben Colver)
2011-09-1111402011-07-17Valley of Trouble93Joshua 7Andrew ThomsonpmValley of Trouble
2011-09-0411382011-07-17Joshua didn't fight the battle of Jericho93Joshua 6Andrew ThomsonpmJoshua didn't fight the battle of Jericho
2011-09-0411372011-06-26A death has occurred92Hebrews 9Andrew ThomsonamA death has occurred
2011-08-2811362011-07-17 First things first93Joshua 5Andrew Thomsonpm First things first
2011-08-2811352011-06-26The New Covenant92Hebrews 8Andrew ThomsonamThe New Covenant
2011-08-2111331995-01-0180Genesis 22:1-19Cecil Cousinsam
2011-08-2111341995-01-0111Mark 6:1-6John Mellenpm
2011-08-1411311995-01-0111John 15:1-17Peter Newtonam
2011-08-1411321995-01-0180Acts 2:37-47Cecil Cousinspm
2011-08-0711292011-06-26Able to Save92Hebrews 7Andrew ThomsonamAble to Save
2011-08-0711302011-07-17Crossing the Jordan93Joshua 3:10-4:9Andrew ThomsonpmCrossing the Jordan
2011-07-3111282011-07-17Rahab's secret of survival93Joshua 2Andrew ThomsonpmRahab's secret of survival
2011-07-3111272011-06-26The Carrot and the Stick92Hebrews 6Andrew ThomsonamThe Carrot and the Stick
2011-07-2411262011-07-17The secret of Joshua's success93Joshua 1:1-9Andrew ThomsonpmThe secret of Joshua's success
2011-07-2411252011-06-26 Our priest & our immaturity92Hebrews 4:14-6:3Andrew Thomsonam Our priest & our immaturity
2011-07-1711242011-07-17Introducing Joshua93Exodus 17:8-16; Numbers 13:25-14:9Andrew ThomsonpmIntroducing Joshua
2011-07-1711232011-06-26A Couple of Lettuces92Hebrews 4Andrew ThomsonamA Couple of Lettuces
2011-07-1011212011-06-26Holding Firm with a Soft Heart92Hebrews 3Andrew ThomsonamHolding Firm with a Soft Heart
2011-07-1011222011-06-12In a Little While911 Peter 5Andrew ThomsonpmIn a Little While
2011-07-0311192011-06-26Our Suffering Saviour92Hebrews 2:5-3:2Andrew ThomsonamOur Suffering Saviour
2011-07-0311202011-06-12What the Lord can do for us91Jude 1Andrew ThomsonpmWhat the Lord can do for us
2011-06-2611172011-06-26Attention!92Hebrew 1:1-2:4Andrew ThomsonamAttention!
2011-06-2611181995-01-01The Bad News and the Good News5Acts 2:22-41Andrew ThomsonpmThe Bad News and the Good News
2011-06-1911162011-06-12Beyond our imagination91Ephesians 3Andrew ThomsonpmBeyond our imagination
2011-06-1911152010-08-22The priests and the tabernacle84Exodus 28:1-30Andrew ThomsonamThe priests and the tabernacle
2011-06-1211132010-08-22The Tabernacle84Exodus 35:4-29Andrew ThomsonamThe Tabernacle
2011-06-1211142011-06-12Glory to God91Romans 11:13-36Andrew ThomsonpmGlory to God
2011-06-0511122011-03-13A day to remember90Esther 9, 10Andrew ThomsonpmA day to remember
2011-06-0511111995-01-01Hope and Wholeness7John 5:1-18Andrew ThomsonamHope and Wholeness
2011-05-2911091995-01-019Ephesians 3:8-12Jim Sayersam
2011-05-2911101995-01-019Galatians 1:11-17Jim Sayerspm
2011-05-2211082011-03-13From fasting to feasting90Esther 8Andrew ThomsonpmFrom fasting to feasting
2011-05-2211072010-08-22The Golden Calf84Exodus 32:1-29Andrew ThomsonamThe Golden Calf
2011-05-1511052010-08-22No.10 - Last but not least841 Kings 21:1-24; Acts 5:1-11Andrew ThomsonamNo.10 - Last but not least
2011-05-1511062011-03-13Poetic Justice90Esther 7Andrew ThomsonpmPoetic Justice
2011-05-0811042011-03-13The tables begin to turn90Esther 6Andrew ThomsonpmThe tables begin to turn
2011-05-0811032010-08-22Truth matters84Acts 4:32-5:11Andrew ThomsonamTruth matters
2011-05-0111022011-03-13Favour and Fury90Esther 5Andrew ThomsonpmFavour and Fury
2011-05-0111012010-08-22Thieves and Stewards84Joshua 7Andrew ThomsonamThieves and Stewards
2011-04-2411002010-04-11Living the Resurrection81Romans 6:1-14Andrew ThomsonpmLiving the Resurrection
2011-04-2410992010-04-11Transforming Easter81Luke 24:13-27Andrew ThomsonamTransforming Easter
2011-04-2210982010-04-11Good Friday service81Matthew 26:26-46Andrew ThomsonamGood Friday service
2011-04-1710961995-01-0180Matthew 21:1-17Cecil Cousinsam
2011-04-1710971995-01-0180Luke 19:29-46Cecil Cousinspm
2011-04-1010952011-03-13For such a time as this90Esther 4Andrew ThomsonpmFor such a time as this
2011-04-1010942011-03-06The men caught in hypocrisy89John 7:53-8:11Andrew ThomsonamThe men caught in hypocrisy
2011-04-0310922011-03-06A boring miracle89John 4:43-54Andrew ThomsonamA boring miracle
2011-04-0310932011-03-13Haman the horrible90Esther 3Andrew ThomsonpmHaman the horrible
2011-03-2710902010-08-22The Easiest Commandment?84Exodus 20:1-13; Matthew 5:17-22Andrew ThomsonamThe Easiest Commandment?
2011-03-2710911995-01-01A Sneaking Suspicion5Psalm 8Simon RobinsonpmA Sneaking Suspicion
2011-03-2010892011-03-13Winning Ways90Esther 2Andrew ThomsonpmWinning Ways
2011-03-2010882010-08-22Honouring Parents84Exodus 20:1-12; Deuteronomy 21:16-21Andrew ThomsonamHonouring Parents
2011-03-1310872011-03-13The Unseen Sovereign90Esther 1Andrew ThomsonpmThe Unseen Sovereign
2011-03-1310862010-08-22A Day to Delight In84Exodus 20:1-8; Mark 2:23-3:6Andrew ThomsonamA Day to Delight In
2011-03-0610842011-03-06Turning water into wine89John 2:1-12Andrew ThomsonamTurning water into wine
2011-03-0610852011-01-09Avoidance & Devotion88Titus 3:9-15Andrew ThomsonpmAvoidance & Devotion
2011-02-2710821995-01-01Just like Jonah6Jonah 1Andrew ThomsonamJust like Jonah
2011-02-2710831995-01-01What will it cost me?5Luke 14:25-35Andrew ThomsonpmWhat will it cost me?
2011-02-2010802010-08-22Whats in a Name?84Exodus 20:1-17Andrew ThomsonamWhats in a Name?
2011-02-2010812011-01-09Saved!88Titus 3Andrew ThomsonpmSaved!
2011-02-1310792011-01-09Grace: Our Teacher88Titus 2Andrew ThomsonpmGrace: Our Teacher
2011-02-1310782010-08-22First Things First84Exodus 19:7-20:6Andrew ThomsonamFirst Things First
2011-02-0610761995-01-01The Samaritan woman at the well7John 4:1-29Andrew ThomsonamThe Samaritan woman at the well
2011-02-0610772011-01-09Making truth attractive88Titus 2:1-10Andrew ThomsonpmMaking truth attractive
2011-01-3010742010-08-22The Sword and the Staff84Exodus 17:8-16; 18:8-12; 18:27-19:6Andrew ThomsonamThe Sword and the Staff
2011-01-3010751995-01-01What is faith?5Andrew ThomsonpmWhat is faith?
2011-01-2310721995-01-019Matthew 23:37-39David Quinam
2011-01-2310731995-01-019Psalm 67David Quinpm
2011-01-1610712011-01-09Exemplary Elders88Titus 1Andrew ThomsonpmExemplary Elders
2011-01-1610702011-01-02A Day of Drama87Haggai 2:10-23Andrew ThomsonamA Day of Drama
2011-01-0910692011-01-09Truth and Godliness88Titus 1Andrew ThomsonpmTruth and Godliness
2011-01-0910682011-01-02Stirred and Strengthened87Haggai 1:12-2:9Andrew ThomsonamStirred and Strengthened
2011-01-0210672010-12-05Nothing Compares86Micah 7Andrew ThomsonpmNothing Compares
2011-01-0210662011-01-02Consider Your Ways87Haggai 1Andrew ThomsonamConsider Your Ways
2010-12-2610642010-04-11God with us (part 2)81John 14:15-27; 16:5-15Andrew ThomsonamGod with us (part 2)
2010-12-2610652010-12-05Living in the light of Christmas86Micah 6Andrew ThomsonpmLiving in the light of Christmas
2010-12-2510632010-04-11Christmas morning service81Andrew ThomsonamChristmas morning service
2010-12-1910621995-01-01Carol Service7Andrew ThomsonpmCarol Service
2010-12-1910612010-04-11Immanuel81Matthew 1:18-25Andrew ThomsonamImmanuel
2010-12-1210591995-01-0180Luke 1:26-38Cecil Cousinsam
2010-12-1210601995-01-0180Cecil Cousinspm
2010-12-0510582010-12-05The Mountain of the Lord86Micah 1:1-6; 3:9-4:5Andrew ThomsonpmThe Mountain of the Lord
2010-12-0510571995-01-01You must be born again7John 3:1-17Andrew ThomsonamYou must be born again
2010-11-2810561995-01-01Preparing the way for Christmas5Isaiah 40:1-11; Luke 3:2-14Andrew ThomsonpmPreparing the way for Christmas
2010-11-2810552010-04-11Mary's Song811 Samuel 2:1-10; Luke 1:46-55Andrew ThomsonamMary's Song
2010-11-2110542010-08-22Sickness, Sin and Salvation85James 5:7-20Andrew ThomsonpmSickness, Sin and Salvation
2010-11-2110532010-08-22Our grumbling; His grace84Exodus 15:21-16:7; 17:1-7Andrew ThomsonamOur grumbling; His grace
2010-11-1410522010-08-22The rich and the righteous85James 5:1-12Andrew ThomsonpmThe rich and the righteous
2010-11-1410512010-08-22A song of deliverance84Exodus 15:1-18Andrew ThomsonamA song of deliverance
2010-11-0710502010-08-22Humility85James 4Andrew ThomsonpmHumility
2010-11-0710491995-01-01The road to Damascus7Acts 9:1-22; 26:12-18Andrew ThomsonamThe road to Damascus
2010-10-3110471995-01-01112 Samuel 9Robert Jeffreyam
2010-10-3110481995-01-015Mark 14:1-10Robert Jeffreypm
2010-10-2410452010-08-22Between the Pharoah and the deep84Exodus 13:17-22; 14:10-18; 14:30-31Andrew ThomsonamBetween the Pharoah and the deep
2010-10-2410462010-04-11Praying on the armour81Ephesians 6:10-20Andrew ThomsonpmPraying on the armour
2010-10-1710442010-08-22Two wisdoms & Two wars85James 3:13-4:4Andrew ThomsonpmTwo wisdoms & Two wars
2010-10-1710432010-08-22Passover: Theirs and ours84Exodus 12:1-20Andrew ThomsonamPassover: Theirs and ours
2010-10-1010422010-08-22A Tamed Tongue85James 3:1-12Andrew ThomsonpmA Tamed Tongue
2010-10-1010412010-08-22A Hardened Heart84Exodus 10:1-20Andrew ThomsonamA Hardened Heart
2010-10-0310391995-01-01Secret Strength72 Timothy 1:1-2:1Andrew ThomsonamSecret Strength
2010-10-0310402010-04-11How?81Zechariah 3-4Andrew ThomsonpmHow?
2010-09-2610381995-01-01God's answer to guilt5Romans 3:19-31Andrew ThomsonpmGod's answer to guilt
2010-09-2610371995-01-01The Bread of Life7John 6:25-51Andrew ThomsonamThe Bread of Life
2010-09-1910362010-08-22Faith that works85James 2:14-26Andrew ThomsonpmFaith that works
2010-09-1910352010-08-22Our problems and His solutions84Exodus 4Andrew ThomsonamOur problems and His solutions
2010-09-1210342010-08-22The Royal Law85James 2:1-13Andrew ThomsonpmThe Royal Law
2010-09-1210332010-08-22What's in a name?84Exodus 3Andrew ThomsonamWhat's in a name?
2010-09-0510311995-01-01The case of the curious tax collector7Luke 19:1-10Andrew ThomsonamThe case of the curious tax collector
2010-09-0510322010-08-22Welcoming the word85James 1:16-27Andrew ThomsonpmWelcoming the word
2010-08-2910292010-08-22Groans and a gracious God84Exodus 1:8-14; 2:11-25Andrew ThomsonamGroans and a gracious God
2010-08-2910302010-08-22Blessings and blame85James 1:1-8Andrew ThomsonpmBlessings and blame
2010-08-2210282010-08-22Transforming trials85James 1:1-8Andrew ThomsonpmTransforming trials
2010-08-2210272010-08-22Lessons from Egypt84Exodus 1, 2Andrew ThomsonamLessons from Egypt
2010-08-1510251995-01-01802 Corinthians 2:14-3:18Cecil Cousinsam
2010-08-1510262002-12-29The teaching of the Spirit62John 14:25-26; 16:12-15John EyerspmThe teaching of the Spirit
2010-08-0810232002-12-29Firstfruit Resurrection621 Corinthians 15:20-23,50-58John EyersamFirstfruit Resurrection
2010-08-0810241995-01-0180Isaiah 6Cecil Cousinspm
2010-08-0110211995-01-01Look and live7Numbers 21:4-9; John 3:11-18Andrew ThomsonamLook and live
2010-08-0110222010-05-09The Lion, The Lamb and The Scroll83Revelation 4, 5Andrew ThomsonpmThe Lion, The Lamb and The Scroll
2010-07-2510202010-05-09A look at the throne83Revelation 4:1-11Andrew ThomsonpmA look at the throne
2010-07-2510192010-05-09The secret of contentment82Philippians 4:1-23Andrew ThomsonamThe secret of contentment
2010-07-1810182010-05-09The Lukewarm church83Revelation 3:14-22Andrew ThomsonpmThe Lukewarm church
2010-07-1810172010-05-09In the Lord82Philippians 3:17-4:9Andrew ThomsonamIn the Lord
2010-07-1110162010-05-09The Church with an Open Door83Revelation 3:1-16Andrew ThomsonpmThe Church with an Open Door
2010-07-1110152010-05-09The One Thing Paul Did82Philippians 3:7-16Andrew ThomsonamThe One Thing Paul Did
2010-07-0410142010-05-09The dying church83Revelation 3:1-6Andrew ThomsonpmThe dying church
2010-07-0410132010-05-09What Paul didn't do82Philippians 3:1-11Andrew ThomsonamWhat Paul didn't do
2010-06-2710112010-05-09We can work it out82Philippians 2:1-18Andrew ThomsonamWe can work it out
2010-06-2710121995-01-01Atonement - What's that all about?51 John 1:5-2:6Andrew ThomsonpmAtonement - What's that all about?
2010-06-2010092010-05-09In your rightful mind82Philippians 2:1-11Andrew ThomsonamIn your rightful mind
2010-06-2010102010-05-09Committed but compromised83Revelation 2:18-29Andrew ThomsonpmCommitted but compromised
2010-06-1310071995-01-01Law and grace at the city gate10Ruth 4:10Jim SayersamLaw and grace at the city gate
2010-06-1310081995-01-01God's plan is fulfilled10Ruth 4:11-22Jim SayerspmGod's plan is fulfilled
2010-06-0610062010-04-11A man after God's own heart811 Samuel 13:8-15; 15:10-23Andrew ThomsonpmA man after God's own heart
2010-06-0610051995-01-01How to approach Jesus7Luke 7:1-7Andrew ThomsonamHow to approach Jesus
2010-05-3010032010-05-09Gospel living82Philippians 1:27-2:11Andrew ThomsonamGospel living
2010-05-3010042010-05-09The faithful but flawed church83Revelation 2:8-17Andrew ThomsonpmThe faithful but flawed church
2010-05-2310012010-05-09Paul's perspective82Philippians 1:12-26Andrew ThomsonamPaul's perspective
2010-05-2310022010-05-09The rich church83Revelation 2:1-11Andrew ThomsonpmThe rich church
2010-05-169992010-05-09Priorities for prayer and progress82Philippians 1:1-18Andrew ThomsonamPriorities for prayer and progress
2010-05-1610002010-05-09The cooling church83Revelation 1:12-2:7Andrew ThomsonpmThe cooling church
2010-05-099972010-05-09God at work82Philippians 1:1-6; Acts 16:11-40Andrew ThomsonamGod at work
2010-05-099982010-05-09The Lord's view of the church83Revelation 1:9-20Andrew ThomsonpmThe Lord's view of the church
2010-05-029962010-04-11Three steps to blessing - Part 2812 Chronicles 7:1-22Andrew ThomsonpmThree steps to blessing - Part 2
2010-05-029952010-04-11Three steps to blessing - Part 1812 Chronicles 6:12-40Andrew ThomsonamThree steps to blessing - Part 1
2010-05-019941995-01-01Welcome Service for Pastor Andrew Thomson11Matthew 16:13-20Peter SeccombepmWelcome Service for Pastor Andrew Thomson
2010-04-259922010-04-11A call from the Cross81Isaiah 55Andrew ThomsonamA call from the Cross
2010-04-259931995-01-01How I got here5Ephesians 2:1-10Andrew ThomsonpmHow I got here
2010-04-189912010-04-11A healthy church81Acts 2:22-47Andrew ThomsonpmA healthy church
2010-04-189902010-04-11Looking at the cross81Isaiah 52:13-53:12Andrew ThomsonamLooking at the cross
2010-04-119882002-12-29621 Corinthians 15:12-26John Eyersam
2010-04-119892010-04-1181Numbers 13:17-14:9Andrew Thomsonpm
2010-04-049861995-01-01Easter Sunday service80Luke 24:1-35Cecil CousinsamEaster Sunday service
2010-04-049872002-12-2962Mark 16John Eyerspm
2010-04-029852002-12-29Good Friday service62Luke 23:34-49John EyersamGood Friday service
2010-03-289832002-12-2962Luke 22:1-23John Eyersam
2010-03-289841995-01-01Nation shocked by King Nebuchadnezzar5Daniel 1-4Andrew SampsonpmNation shocked by King Nebuchadnezzar
2010-03-219811995-01-0180Colossians 1:1-20Cecil Cousinsam
2010-03-219822002-12-2962Numbers 1-36; 1 Corinthians 10:1-13John Eyerspm
2010-03-149802002-12-2962Psalm 127, 128John Eyersam
2010-03-079781995-01-0180Isaiah 59:1-9; 2 Corinthians 5:14-21Cecil Cousinsam
2010-03-079792002-12-2962John Eyerspm
2010-02-289771995-01-0111Luke 9:28-45Ken Busbypm
2010-02-289761995-01-0111Hebrews 11:32-12:3Ken Busbyam
2010-02-219752002-12-2962Job 9:2John Eyerspm
2010-02-219741995-01-0180Luke 4:14-30Cecil Cousinsam
2010-02-149721995-01-01111 Chronicles 4:9-10; John 14:1-14Jonathan Steedam
2010-02-149731995-01-01111 Chronicles 4:9-10; Matthew 14:22-33Jonathan Steedpm
2010-02-079711995-01-015mark 10:17-22; Luke 9:57-62Cecil Cousinspm
2010-02-079702002-12-2962Deuteronomy 34John Eyersam
2010-01-319681995-01-0180John 14:1-14Cecil Cousinsam
2010-01-319692002-12-2962Hebrews 10:1-25John Eyerspm
2010-01-249671995-01-0180Luke 2:49Cecil Cousinspm
2010-01-249662002-12-2962Colossians 1:20; Romans 5:1; 15:13John Eyersam
2010-01-179652002-12-2962Galatians 3:26-4:7John Eyerspm
2010-01-179641995-01-0111Psalm 55:22Andrew Dochertyam
2010-01-109631995-01-0111Romans 8:26-39Peter Croftam
2010-01-039611995-01-0111Matthew 28:16-20David Quinam
2010-01-039621995-01-0111Nehemiah 1-13David Quinpm
2009-12-279602002-12-29The tender heart of Christ62Philippians 1:1-11John EyersamThe tender heart of Christ
2009-12-209591995-01-01Carol Service7Cecil CousinspmCarol Service
2009-12-209581995-01-0180Luke 2:8-20Cecil Cousinsam
2009-12-139562002-12-2962Psalm 96John Eyersam
2009-12-139571995-01-0180Luke 1:39-56Cecil Cousinspm
2009-12-069541995-01-0111Numbers 1Neil Serjeantam
2009-12-069552002-12-2962John 6:38; 18:37; 12:46John Eyerspm
2009-11-299521995-01-0111Matthew 24:32-51Robin Spittleam
2009-11-299532002-12-2962Psalm 40:7; John 14:18; Revelation 22:20John Eyerspm
2009-11-229511995-01-0111Psalm 117Andrew Thomsonpm
2009-11-229501995-01-0111Acts 16:11-34Andrew Thomsonam
2009-11-159491995-01-01Time to decide5Luke 6:20-49Mark NewcombepmTime to decide
2009-11-159481995-01-01112 Thessalonians 1:7-10Steven Jonesam
2009-11-089471995-01-0180Colossians 1:1-14Cecil Cousinspm
2009-11-089461995-01-0180John 12:32; 3:14-16Cecil Cousinsam
2009-11-019451995-01-01The Wisdom of God111 Kings 12:1-11Craig WhalepmThe Wisdom of God
2009-11-019441995-01-01The Lawyer and the Law11Luke 10:25-37Craig WhaleamThe Lawyer and the Law
2009-10-259421995-01-01112 Chronicles 33:1-20Timothy Woodam
2009-10-259431995-01-0111Revelation 2:1-7Timothy Woodpm
2009-10-189401995-01-0111Mark 5:21-43Andrew Thomsonam
2009-10-189411995-01-0111Proverbs 18:10Andrew Thomsonpm
2009-10-119391995-01-0111Ephesians 1:15-23David Williamspm
2009-10-119381995-01-0111Ephesians 1:1-14David Williamsam
2009-10-049362002-12-29Harvest service62Galatians 5:16-26John EyersamHarvest service
2009-10-049371995-01-0152 Timothy 4:11-18Cecil Cousinspm
2009-09-279341995-01-0180Philippians 2:1-11Cecil Cousinsam
2009-09-279352002-12-29622 Thessalonians 1:1-10John Eyerspm
2009-09-209321995-01-01What on earth has the death of Jesus got to do with me?7Romans 5:1-8Colin JonesamWhat on earth has the death of Jesus got to do with me?
2009-09-209331995-01-01Be joyful always111 Thessalonians 5:16Colin JonespmBe joyful always
2009-09-139301995-01-0111Genesis 3Stacey Wyncollam
2009-09-139311995-01-01112 Kings 4:1-7Stacey Wyncollpm
2009-09-069292002-12-2962Hebrews 9:22John Eyerspm
2009-09-069281995-01-0111Luke 23:26-47Andrew Thomsonam
2009-08-309271995-01-0180Matthew 11:28-30Cecil Cousinspm
2009-08-309261995-01-0180John 6:52-71Cecil Cousinsam
2009-08-239252002-12-2962John 5:39John Eyersam
2009-08-169231995-01-0180John 21:1-23Cecil Cousinsam
2009-08-169242002-12-2962John 17:20-26John Eyerspm
2009-08-099211995-01-0111Luke 14:12-24; 15:1-7Mark Druryam
2009-08-099221995-01-01111 Peter 5:1-11Mark Drurypm
2009-08-029191995-01-0111Matthew 4:18-22; Luke 5:1-11Neil Briggsam
2009-08-029201995-01-0111Exodus 20:1-21; Revelation 22:8-11Neil Briggspm
2009-07-269171995-01-0180Ephesians 3:1-14Cecil Cousinsam
2009-07-269182002-12-29621 Samuel 30:6; Psalm 116John Eyerspm
2009-07-199152002-12-29He was despised and rejected62Isaiah 53:3John EyersamHe was despised and rejected
2009-07-199161995-01-0180Ephesians 3:14-21Cecil Cousinspm
2009-07-129141995-01-01Matthews house party. How does Matthew respond to Jesus' command to follow him?5Luke 5:27-32Ben GriffinpmMatthews house party. How does Matthew respond to Jesus' command to follow him?
2009-07-129131995-01-01Paul: the ultimate optimist? What is the best way to live our lives?6Philippians 1:12-26Ben GriffinamPaul: the ultimate optimist? What is the best way to live our lives?
2009-07-059112002-12-2962Matthew 15:21-28John Eyersam
2009-07-059121995-01-01802 Corinthians 1:1-11Cecil Cousinspm
2009-06-289101995-01-019Ezra 7:8-28Derek Frenchpm
2009-06-289091995-01-019John 17:1-19Derek Frencham
2009-06-219072002-12-2962Isaiah 40:25-31John Eyersam
2009-06-219082002-12-2962Habakkuk 2:11John Eyerspm
2009-06-149061995-01-0180Philippians 2:1-18Cecil Cousinspm
2009-06-149051995-01-01The rich young ruler6Mark 10:17-32Cecil CousinsamThe rich young ruler
2009-06-079041995-01-01801 Thessalonians 1:3Cecil Cousinspm
2009-06-079031995-01-01Faith, hope and love801 Thessalonians 1Cecil CousinsamFaith, hope and love
2009-05-319022002-12-2962Revelation 7:9-17John Eyerspm
2009-05-319011995-01-0111Romans 3:19-31Mark Troughtonam
2009-05-309001995-01-01Farewell and Commissioning Service for Jim Sayers9Luke 15:11-32Mark TroughtonpmFarewell and Commissioning Service for Jim Sayers
2009-05-248981995-01-01The Ascension80Acts 1:1-11Cecil CousinsamThe Ascension
2009-05-248992002-12-29When he has tested me I shall come forth as gol62Job 23:10John EyerspmWhen he has tested me I shall come forth as gol
2009-05-178972009-04-26A united church is proof of the gospel79John 17:20-26Jim SayerspmA united church is proof of the gospel
2009-05-178962009-01-04The Lord stood by me and gave me strength782 Timothy 4:9-22Jim SayersamThe Lord stood by me and gave me strength
2009-05-108941995-01-01God calls Abraham6Genesis 12:1-7; 15:1-7Jim SayersamGod calls Abraham
2009-05-108952009-01-04The victor's crown of righteousness782 Timothy 4:6-8Jim SayerspmThe victor's crown of righteousness
2009-05-038932009-01-04Preach the word782 Timothy 4:1-5Jim SayerspmPreach the word
2009-05-038922009-04-26Keep my people holy in the world79John 17:11-19Jim SayersamKeep my people holy in the world
2009-04-268911995-01-01Make your mind up5John 20:19-31Jim SayerspmMake your mind up
2009-04-268902009-04-26Father, glorify your Son79John 17:1-10Jim SayersamFather, glorify your Son
2009-04-198881995-01-0111Hebrews 2:3Ken Busbyam
2009-04-198891995-01-0111Hebrews 11:32-12:3Ken Busbypm
2009-04-128872009-01-04What we are convinced of782 Timothy 3:16-17Jim SayerspmWhat we are convinced of
2009-04-128861995-01-01Christ is risen!6Matthew 27:32-53Jim SayersamChrist is risen!
2009-04-108851995-01-01They came to a place called Golgotha10Matthew 27:31-56Jim SayersamThey came to a place called Golgotha
2009-04-058831995-01-01The local church and world mission10Acts 11:19-30; 12_25-13:3Jim SayersamThe local church and world mission
2009-04-058842009-01-04Every godly Christian will be persecuted782 Timothy 3:10-15Jim SayerspmEvery godly Christian will be persecuted
2009-03-298821995-01-0111Romans 8Kenny Rosspm
2009-03-298811995-01-0111Matthew 5:14Kenny Rossam
2009-03-228791995-01-01Made in God's image: a biblical understanding of the human race10Genesis 1Jim SayersamMade in God's image: a biblical understanding of the human race
2009-03-228802009-01-04Knowing the times782 Timothy 3:1-9Jim SayerspmKnowing the times
2009-03-158781995-01-0111Matthew 13:1-9;13:18-23John Bettspm
2009-03-158771995-01-01A missionary church is a praying church102 Corinthians 1:8-11Jim SayersamA missionary church is a praying church
2009-03-088761995-01-018Luke 11:14-28Angus MacRaepm
2009-03-088751995-01-01Remember your creator8Ecclesiastes 12:1-8Angus MacRaeamRemember your creator
2009-03-018732009-01-04Beware of a sinful unbelieving heart77Hebrews 3:12-14Jim SayersamBeware of a sinful unbelieving heart
2009-03-018742009-01-04The minefields of Gospel ministry782 Timothy 2:22-26Jim SayerspmThe minefields of Gospel ministry
2009-02-228711995-01-0111Revelation 3:14-22Tom Forryanam
2009-02-228721995-01-015Mark 10Tom Forryanpm
2009-02-158692009-01-04My heart will not fear77Psalm 27Jim SayersamMy heart will not fear
2009-02-158702009-01-04Who is a true Christian?782 Timothy 2:19-21Jim SayerspmWho is a true Christian?
2009-02-088682009-01-04The unashamed workman782 Timothy 2:14-18Jim SayerspmThe unashamed workman
2009-02-088671995-01-01The Lord opens Lydia's heart6Acts 16:11-15Jim SayersamThe Lord opens Lydia's heart
2009-02-018662009-01-04Endure everything for the sake of the elect782 Timothy 2:8-13Jim SayerspmEndure everything for the sake of the elect
2009-02-018652009-01-04Who rules in your heart?77James 4Jim SayersamWho rules in your heart?
2009-01-258632009-01-04My heart cries out for God77Psalm 84Jim SayersamMy heart cries out for God
2009-01-258642009-01-04The battle of gospel ministry782 Timothy 2:1-7Jim SayerspmThe battle of gospel ministry
2009-01-188612009-01-04I will give you a new heart77Mark 7:12-23; Psalm 51:10-17; Ezekiel 36:24-27Jim SayersamI will give you a new heart
2009-01-188622009-01-04Guard the good deposit782 Timothy 1:13-18Jim SayerspmGuard the good deposit
2009-01-118602009-01-04I am not ashamed782 Timothy 1:8-12Jim SayerspmI am not ashamed
2009-01-118591995-01-01David and Saul: which one had a heart for God?61 Samuel 13:5-14Jim SayersamDavid and Saul: which one had a heart for God?
2009-01-048582009-01-04Fan into flame the gift of God782 Timothy 1:1-7Jim SayerspmFan into flame the gift of God
2009-01-048572009-01-04Heartfelt service771 Samuel 12:24Jim SayersamHeartfelt service
2008-12-288561995-01-0111Philippians 2:1-18Malcolm Westwoodam
2008-12-218551995-01-01Two remarkable babies7John 1:15Jim SayerspmTwo remarkable babies
2008-12-218542008-10-26Who is a pardoning God like you?75Micah 7Jim SayersamWho is a pardoning God like you?
2008-12-148521995-01-01Please explain Jesus to me2Acts 8:26-40Jim SayersamPlease explain Jesus to me
2008-12-148532008-10-26The Word became flesh76John 1:14Jim SayerspmThe Word became flesh
2008-12-078512008-10-26Will you receive Jesus?76John 1:10-13Jim SayerspmWill you receive Jesus?
2008-12-078502008-10-26Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly with your God75Micah 6Jim SayersamAct justly, love mercy, walk humbly with your God
2008-11-308482008-10-26The promised Shepherd of Bethlehem75Micah 5Jim SayersamThe promised Shepherd of Bethlehem
2008-11-308492008-10-26The light shines in the darkness76John 1:5-9Jim SayerspmThe light shines in the darkness
2008-11-238472008-10-26The creator of light and life76John 1:3-4Jim SayerspmThe creator of light and life
2008-11-238462008-10-26God brings the exiles home75Micah 4Jim SayersamGod brings the exiles home
2008-11-168451995-01-01I need a hero5Rob HodgespmI need a hero
2008-11-168441995-01-01Why does God allow people to suffer?11Luke 13:1-9Tom ChapmanamWhy does God allow people to suffer?
2008-11-098421995-01-01Elisha and Naaman62 Kings 5:1-14Jim SayersamElisha and Naaman
2008-11-098432008-10-26The Word was God76John 1:1-2Jim SayerspmThe Word was God
2008-11-028411995-01-01Forgiving Grace11Psalm 32Rob HodgespmForgiving Grace
2008-11-028402008-10-26Evil kings and false prophets, but God still has his people75Micah 2-3Jim SayersamEvil kings and false prophets, but God still has his people
2008-10-268392008-10-26In the beginning was the Word76John 1:1Jim SayerspmIn the beginning was the Word
2008-10-268382008-10-26A God of justice in an age of tolerance75Micah 1Jim SayersamA God of justice in an age of tolerance
2008-10-198371995-01-0111Psalm 146Gaius Phillinghampm
2008-10-198361995-01-0111Nehemiah 11Gaius Phillinghamam
2008-10-128341995-01-01Elisha and Shunammite woman's son62 Kings 4:8-37Jim SayersamElisha and Shunammite woman's son
2008-10-128352008-08-17Jesus explains the end of history73Daniel 11:36-12:13Jim SayerspmJesus explains the end of history
2008-10-058332008-08-17Jesus the Lord of history73Daniel 11:2-35Jim SayerspmJesus the Lord of history
2008-10-058322008-09-21Refresh my heart in Christ!74Philemon 17-25Jim SayersamRefresh my heart in Christ!
2008-09-288311995-01-01Coping with change5Matthew 7:24-27Jim SayerspmCoping with change
2008-09-288302008-09-21No longer a slave but a brother74Philemon 8-16Jim SayersamNo longer a slave but a brother
2008-09-218282008-09-21The nature of Christian fellowship74Philemon 1-7Jim SayersamThe nature of Christian fellowship
2008-09-218292008-08-17Daniel meets the Son of God73Daniel 10:1-11:1Jim SayerspmDaniel meets the Son of God
2008-09-148272008-08-17God's answer to Daniel's prayer73Daniel 9:20-27Jim SayerspmGod's answer to Daniel's prayer
2008-09-078251995-01-0111Acts 1:1-11Keith Walkeram
2008-09-078262008-08-17Daniel's prayer for a desolate nation73Daniel 9:1-19Jim SayerspmDaniel's prayer for a desolate nation
2008-08-318242008-08-17The tyrants of this age strut briefly on the stage73Daniel 8Jim SayerspmThe tyrants of this age strut briefly on the stage
2008-08-318232008-08-17Looking for the X-factor - idolising fame72Philippians 2:1-11Jim SayersamLooking for the X-factor - idolising fame
2008-08-248222008-08-17When it comes to the crunch, what counts? - idolising money72Mark 10:17-31Jim SayersamWhen it comes to the crunch, what counts? - idolising money
2008-08-178212008-08-17The victory of the Son of Man73Daniel 7Jim SayerspmThe victory of the Son of Man
2008-08-178202008-08-17Mirror, mirror on the wall ... idolising self72Luke 15:11-32Jim SayersamMirror, mirror on the wall ... idolising self
2008-08-108191995-01-0111John 2:1-11Simon Robinsonpm
2008-08-108181995-01-0111Psalm 104:14-30Stephen Baileyam
2008-08-038161995-01-0111Philippians 1James Tayloram
2008-08-038171995-01-0111Joel 2:1-17James Taylorpm
2008-07-288141995-01-01Parable of the wedding feast11Luke 14:12-24David QuinamParable of the wedding feast
2008-07-288151995-01-01111 John 3:11-24Andrew Pricepm
2008-07-208122008-05-18About conversion70Romans 5:1-11; Ephesians 4:20-25; 2:4-5Jim SayersamAbout conversion
2008-07-208132008-05-18About the future70Luke 16:19-31; 2 Corinthians 5:1-10Jim SayerspmAbout the future
2008-07-138102008-05-18About the cross70Hebrews 10:1-18Jim SayersamAbout the cross
2008-07-138112008-06-01The rich and the poor71Proverbs 22:17-23:12Jim SayerspmThe rich and the poor
2008-07-068081995-01-01Elijah goes to heaven62 Kings 2Jim SayersamElijah goes to heaven
2008-07-068092008-06-01The tongue71Proverbs 15Jim SayerspmThe tongue
2008-06-298071995-01-01GBM Sunday9Acts 2:37-47Maciek StolarskipmGBM Sunday
2008-06-298061995-01-01GBM Sunday9Mark 5:21-43Maciek StolarskiamGBM Sunday
2008-06-228052008-06-01The King71Proverbs 16:1-20Jim SayerspmThe King
2008-06-228042008-05-18About Jesus70Colossians 1:15-23; Matthew 11:25-30Jim SayersamAbout Jesus
2008-06-158022008-05-18About sin70Ephesians 2:1-13; 4:17-24Jim SayersamAbout sin
2008-06-158032008-06-01The friend71Proverbs 17Jim SayerspmThe friend
2008-06-088002008-05-18About God70Isaiah 40:12-31Jim SayersamAbout God
2008-06-088012008-06-01The sluggard71Proverbs 26:13-16; 24:30-34; 27:23-27Jim SayerspmThe sluggard
2008-06-017981995-01-01Naboth's vineyard61 Kings 21Rob HodgesamNaboth's vineyard
2008-06-017992008-06-01The fool71Proverbs 26:4-5Jim SayerspmThe fool
2008-05-257962002-12-2962John 12:1-8John Eyersam
2008-05-257971995-01-01Dinosaurs and the Bible5Andrew SampsonpmDinosaurs and the Bible
2008-05-187942008-05-18About the Bible702 Timothy 3:10-4:5; 2 Peter 1:16-21Jim SayersamAbout the Bible
2008-05-187952008-04-20Rich Christians in a world of need69Luke 10:34-35Jim SayerspmRich Christians in a world of need
2008-05-117932008-04-20Grace is free but not cheap69Luke 10:33-34Jim SayerspmGrace is free but not cheap
2008-05-117921995-01-01Why does God allow war?7Romans 12:9-13:7Jim SayersamWhy does God allow war?
2008-05-047912008-04-20Authentic mercy69Luke 10:33-34Jim SayerspmAuthentic mercy
2008-05-047901995-01-01Elijah on Mount Carmel61 Kings 18Jim SayersamElijah on Mount Carmel
2008-04-277882008-04-13The victory of Jesus68Psalm 18:31-45Jim SayersamThe victory of Jesus
2008-04-277892008-04-20Is it really our problem?69Luke 10:30-33Jim SayerspmIs it really our problem?
2008-04-207872008-04-20And who is my neighbour?69Luke 10L:25-29Jim SayerspmAnd who is my neighbour?
2008-04-207862008-04-13How only the humble are saved68Psalm 18:20-30Jim SayersamHow only the humble are saved
2008-04-137841995-01-01Bringing peace to a fractured world5Ephesians 2:11-22Jim SayerspmBringing peace to a fractured world
2008-04-137852008-04-13The God who hears distress calls68Psalm 18:1-19Jim SayersamThe God who hears distress calls
2008-04-067821995-01-01Elijah, the ravens and the widow61 Kings 17David DeeamElijah, the ravens and the widow
2008-04-067832003-12-07Jesus: the heart of the Bible43Luke 24:36-53Jim SayerspmJesus: the heart of the Bible
2008-03-307811995-01-0111Romans 8:1-17Peter Croftpm
2008-03-307801995-01-0111Jeremiah 29:1-14Peter Croftam
2008-03-237781995-01-01Why look for the living among the dead?2Luke 23:50-24:12Jim SayersamWhy look for the living among the dead?
2008-03-237792003-12-07Emmaus: "Were not our hearts burning?"43Luke 24:13-35Jim SayerspmEmmaus: "Were not our hearts burning?"
2008-03-217772003-12-07The King in the darkness43Luke 23:32-50Jim SayersamThe King in the darkness
2008-03-167752008-01-13How to be sure of reaching heaven67Matthew 7:15-23; Philippians 1:4-6; Hebrews 6:4-12Jim SayersamHow to be sure of reaching heaven
2008-03-167761995-01-01Sharing in the sufferings and victory of Jesus101 Peter 3:17-22Jim SayerspmSharing in the sufferings and victory of Jesus
2008-03-097731995-01-018Revelation 1Alan Harveyam
2008-03-097741995-01-018Genesis 14Alan Harveypm
2008-03-027711995-01-01What must I do to be saved?6Acts 16:22-34Jim SayersamWhat must I do to be saved?
2008-03-027722003-12-07The road to Calvary43Luke 23:26-34Jim SayerspmThe road to Calvary
2008-02-247702003-12-07Jesus and Barabbas: The great exchange43Luke 23:13-25Jim SayerspmJesus and Barabbas: The great exchange
2008-02-247692008-01-13How to live by faith through suffering672 Corinthians 12:1-10; 2 Timothy 3:10-4:8; 1 Peter 4:1-19Jim SayersamHow to live by faith through suffering
2008-02-177682003-12-07Jesus and Herod: Who will be king?43Luke 23:1-12Jim SayerspmJesus and Herod: Who will be king?
2008-02-177672008-01-13How faith is the opposite of pride67Matthew 5:1-12; Mark 10:17-31Jim SayersamHow faith is the opposite of pride
2008-02-107652008-01-13How we overcome temptation by faith67Romans 8:1-17Jim SayersamHow we overcome temptation by faith
2008-02-107662003-12-07Peter and Jesus: False witness and true43Luke 22:54-71Jim SayerspmPeter and Jesus: False witness and true
2008-02-037642003-12-07Gethsemane: not my will but yours be done43Luke 22:39-53Jim SayerspmGethsemane: not my will but yours be done
2008-02-037631995-01-01Can you walk on water?6Matthew 14:22-33Jim SayersamCan you walk on water?
2008-01-277621995-01-015Matthew 8:14-27Jim Sayerspm
2008-01-277612008-01-13How faith works through love67Galatians 5:1-18Jim SayersamHow faith works through love
2008-01-207591995-01-01112 Samuel 9:1-13Derek Baileyam
2008-01-207601995-01-0111Matthew 24:1-44Derek Baileypm
2008-01-137582003-12-07I am among you as one who serves43Luke 22:24-38Jim SayerspmI am among you as one who serves
2008-01-137572008-01-13How faith lays hold on God672 Peter 1:1-11Jim SayersamHow faith lays hold on God
2008-01-067551995-01-01The faith of the centurion6Luke 7:1-10David DeeamThe faith of the centurion
2008-01-067562003-12-07The Passover plot43Luke 22:1-23Jim SayerspmThe Passover plot
2007-12-307541995-01-0180Matthew 2:1-12Cecil Cousinspm
2007-12-307531995-01-0111Matthew 1:18-25Graham Cousinsam
2007-12-237521995-01-01Glory to God in the highest6Luke 2: 8-20Jim SayerspmGlory to God in the highest
2007-12-237511995-01-01God of God, light of light10Colossians 2:9-10Jim SayersamGod of God, light of light
2007-12-167502006-09-10Now to him who is able ...58Romans 16:25-27Jim SayerspmNow to him who is able ...
2007-12-167491995-01-01Prepare the way for the Lord6Luke 1Jim SayersamPrepare the way for the Lord
2007-12-097472007-10-21The cross: Four men in a jail66Luke 22:14-20; Luke 23:13-43Jim SayersamThe cross: Four men in a jail
2007-12-097482006-09-10Fellow workers and heretics58Romans 16:1-24Jim SayerspmFellow workers and heretics
2007-12-027452007-10-21Jesus, the priest, the prostitute and the civil servant66Luke 1; Luke 7:36-50; Luke 19:1-9Jim SayersamJesus, the priest, the prostitute and the civil servant
2007-12-027462006-09-10Paul's mission to the Gentile world58Romans 15:8-33Jim SayerspmPaul's mission to the Gentile world
2007-11-257431995-01-01112 Kings 6:8-23Robin Spittleam
2007-11-257441995-01-0151 Timothy 6Jim Sayerspm
2007-11-187411995-01-019Colossians 2:6-23John McDonaldam
2007-11-187421995-01-019Romans 15:7-13John McDonaldpm
2007-11-117392007-10-21Jeremiah - the exile and the promised redeemer66Jeremiah 31:23-40Jim SayersamJeremiah - the exile and the promised redeemer
2007-11-117402006-09-10The boundaries of Christian freedom58Romans 14:13-15:7Jim SayerspmThe boundaries of Christian freedom
2007-11-047382006-09-10Christians whose consciences differ58Romans 14:1-12Jim SayerspmChristians whose consciences differ
2007-11-047371995-01-01Ruth - redeemed from despair6Ruth 2Jim SayersamRuth - redeemed from despair
2007-10-287362006-09-10Darkness, light and the day of Jesus58Romans 13:11-14Jim SayerspmDarkness, light and the day of Jesus
2007-10-287352007-10-21Adam and Eve: the death of freedom66Genesis 3:1-24Jim SayersamAdam and Eve: the death of freedom
2007-10-217332007-10-21Exodus - the pattern of redemption66Exodus 12:1-13Jim SayersamExodus - the pattern of redemption
2007-10-217342006-09-10Love fulfils the law58Romans 13:8-10Jim SayerspmLove fulfils the law
2007-10-207321995-01-01Commissioning Service for Tirzah Jones12Hebrews 12:1-2Colin JonespmCommissioning Service for Tirzah Jones
2007-10-147301995-01-0111Mark 10:17-27; Luke 15:11-22Tim Treeam
2007-10-147311995-01-01112 Thessalonians 2:13-17Trevor Hartpm
2007-10-077292006-09-10Downing Street, the Oval Office and the power of God58Romans 13:1-7Jim SayerspmDowning Street, the Oval Office and the power of God
2007-09-307281995-01-015Psalm 67Jim Sayerspm
2007-09-307272007-09-02Is God a delusion64Isaiah 40:12-31Jim SayersamIs God a delusion
2007-09-237251995-01-0111Psalm 51Mike Hitchingsam
2007-09-237262007-09-02The positive role of women in the church65Titus 2Jim SayerspmThe positive role of women in the church
2007-09-167241995-01-0111Joel 2:12-27John Bankspm
2007-09-167231995-01-01Baptismal Service for Kevin Hartwell2Luke 5:1-11; 1 Corinthians 1:4-9Jim SayersamBaptismal Service for Kevin Hartwell
2007-09-097222007-09-02Women, men and headship in the church651 Corinthians 11:2-16; 14:20-40Jim SayerspmWomen, men and headship in the church
2007-09-097212007-09-02Aren't all Christians hypocrites?64Ezekiel 34Jim SayersamAren't all Christians hypocrites?
2007-09-027202007-09-02Male and female he created them65Genesis 2:4-25Jim SayerspmMale and female he created them
2007-09-027192007-09-02Can we ever really know who Jesus was?642 Peter 1:12-21Jim SayersamCan we ever really know who Jesus was?
2007-08-267181995-01-01Holiday Bible Club Family Service6Luke 15:8-10David DeeamHoliday Bible Club Family Service
2007-08-197161995-01-0180Philippians 2:1-18Cecil Cousinsam
2007-08-197171995-01-01801 Kings 18:16-46Cecil Cousinspm
2007-08-127152002-12-2962Psalm 91John Eyerspm
2007-08-127142002-12-2962Psalm 38John Eyersam
2007-08-057122006-09-10Overcome evil with good58Romans 12:21Jim SayersamOvercome evil with good
2007-08-057132007-06-17Peter and John in the face of persecution63Acts 4:1-22Jim SayerspmPeter and John in the face of persecution
2007-07-297112007-06-17Mary of Bethany: Devotion in a busy life63John 12:1-11; Luke 10:38-42Jim SayerspmMary of Bethany: Devotion in a busy life
2007-07-297102006-09-10Revenge has no place in the church58Romans 12:17-20Jim SayersamRevenge has no place in the church
2007-07-227092007-06-17Josiah and the neglected Word632 Kings 22Jim SayerspmJosiah and the neglected Word
2007-07-227082006-09-10The marks of a healthy church family58Romans 12:9-16Jim SayersamThe marks of a healthy church family
2007-07-157061995-01-01The Parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin6Luke 15:1-10Tirzah Jones; James TennantamThe Parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin
2007-07-157072007-06-17Esther in the face of terror63Esther 1-10Jim SayerspmEsther in the face of terror
2007-07-087051995-01-01A fresh start52 Corinthians 5:17Jim SayerspmA fresh start
2007-07-087041995-01-01God & Politics: Who's in charge?7Proverbs 21:1-15Nick HowardamGod & Politics: Who's in charge?
2007-07-017022006-09-10One body with different members58Romans 12:3-8Jim SayersamOne body with different members
2007-07-017032007-06-17Samuel amid spiritual rottenness631 Samuel 3Jim SayerspmSamuel amid spiritual rottenness
2007-06-247002006-09-10A sacrificed body and a transformed mind58Romans 12:1-2Jim SayersamA sacrificed body and a transformed mind
2007-06-247012007-06-17Moses against idolatry63Exodus 32:1-20Jim SayerspmMoses against idolatry
2007-06-176992007-06-17Noah - righteous faith in an age of wickedness63Genesis 6Jim SayerspmNoah - righteous faith in an age of wickedness
2007-06-176982006-09-10In awe of God58Romans 11:33-36Jim SayersamIn awe of God
2007-06-106961995-01-0111Luke 11:1-8; 18:1-8Alastair Pattersonam
2007-06-106971995-01-0111Isaiah 40:27-31Alastair Pattersonpm
2007-06-036941995-01-016John 15:1-17Brian Wardam
2007-06-036951995-01-0111John 17:20-26Brian Wardpm
2007-05-276921995-01-0111Acts 2:1-21Graham Cousinsam
2007-05-276931995-01-0111Galatians 5:16-26Graham Cousinspm
2007-05-206911995-01-0180Acts 1:12-26Cecil Cousinspm
2007-05-206901995-01-0180Acts 1:1-14Cecil Cousinsam
2007-05-136881995-01-01How well do you know Jesus?802 Timothy 1:1-12Cecil CousinsamHow well do you know Jesus?
2007-05-136892002-12-29Do all religions lead to God?62Hebrews 1; 2:1-4John EyerspmDo all religions lead to God?
2007-05-066861995-01-016Mark 10:13-16Ron Lowam
2007-05-066871995-01-0111Isaiah 41:1-14Ron Lowpm
2007-04-296841995-01-01111 Peter 4:7-11Timothy Alfordam
2007-04-296851995-01-0111Psalm 32Timothy Alfordpm
2007-04-226832002-12-29621 Corinthians 3:10-15; Romans 14:10-12; 2 Corinthians 5:10John Eyerspm
2007-04-226821995-01-01111 Thessalonians 5:1-11John Heronam
2007-04-156801995-01-0111Mark 1:14-20Phil Greenam
2007-04-156811995-01-015Luke 24:13-35Phil Greenpm
2007-04-086781995-01-0111John 11:1-57; 12:9-26Tim McMahonam
2007-04-086792002-12-2962John 20:1-18John Eyerspm
2007-04-066771995-01-01Good Friday service80Cecil CousinsamGood Friday service
2007-04-016741995-01-016Matthew 20:29-34; 28:1-10David Deeam
2007-04-016752002-12-29621 Corinthians 13John Eyerspm
2007-03-256721995-01-0111Luke 7:36-50Paul Kempam
2007-03-256732002-12-29Rules for holy living62Colossians 3:1-17John EyerspmRules for holy living
2007-03-186701995-01-0111John 13:1-11Ron Lowam
2007-03-186711995-01-0111Jeremiah 32:1-27Ron Lowpm
2007-03-116691995-01-0111Nehemiah 2:20Gary Benfoldpm
2007-03-116681995-01-0111Matthew 4:17-22Gary Benfoldam
2007-03-046661995-01-01The raising of Lazarus6John 11Jim SayersamThe raising of Lazarus
2007-03-046672007-01-07Being human VII - Me, my body and eternal life602 Corinthians 4:16-5:10Jim SayerspmBeing human VII - Me, my body and eternal life
2007-02-256652007-01-07Being human VI - The Bible and homosexuality601 Corinthians 5:9-13; 6:9-20Jim SayerspmBeing human VI - The Bible and homosexuality
2007-02-256642007-02-11Be reconciled to God612 Corinthians 5:20-21Jim SayersamBe reconciled to God
2007-02-186632007-01-07Being human V - Renewed in mind and heart60Colossians 3Jim SayerspmBeing human V - Renewed in mind and heart
2007-02-186622007-02-11God's reconciliation in Christ612 Corinthians 5:18-19Jim SayersamGod's reconciliation in Christ
2007-02-116602007-02-11Christ's love compels us612 Corinthians 5:14-17Jim SayersamChrist's love compels us
2007-02-116612007-01-07Being human IV - How sin distorts us60Ephesians 2Jim SayerspmBeing human IV - How sin distorts us
2007-02-046581995-01-01Opening the eyes of the blind6John 9Jim SayersamOpening the eyes of the blind
2007-02-046592007-01-07Being Human III - The value of human life60Jim SayerspmBeing Human III - The value of human life
2007-01-286561995-01-01But I'm too bad to be a Christian71 Timothy 1:15-16; Acts 9:1-19Jim SayersamBut I'm too bad to be a Christian
2007-01-286571995-01-01From darkness to light51 John 1:5-10Jim SayerspmFrom darkness to light
2007-01-216541995-01-01112 Kings 5Derek Chilversam
2007-01-216551995-01-0111Genesis 45Paul Kemppm
2007-01-146532007-01-07Being Human II - Keeping body and soul together60Jim SayerspmBeing Human II - Keeping body and soul together
2007-01-146521995-01-01Do all good people go to heaven?7Matthew 22:1-14Jim SayersamDo all good people go to heaven?
2007-01-076502006-09-10Why do we serve God?58Romans 12:11Jim SayersamWhy do we serve God?
2007-01-076512007-01-07Being Human I - Made in God's image60Jim SayerspmBeing Human I - Made in God's image
2006-12-316491995-01-0180John 1:19-34Cecil Cousinsam
2006-12-256481995-01-01Christmas Day family service6Jim SayersamChristmas Day family service
2006-12-246471995-01-01Carols by canglelight7Jim SayerspmCarols by canglelight
2006-12-246461995-01-01Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift102 Corinthians 9:15Jim SayersamThanks be to God for his indescribable gift
2006-12-176441995-01-01God's compassion for Ipswich10Jim SayersamGod's compassion for Ipswich
2006-12-176451995-01-01The light shines in the darkness6Jim SayerspmThe light shines in the darkness
2006-12-106421995-01-01Christmas family Service6Jim SayersamChristmas family Service
2006-12-106432006-10-01Wisdom's beautiful portrait59Proverbs 8Jim SayerspmWisdom's beautiful portrait
2006-12-036401995-01-01The most important question11Matthew 16:13-17Steve ChedgzoyamThe most important question
2006-12-036411995-01-01How to make an impact for God11Matthew 9:35-38Steve ChedgzoypmHow to make an impact for God
2006-11-266382006-09-10God's plan for Israel (ii): Grafted back into God's olive tree58Romans 11:17-32Jim SayersamGod's plan for Israel (ii): Grafted back into God's olive tree
2006-11-266392006-10-01A man who commits adultery lacks judgement59Proverbs 6:20-7:27Jim SayerspmA man who commits adultery lacks judgement
2006-11-196371995-01-01Jesus the only way5Jim SayerspmJesus the only way
2006-11-196362006-09-10God's plan for Israel (1): Make them jealous58Romans 11:1-16Jim SayersamGod's plan for Israel (1): Make them jealous
2006-11-126341995-01-01Freedom from the curse11Galatians 3:13Nick HowardamFreedom from the curse
2006-11-126352006-10-01Hey, you, lazy bones!59Proverbs 6:1-19Jim SayerspmHey, you, lazy bones!
2006-11-056321995-01-01Jesus the only way6John 14:6David DeeamJesus the only way
2006-11-056332006-10-01How to ruin God's gift of sex59Proverbs 5Jim SayerspmHow to ruin God's gift of sex
2006-10-296312006-10-01Above all else, guard your heart59Proverbs 4Jim SayerspmAbove all else, guard your heart
2006-10-296302006-09-10The urgent preacher58Romans 10:14-21Jim SayersamThe urgent preacher
2006-10-226292006-10-01Where can we find discernment?59Proverbs 3:19-35Jim SayerspmWhere can we find discernment?
2006-10-226282006-09-10How do you respond to Jesus?58Romans 10:5-13Jim SayersamHow do you respond to Jesus?
2006-10-156272006-10-01Trust in the Lord with all your heart59Proverbs 3:1-18Jim SayerspmTrust in the Lord with all your heart
2006-10-156262006-09-10Danger: a Christless religion is hopeless58Romans 9:30-10:4Jim SayersamDanger: a Christless religion is hopeless
2006-10-086252006-10-01Search for wisdom, treasure of the soul59Proverbs 2Jim SayerspmSearch for wisdom, treasure of the soul
2006-10-086242006-09-10Does God have any right to judge us?58Romans 9:19-29Jim SayersamDoes God have any right to judge us?
2006-10-016232006-10-01Listen! Wisdom cries aloud!59Proverbs 1Jim SayerspmListen! Wisdom cries aloud!
2006-09-246221995-01-01Things can only get better5Jim SayerspmThings can only get better
2006-09-246211995-01-01Whatever one sows, that he will reap10Galatians 6:7-10Jim SayersamWhatever one sows, that he will reap
2006-09-176192006-09-10Is God unjust?58Romans 9:13-18Jim SayersamIs God unjust?
2006-09-176202006-08-13Naomi has a son!57Ruth 4:1-22Jim SayerspmNaomi has a son!
2006-09-106182006-08-13Midnight at the threshing floor57Ruth 3:1-18Jim SayerspmMidnight at the threshing floor
2006-09-106172006-09-10Can God's promise fail?58Romans 9:1-12Jim SayersamCan God's promise fail?
2006-09-036152006-08-13Ignorance of God is no excuse561 Corinthians 15Jim SayersamIgnorance of God is no excuse
2006-09-036162006-08-13He has not stopped showing his kindness57Ruth 2:17-23Jim SayerspmHe has not stopped showing his kindness
2006-08-286142006-08-13Did man invent God?56Acts 17:22-34Jim SayersamDid man invent God?
2006-08-206132006-08-13Boaz: an agent of grace57Ruth 2:1-16Jim SayerspmBoaz: an agent of grace
2006-08-206121995-01-01Holiday Bible Club Family Service6Jim SayersamHoliday Bible Club Family Service
2006-08-136112006-08-13Returning to the God who made you bitter57Ruth 1:1-22Jim SayerspmReturning to the God who made you bitter
2006-08-136102006-08-13Knowing God in a pop idol culture56Acts 17:22-34Jim SayersamKnowing God in a pop idol culture
2006-08-066091995-01-0111Titus 2:11-15Geoff Kingpm
2006-08-066081995-01-0111Revelation 1-5David Pibwortham
2006-07-306061995-01-0111Mark 9:14-32Tim McMahonam
2006-07-306071995-01-0180Colossians 2Cecil Cousinspm
2006-07-236051995-01-0111Psalm 112David Cordlepm
2006-07-236041995-01-0111Job 1David Cordleam
2006-07-166032006-04-23Crossing the river55Hebrews 4:1-13Jim SayerspmCrossing the river
2006-07-166022003-12-07Taking risks in Luke43Luke 1:17-32; Luke 8:40-48; Luke 10:25-37Jim SayersamTaking risks in Luke
2006-07-096001995-01-019Matthew 28David Highamam
2006-07-096011995-01-019Psalm 37:1-11David Highampm
2006-07-025981995-01-01How to change on the inside6Luke 19Andrew SampsonamHow to change on the inside
2006-07-025992006-04-23Breaking out of Doubting Castle55Psalm 13Jim SayerspmBreaking out of Doubting Castle
2006-06-255962003-12-07Being ready for the Lord's return43Luke 21:25-38Jim SayersamBeing ready for the Lord's return
2006-06-255972006-04-23Vanity Fair: Getting into conflict in the world551 John 2:15-17Jim SayerspmVanity Fair: Getting into conflict in the world
2006-06-185942003-12-07Living in the age of the gospel43Luke 21:5-24Jim SayersamLiving in the age of the gospel
2006-06-185951995-01-01The church that turned the world upside-down5Acts 26Jim SayerspmThe church that turned the world upside-down
2006-06-115931995-01-01Caring for Life11Philippians 4:4-20Peter ParkinsonpmCaring for Life
2006-06-115922003-12-07The dangers of religion43Luke 20:45-21:4Jim SayersamThe dangers of religion
2006-06-045912006-04-23Fighting the devil in the valley55Ephesians 6:10-18Jim SayerspmFighting the devil in the valley
2006-06-045902003-12-07Questioning the authority of Jesus43Luke 20:1-8; Luke 19-44Jim SayersamQuestioning the authority of Jesus
2006-05-285881995-01-01The parable of the talents6Luke 20:9-18Jim SayersamThe parable of the talents
2006-05-285892006-04-23The difficult hill and the Palace Beautiful551 Thessalonians 5:4-11Jim SayerspmThe difficult hill and the Palace Beautiful
2006-05-215862003-12-07Are you ready for the Lord's coming?43Luke 19:28-48Jim SayersamAre you ready for the Lord's coming?
2006-05-215871995-01-01The truth you can't avoid5Acts 16:16-34Jon MasonpmThe truth you can't avoid
2006-05-145852006-04-23Losing your burden at the cross551 Corinthians 1:18-2:5Jim SayerspmLosing your burden at the cross
2006-05-145842003-12-07The parable of the talents43Luke 19:1-27Jim SayersamThe parable of the talents
2006-05-075832006-04-23In the Interpreter's house55Romans 8:1-7Jim SayerspmIn the Interpreter's house
2006-05-075822003-12-07Understanding Jesus43Luke 18:31-43Jim SayersamUnderstanding Jesus
2006-04-305811995-01-0111Hebrews 10:1-18Ron Lowpm
2006-04-305801995-01-01111 Corinthians 16:13-24Ron Lowam
2006-04-235781995-01-01The power of the risen Christ10John 20:19-23Jim SayersamThe power of the risen Christ
2006-04-235792006-04-23Flee from the coming wrath55Acts 16Jim SayerspmFlee from the coming wrath
2006-04-186761995-01-01Thanksgiving service for Rene Piggott4Jim SayersamThanksgiving service for Rene Piggott
2006-04-165771995-01-01Cracking the code5Luke 24:36-53Jim SayerspmCracking the code
2006-04-165761995-01-016Luke 22-24David Deeam
2006-04-095741995-01-0111Luke 18:8-14Steven Baileyam
2006-04-095752002-12-2962John 12:12-36John Eyerspm
2006-04-025722006-03-19How can I ever satisfy God?54Isaiah 53:7-12Jim SayersamHow can I ever satisfy God?
2006-04-025731995-01-01How we can have confidence before God101 John 3:16-24; 1 John 4:13-18Jim SayerspmHow we can have confidence before God
2006-03-265702006-03-19How can I get rid of my guilt?54Isaiah 53:4-6Jim SayersamHow can I get rid of my guilt?
2006-03-265712006-01-08The vision of the Son of Man53Daniel 7Jim SayerspmThe vision of the Son of Man
2006-03-195691995-01-01The promise of the future5Ezekiel 37Jim SayerspmThe promise of the future
2006-03-195682006-03-19How can a man on a cross change the world?54Isaiah 52:13-53:3Jim SayersamHow can a man on a cross change the world?
2006-03-125671995-01-01The God of enough8Genesis 17:1-8Stuart BalmerpmThe God of enough
2006-03-125661995-01-01Parable of the forgiving father8Luke 15:11-32Stuart BalmeramParable of the forgiving father
2006-03-055652006-01-08The lion's den: God rescues and he saves53Daniel 6Jim SayerspmThe lion's den: God rescues and he saves
2006-03-055641995-01-01Tear Fund - Killing TB6Luke 5:12-16Jim SayersamTear Fund - Killing TB
2006-02-265632006-01-08Belshazzar's feast - the writing on the wall53Daniel 5Jim SayerspmBelshazzar's feast - the writing on the wall
2006-02-265621995-01-01Baptism of Douglas Halls2Luke 5:27-32; Philippians 3:4-14Jim SayersamBaptism of Douglas Halls
2006-02-195602006-01-08Biblical Leadership52Acts 20:17-38Jim SayersamBiblical Leadership
2006-02-195611995-01-01Who is in charge?51 Samuel 8David DeepmWho is in charge?
2006-02-125582006-01-08A disciplined Church family521 Peter 1:22-2:12Jim SayersamA disciplined Church family
2006-02-125592006-01-08The Most High is sovereign over the kingdoms of men53Daniel 4Jim SayerspmThe Most High is sovereign over the kingdoms of men
2006-02-055571995-01-0110Zechariah 3Jim Sayerspm
2006-02-055562006-01-08The Church proclaims the gospel52Colossians 1:24-2:7; Colossians 4:2-6Jim SayersamThe Church proclaims the gospel
2006-01-295541995-01-01Zacchaeus - a new beginning6Luke 19:1-9Jim SayersamZacchaeus - a new beginning
2006-01-295552006-01-08When you walk through the fire you will not be burned53Daniel 3Jim SayerspmWhen you walk through the fire you will not be burned
2006-01-225532006-01-08The rock that broke an empire53Daniel 2Jim SayerspmThe rock that broke an empire
2006-01-225522006-01-08Christians changed by the Gospel52Philippians 3:1-11; Colossians 3:1-11Jim SayersamChristians changed by the Gospel
2006-01-155511995-01-01The Great Escape5Exodus 5:22-6:9Jim SayerspmThe Great Escape
2006-01-155502006-01-08A Church shaped by the Gospel52Ephesians 2:1-10Jim SayersamA Church shaped by the Gospel
2006-01-085492006-01-08Dining with the enemy53Daniel 1Jim SayerspmDining with the enemy
2006-01-085482006-01-08Expository Preaching522 Timothy 3:14-4:6Jim SayersamExpository Preaching
2006-01-015461995-01-0180Luke 16Cecil Cousinsam
2006-01-015472002-12-2962Psalm 90John Eyerspm
2005-12-255451995-01-01Christmas Day Family Service6Jim SayersamChristmas Day Family Service
2005-12-185431995-01-01Jesus Light of the World6John 8:12; John 1:1-5David DeeamJesus Light of the World
2005-12-185441995-01-01Christmas Carols by Candlelight6Jim SayerspmChristmas Carols by Candlelight
2005-12-115412005-12-04Can we trust God's word?51Isaiah 40:6-8Jim SayersamCan we trust God's word?
2005-12-115422005-12-04Behold your God!51Isaiah 40:9-11Jim SayerspmBehold your God!
2005-12-045392005-12-04Comfort, comfort my people51Isaiah 40:1-2Jim SayersamComfort, comfort my people
2005-12-045402005-12-04A highway in the desert51Isaiah 40:3-5Jim SayerspmA highway in the desert
2005-11-275372003-12-07The way into the kingdom43Luke 18:15-30Jim SayersamThe way into the kingdom
2005-11-275382005-10-23Solomon prays in the new temple501 Kings 8Jim SayerspmSolomon prays in the new temple
2005-11-205361995-01-01Don't blame me5Genesis 3Jim SayerspmDon't blame me
2005-11-205352003-12-07Parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector43Luke 18:9-14Jim SayersamParable of the Pharisee and the tax collector
2005-11-135332005-10-23David's prayer - praying home God's promise502 Samuel 7Jim SayerspmDavid's prayer - praying home God's promise
2005-11-135322003-12-07Crying to God for justice43Luke 18:1-8Jim SayersamCrying to God for justice
2005-11-065301995-01-01"Golden Ticket" entrance to heaven6David Deeam"Golden Ticket" entrance to heaven
2005-11-065312005-10-23Samuel intercedes for Israel501 Samuel 7Jim SayerspmSamuel intercedes for Israel
2005-10-305282002-12-29Assurance62Romans 5:1-11John EyersamAssurance
2005-10-305291995-01-0180Cecil Cousinspm
2005-10-235262003-12-07Remember Lot'swife43Luke 17:20-37Jim SayersamRemember Lot'swife
2005-10-235272005-10-23Hannah and the God who answers prayer501 Samuel 1-2Jim SayerspmHannah and the God who answers prayer
2005-10-165251995-01-01Who wants to be a millionnaire11Luke 12:13-21Paul HintonpmWho wants to be a millionnaire
2005-10-165241995-01-01Real Lives11John 4:4-26Paul HintonamReal Lives
2005-10-095231995-01-01Your beautiful feet10Isaiah 52Jim SayerspmYour beautiful feet
2005-10-095222003-12-07Forgiveness, faith and servanthood43Luke 17:1-10Jim SayersamForgiveness, faith and servanthood
2005-10-025201995-01-016Genesis 11David Deeam
2005-10-025211995-01-01The heavens declare God's glory10Psalm 19Jim SayerspmThe heavens declare God's glory
2005-09-255182005-09-18God's world - who can make sense of it?49Job 28Jim SayersamGod's world - who can make sense of it?
2005-09-255192005-08-21A cry for revival48Lamentations 5Jim SayerspmA cry for revival
2005-09-185171995-01-01Who is God? What is man?5Genesis 1Jim SayerspmWho is God? What is man?
2005-09-185162005-09-18Creation - the God of storm and thunder49Psalm 29Jim SayersamCreation - the God of storm and thunder
2005-09-115152005-08-21The Jeremiah Report: Israel's blunders exposed48Lamentations 4Jim SayerspmThe Jeremiah Report: Israel's blunders exposed
2005-09-115141995-01-01Shine as lights in the world10Philippians 2:15-16Jim SayersamShine as lights in the world
2005-09-045132005-08-21Great is your faithfulness48Lamentations 3Jim SayerspmGreat is your faithfulness
2005-09-045122005-08-14Free for a new destiny47Galatians 5:13-26Jim SayersamFree for a new destiny
2005-08-285112005-08-21Making sense of God's anger48Lamentations 2Jim SayerspmMaking sense of God's anger
2005-08-285102005-08-14Freedom from the rat race47Matthew 6:25-34Jim SayersamFreedom from the rat race
2005-08-215092005-08-21God in the wasteland48Lamentations 1Jim SayerspmGod in the wasteland
2005-08-215082005-08-14Freedom from fear47Hebrews 2:14-15Jim SayersamFreedom from fear
2005-08-145072002-12-29The certainty of Christ's Second Coming622 Peter 3John EyerspmThe certainty of Christ's Second Coming
2005-08-145062005-08-14Freedom from my past47John 7:53-8:11Jim SayersamFreedom from my past
2005-08-075041995-01-0111John 10:1-21Don Cousinsam
2005-08-075051995-01-0180Hebrews 12:18-29Cecil Cousinspm
2005-07-315031995-01-0111Mark 1:21-34John Masonpm
2005-07-315021995-01-0111Mark 1:14-20John Masonam
2005-07-245001995-01-0111Genesis 11John Bettsam
2005-07-245011995-01-0111Mark 10:46-52John Bettspm
2005-07-174982005-01-02If God is for us, who can be against us?46Romans 8:31-39Jim SayersamIf God is for us, who can be against us?
2005-07-174992005-01-02Am I a genuine Christian?46Romans 8:31-39Jim SayerspmAm I a genuine Christian?
2005-07-104962005-01-02The suffering and the glory46Romans 8:18-30Jim SayersamThe suffering and the glory
2005-07-104972003-12-07The rich man and Lazarus43Luke 16:19-31Jim SayerspmThe rich man and Lazarus
2005-07-034941995-01-019Luke 13:22-33Derek Frencham
2005-07-034951995-01-0191 Kings 16:29-17:1Derek Frenchpm
2005-06-264932003-12-07The parable of the shrewd manager43Luke 16:1-18Jim SayerspmThe parable of the shrewd manager
2005-06-264922005-01-02The Spirit of Sonship46Romans 8:12-17Jim SayersamThe Spirit of Sonship
2005-06-194902005-01-02The Holy Spirit is the secret of holiness46Romans 8:5-11Jim SayersamThe Holy Spirit is the secret of holiness
2005-06-194912003-12-07Refusing to join the party43Luke 15:25-32Jim SayerspmRefusing to join the party
2005-06-124882005-01-02No condemnation in Christ Jesus46Romans 7:21-8:4Jim SayersamNo condemnation in Christ Jesus
2005-06-124892003-12-07The lost sheep, lost son and lost coin43Luke 15:1-24Jim SayerspmThe lost sheep, lost son and lost coin
2005-06-054872003-12-07Take up your cross43Luke 14:25-35Jim SayerspmTake up your cross
2005-06-054862005-01-02The struggle in the sinners soul46Romans 7:7-20Jim SayersamThe struggle in the sinners soul
2005-05-294852003-12-07Come to the great banquet43Luke 14:1-24Jim SayerspmCome to the great banquet
2005-05-294842005-01-02Are we free from Gods law?46Romans 7:1-6Jim SayersamAre we free from Gods law?
2005-05-224831995-01-017Steve Watkinsonpm
2005-05-224821995-01-016Steve Watkinsonam
2005-05-154801995-01-0111Luke 18Neil Serjeantam
2005-05-154812003-12-07The last will be first and the first will be last43Luke 13:18-35Jim SayerspmThe last will be first and the first will be last
2005-05-084782005-01-02Freed from slavery still slaves?46Romans 6:15-23Jim SayersamFreed from slavery still slaves?
2005-05-084792003-12-07Knowing the times, it is time to be saved43Luke 12:54-13:17Jim SayerspmKnowing the times, it is time to be saved
2005-05-014772003-12-07Ready for the Masters return43Luke 12:35-53Jim SayerspmReady for the Masters return
2005-05-014762005-01-02Dead to sin, alive to God46Romans 6:1-14Jim SayersamDead to sin, alive to God
2005-04-244742005-01-02Jesus the victorious second Adam46Romans 5:12-21Jim SayersamJesus the victorious second Adam
2005-04-244752003-12-07Rich Christians in the shrine of consumerism43Luke 12:13-34Jim SayerspmRich Christians in the shrine of consumerism
2005-04-174722005-01-02A new peace, a new hope46Romans 5:1-11Jim SayersamA new peace, a new hope
2005-04-174732003-12-07Living for Christ in a hostile world43Luke 12:1-12Jim SayerspmLiving for Christ in a hostile world
2005-04-104701995-01-0111Genesis 22Paul Kempam
2005-04-104711995-01-0111John 6:5-16Paul Kemppm
2005-04-034682005-01-02Having faith in Gods promises46Romans 4:13-25Jim SayersamHaving faith in Gods promises
2005-04-034692005-01-02How does being right with God change my life46Romans 5:1-2Jim SayerspmHow does being right with God change my life
2005-03-274661995-01-01Easter family service6Jim SayersamEaster family service
2005-03-274671995-01-01Easter Praise10Jim SayerspmEaster Praise
2005-03-204641995-01-01101 Kings 19:1-18Jim Sayersam
2005-03-204651995-01-01Knowing God: Unchanging and unmoved?10Jim SayerspmKnowing God: Unchanging and unmoved?
2005-03-134631995-01-0111Acts 20:13-38Mark Troughtonpm
2005-03-134621995-01-0111Ecclesiastes 11Mark Troughtonam
2005-03-064602005-01-02Justified by faith like Abraham46Romans 3:27-4:12Jim SayersamJustified by faith like Abraham
2005-03-064611995-01-0111EcclesiastesPhil Greenpm
2005-02-274592002-12-29Knowing Scripture Its interpretation62John EyerspmKnowing Scripture Its interpretation
2005-02-274582005-01-02The achievement of the cross46Romans 3:21-26Jim SayersamThe achievement of the cross
2005-02-204572002-12-29Knowing Scripture The God-breathed book62John EyerspmKnowing Scripture The God-breathed book
2005-02-204562005-01-02Every mouth silenced before God46Romans 3:1-20Jim SayersamEvery mouth silenced before God
2005-02-134552002-12-29Knowing Scripture How to defend it62John EyerspmKnowing Scripture How to defend it
2005-02-134542005-01-02Its not enough to be religious46Romans 2:12-39Jim SayersamIts not enough to be religious
2005-02-064532002-12-29Knowing Scripture Its coherence62John EyerspmKnowing Scripture Its coherence
2005-02-064521995-01-016Jim Sayersam
2005-01-304502005-01-02What God thinks of the self-righteous46Romans 2:1-11Jim SayersamWhat God thinks of the self-righteous
2005-01-304511995-01-01Knowing God holy, holy, holy10Jim SayerspmKnowing God holy, holy, holy
2005-01-234491995-01-01Love is 5David DeepmLove is
2005-01-234482005-01-02When God says Have it your own way46Romans 1:26-32Jim SayersamWhen God says Have it your own way
2005-01-164462005-01-02The God who speaks to a world of idolatry46Romans 1:18-25Jim SayersamThe God who speaks to a world of idolatry
2005-01-164471995-01-01Knowing God the sovereign Lord10Jim SayerspmKnowing God the sovereign Lord
2005-01-094451995-01-01112 Kings 6:8-23Jim Hopkinspm
2005-01-094441995-01-0180Matthew 16Cecil Cousinsam
2005-01-024432005-01-02Paul: Set apart for the gospel of God46Romans 1:1-15Jim SayerspmPaul: Set apart for the gospel of God
2005-01-024422005-01-02The gospel is the power of God46Romans 1:16-17Jim SayersamThe gospel is the power of God
2004-12-264412002-12-2962Matthew 1John Eyersam
2004-12-194391995-01-0180John 1Cecil Cousinsam
2004-12-194401995-01-01Family carol service6Jim SayerspmFamily carol service
2004-12-124371995-01-01Our redeemer has come10Luke 1:68Jim SayersamOur redeemer has come
2004-12-124381995-01-01Descending into greatness5Jim SayerspmDescending into greatness
2004-12-054362003-12-07Light, darkness and hypocrisy43Luke 11:33-54Jim SayerspmLight, darkness and hypocrisy
2004-12-054352003-12-07Bold signs for dim people43Luke 11:29-32Jim SayersamBold signs for dim people
2004-11-284341995-01-0110Romans 8:18-30Jim Sayerspm
2004-11-284331995-01-0110Matthew 1:18-25, Luke 1:26-38Jim Sayersam
2004-11-214312003-12-07Snakes, scorpions and the God who answers prayer43Luke 11:1-13Jim SayersamSnakes, scorpions and the God who answers prayer
2004-11-214322003-12-07Jesus is stronger, Jesus is greater43Luke 11:14-28Jim SayerspmJesus is stronger, Jesus is greater
2004-11-144291995-01-016Jonathan Primeam
2004-11-144301995-01-0111Acts 27Jonathan Primepm
2004-11-074272003-12-07The privilege of working for the kingdom43Luke 10:1-24Jim SayersamThe privilege of working for the kingdom
2004-11-074282003-12-07The parable of the good Samaritan43Luke 10:25-37Jim SayerspmThe parable of the good Samaritan
2004-10-314262003-12-07Determined to get on with the job43Luke 9:51-62Jim SayerspmDetermined to get on with the job
2004-10-314251995-01-01We preach Christ crucified81 Corinthians 1Jim SayersamWe preach Christ crucified
2004-10-244242002-12-2962Psalm 91John Eyerspm
2004-10-244231995-01-0111Genesis 22Graham Cousinsam
2004-10-174221995-01-015Luke 19:1-10David Deepm
2004-10-174212003-12-07If we died with Christ, we will also live with Him43Luke 9:29-36Jim SayersamIf we died with Christ, we will also live with Him
2004-10-104192003-12-07The cost of following The Christ of God43Luke 9:1-27Jim SayersamThe cost of following The Christ of God
2004-10-104202002-12-2962Esther 7-10John Eyerspm
2004-10-034172003-12-07Reaching out the empty hands of faith43Luke 8:40-56Jim SayersamReaching out the empty hands of faith
2004-10-034182002-12-2962Esther 4-6John Eyerspm
2004-09-264162002-12-2962Esther 1-3John Eyerspm
2004-09-264151995-01-01feeding 5,000: Is this too much for Jesus?6Luke 9:10-17Jim Sayersamfeeding 5,000: Is this too much for Jesus?
2004-09-194142003-12-07Afraid of the power of Jesus43Luke 8:22-39Jim SayerspmAfraid of the power of Jesus
2004-09-124131995-01-0111Judges 3:7-11Michael Bostockpm
2004-09-124121995-01-0111Matthew 12:33-42Michael Bostockam
2004-09-054111995-01-0110Galatians 5:1-18Jim Sayerspm
2004-09-054102003-12-07Lives shaped by Gods word43Luke 8:1-21Jim SayersamLives shaped by Gods word
2004-08-294081995-01-01Redemption10Jim SayersamRedemption
2004-08-294091995-01-0111Exodus 3:5-10, Numbers 14:30-35Len Cousinspm
2004-08-224061995-01-016Jim Sayersam
2004-08-224072002-12-2962John 8:12John Eyerspm
2004-08-154052003-12-07He who has been forgiven little loves little43Luke 7:36-50Jim SayersamHe who has been forgiven little loves little
2004-08-084042003-12-07The beatitude of the unoffended43Luke 7:18-35Jim SayerspmThe beatitude of the unoffended
2004-08-084032003-12-07God has come to help his people43Luke 7:1-17Jim SayersamGod has come to help his people
2004-08-014021995-01-0111Acts 4 32:5:11Chris Hawthornepm
2004-08-014011995-01-0111John 1:1-18Chris Hawthorneam
2004-07-253991995-01-0111Bob Cottonam
2004-07-254001995-01-0111Bob Cottonpm
2004-07-183981995-01-0111Colossians 1Graham Rushbypm
2004-07-183971995-01-0111Joshua 1Graham Rushbyam
2004-07-153961995-01-01Thanksgiving service for Jean Harris4Jim SayersamThanksgiving service for Jean Harris
2004-07-113942004-05-30Faith feeds on Jesus45John 6:51-59Jim SayersamFaith feeds on Jesus
2004-07-113952003-09-07Now show me your glory42Exodus 33-34Jim SayerspmNow show me your glory
2004-07-043921995-01-019Luke 5John MacDonaldam
2004-07-043931995-01-019John 19:17-27John MacDonaldpm
2004-06-283911995-01-01Funeral of Doreen Newson4Jim SayersamFuneral of Doreen Newson
2004-06-273892004-05-30Faith feeds on Jesus45John 6:51-59Jim SayersamFaith feeds on Jesus
2004-06-273902003-09-07The Holy LORD or the golden calf42Exodus 32Jim SayerspmThe Holy LORD or the golden calf
2004-06-203882003-09-07The Tabernacle: a pattern for worshipping God42Exodus 25-31, 35-40Jim SayerspmThe Tabernacle: a pattern for worshipping God
2004-06-203872004-05-30Jesus, the bread from heaven45John 6:38-50Jim SayersamJesus, the bread from heaven
2004-06-133851995-01-01Elijah on Mount Carmel61 Kings 18Simon EverettamElijah on Mount Carmel
2004-06-133861995-01-01True happiness5Psalm 1Simon EverettpmTrue happiness
2004-06-063832004-05-30I am the bread of life45John 6:33-37Jim SayersamI am the bread of life
2004-06-063842003-09-07Gods covenant with Moses42Exodus 23:20-24:18Jim SayerspmGods covenant with Moses
2004-05-303812004-05-30In search of a miracle maker45John 6:25-32Jim SayersamIn search of a miracle maker
2004-05-303822003-09-07The Ten Commandments42Exodus 20:1-23:19Jim SayerspmThe Ten Commandments
2004-05-233802003-09-07A kingdom of priests and a holy nation42Exodus 19Jim SayerspmA kingdom of priests and a holy nation
2004-05-233792002-12-29Who is Jesus? More witnesses62John EyersamWho is Jesus? More witnesses
2004-05-163772002-12-29Who is Jesus? Jesus witness to himself62John 5:16-30John EyersamWho is Jesus? Jesus witness to himself
2004-05-163782003-09-07The LORD is greater than all other gods42Exodus 18Jim SayerspmThe LORD is greater than all other gods
2004-05-093752002-12-29Who is Jesus? The apostle Johns answer62John 1John EyersamWho is Jesus? The apostle Johns answer
2004-05-093762002-12-29Who is Jesus? John the Baptists answer62John 3:22-36John EyerspmWho is Jesus? John the Baptists answer
2004-05-023731995-01-01Coming into the light2Jim SayersamComing into the light
2004-05-023742003-09-07How God deals with grumblers42Exodus 15:22-17-16Jim SayerspmHow God deals with grumblers
2004-04-253711995-01-01Vain the stone, the watch, the seal10Matthew 27:62-28:20Jim SayersamVain the stone, the watch, the seal
2004-04-253721995-01-01Who really killed Jesus?1Jim SayerspmWho really killed Jesus?
2004-04-183691995-01-0111Mark 9:42-50David Piperam
2004-04-183701995-01-0111Acts 26David Piperpm
2004-04-113081995-01-01Easter Family Service6John 20:1-18Jim SayersamEaster Family Service
2004-04-113091995-01-01Easter Praise6Rev 1:17-18Jim SayerspmEaster Praise
2004-04-093071995-01-01Good Friday service6Jim SayersamGood Friday service
2004-04-042612003-12-07Building a faith that lasts43Luke 6:43-49Jim SayersamBuilding a faith that lasts
2004-04-042712004-01-04What is the prayer of faith44James 5:13-20Jim SayerspmWhat is the prayer of faith
2004-03-283671995-01-01112 Kings 2Paul Kempam
2004-03-283681995-01-01112 Kings 6:8-23Paul Kemppm
2004-03-212602003-12-07One-anothering43Luke 6:27-42Jim SayersamOne-anothering
2004-03-213061995-01-01Youth service5Luke 18:9-14Jim SayerspmYouth service
2004-03-143661995-01-01Anniversary Weekend8John 11:1-44Peter ParkinsonpmAnniversary Weekend
2004-03-143651995-01-01Anniversary Weekend8Hebrews 13:8Peter ParkinsonamAnniversary Weekend
2004-03-072702004-01-04Persevere! The Lord is coming!44James 5:7-12Jim SayerspmPersevere! The Lord is coming!
2004-03-072592003-12-07What is real happiness?43Luke 6:12-26Jim SayersamWhat is real happiness?
2004-02-292692004-01-04The dangers of being rich44James 4:13- 5:6Jim SayerspmThe dangers of being rich
2004-02-292582003-12-07Jesus, Lord of the sabbath43Luke 6:1-11Jim SayersamJesus, Lord of the sabbath
2004-02-222572003-12-07No one pours new wine into old wineskins43Luke 5:17-39Jim SayersamNo one pours new wine into old wineskins
2004-02-222682004-01-04Submitting to God or surrendering to the world44James 4:4-12Jim SayerspmSubmitting to God or surrendering to the world
2004-02-152672004-01-04Wisdom: heavenly or devilish44James 3:13- 4:3Jim SayerspmWisdom: heavenly or devilish
2004-02-152562003-12-0743Luke 4:31-44Jim Sayersam
2004-02-083641995-01-01801 Thessalonians 1Cecil Cousinspm
2004-02-083631995-01-01Family service6Luke 8David DeeamFamily service
2004-02-012662004-01-04The tongue: a fire, a restless evil44James 3:1-12Jim SayerspmThe tongue: a fire, a restless evil
2004-02-012552003-12-07Bowing down to Jesus43Luke 5:1-16Jim SayersamBowing down to Jesus
2004-01-252652004-01-04Justification by faith and deeds44James 2:14-26Jim SayerspmJustification by faith and deeds
2004-01-252542003-12-07Good news to the poor43Luke 4:14-30Jim SayersamGood news to the poor
2004-01-182642004-01-04Discrimination and the Church44James 2:1-13Jim SayerspmDiscrimination and the Church
2004-01-182532003-12-07If you are the Son of God43Luke 3:21-4:13Jim SayersamIf you are the Son of God
2004-01-112632004-01-04The implanted word: listening and doing44James 1:19-27Jim SayerspmThe implanted word: listening and doing
2004-01-112522003-12-07When the gospel threatens your lifestyle43Luke 3:1-20Jim SayersamWhen the gospel threatens your lifestyle
2004-01-042622004-01-04If you cant stand the heat44James 1:1-18Jim SayerspmIf you cant stand the heat
2004-01-043051995-01-01Commissioning service for Helen Reeve10John 21Jim SayersamCommissioning service for Helen Reeve
2003-12-212502003-12-07Israel: the land of the rising sun43Luke 1:57-80Jim SayersamIsrael: the land of the rising sun
2003-12-212512003-12-07Family Carol Service: The Saviour in the manger43Luke 2:1-20Jim SayerspmFamily Carol Service: The Saviour in the manger
2003-12-142482003-12-07The Son named Jesus43Luke 1:26-38Jim SayersamThe Son named Jesus
2003-12-142492003-12-07My soul magnifies the Lord43Luke 1:39-56Jim SayerspmMy soul magnifies the Lord
2003-12-072472003-12-07Zechariah: silenced by the God who speaks43Luke 1:1-25Jim SayerspmZechariah: silenced by the God who speaks
2003-12-072362003-09-07Put on the whole gospel of God41Ephesians 6:14-24Jim SayersamPut on the whole gospel of God
2003-11-302342003-09-07Submission at home and at work41Ephesians 6:1-9Jim SayersamSubmission at home and at work
2003-11-302352003-09-07Be strong in the Lord41Ephesians 6:10-13Jim SayerspmBe strong in the Lord
2003-11-233621995-01-01London City Mission Sunday9Deuteronomy 6:1-9William RandallpmLondon City Mission Sunday
2003-11-233611995-01-01London City Mission Sunday9William RandallamLondon City Mission Sunday
2003-11-162332003-09-07The husband who gives himself for his wife41Ephesians 5:25-33Jim SayersamThe husband who gives himself for his wife
2003-11-162462003-09-07Moses song of victory42Exodus 15:1-21Jim SayerspmMoses song of victory
2003-11-093601995-01-01Sunday School Prizegiving6Andrew SampsonamSunday School Prizegiving
2003-11-092452003-09-07Crossing the Red Sea42Exodus 13:17- 14:31Jim SayerspmCrossing the Red Sea
2003-11-022442003-09-07Powerful signs for a forgetful people42Exodus 12:31- 13:16Jim SayerspmPowerful signs for a forgetful people
2003-11-022322003-09-07The wife who knows why she submits41Ephesians 5:21-24Jim SayersamThe wife who knows why she submits
2003-10-263591995-01-0111Philippians 3Alistair Patersonpm
2003-10-263581995-01-0111Romans 5Alistair Patersonam
2003-10-192432003-09-07The plagues: why does God allow suffering42Exodus 7-10Jim SayerspmThe plagues: why does God allow suffering
2003-10-192312003-09-07Dont be drunk, but filled with the Spirit41Ephesians 5:15-20Jim SayersamDont be drunk, but filled with the Spirit
2003-10-122422003-09-07Youth service: When I see the blood, I will pass over you42Exodus 11- 12:30Jim SayerspmYouth service: When I see the blood, I will pass over you
2003-10-122302003-09-07Live as children of light41Ephesians 5:1-14Jim SayersamLive as children of light
2003-10-052412003-09-07The plagues: why did God harden Pharaohs heart?42Exodus 7-10Jim SayerspmThe plagues: why did God harden Pharaohs heart?
2003-10-052292003-09-07Dont grieve the Holy Spirit41Ephesians 4:25-32Jim SayersamDont grieve the Holy Spirit
2003-09-282402003-09-07Through everything goes wrong, I am the LORD42Exodus 5-6Jim SayerspmThrough everything goes wrong, I am the LORD
2003-09-212392003-09-07Please send someone else!42Exodus 4Jim SayerspmPlease send someone else!
2003-09-212282003-09-07Off with the old, on with the new41Ephesians 4:17-24Jim SayersamOff with the old, on with the new
2003-09-155341995-01-01Funeral service for Ivy Fisk4Derek ChilversamFuneral service for Ivy Fisk
2003-09-142272003-09-07Spiritual body building41Ephesians 4:7-16Jim SayersamSpiritual body building
2003-09-142382003-09-07God calls Moses at the burning bush42Exodus 3Jim SayerspmGod calls Moses at the burning bush
2003-09-072262003-09-07The unity of the Spirit41Ephesians 4:1-6Jim SayersamThe unity of the Spirit
2003-09-072372003-09-07Where is God in the madness of genocide42Exodus 1-2Jim SayerspmWhere is God in the madness of genocide
2003-08-312252003-08-17The life I now live I live by faith40Galatians 2:20Jim SayersamThe life I now live I live by faith
2003-08-242232003-08-17I have been crucified with Christ40Galatians 2:20Jim SayersamI have been crucified with Christ
2003-08-242242003-08-17I no longer live but Christ lives in me40Galatians 2:20Jim SayerspmI no longer live but Christ lives in me
2003-08-173041995-01-01Family service6Jim SayersamFamily service
2003-08-172222003-08-17The son of God loved me and gave himself for me40Galatians 2:20Jim SayerspmThe son of God loved me and gave himself for me
2003-08-103562002-12-29622 Corinthians 5John Eyersam
2003-08-103571995-01-0111Matt 8:18-34Mark Newcombepm
2003-08-033551995-01-0111Genesis 28:10-22Brian Wardpm
2003-08-033541995-01-0111Luke 8:22-27Brian Wardam
2003-07-273521995-01-0111Mark 8:27-38Bryan Brownam
2003-07-273531995-01-0111Colossians 1:1-23Derek Baileypm
2003-07-202212003-06-22Tempted to give up39Acts 18:1-11Jim SayerspmTempted to give up
2003-07-203511995-01-0111Jeremiah 2:1-19Steven Kormayeaam
2003-07-132102003-03-16More than we can ask or imagine36Ephesians 3:20-21Jim SayersamMore than we can ask or imagine
2003-07-132112003-03-1636Ephesians 3:21Jim Sayerspm
2003-07-062202003-06-22David, Joseph and temptation39Genesis 39/ 2 Sam 11Jim SayerspmDavid, Joseph and temptation
2003-07-062092003-03-16Pauls prayer for the Ephesians36Ephesians 3:14-19Jim SayersamPauls prayer for the Ephesians
2003-06-293491995-01-01111 Timothy 1:12Roger Cookeam
2003-06-293501995-01-01111 Chronicles 29:1-9Roger Cookepm
2003-06-222082003-03-16Bold with the enemy, bold before God36Ephesians 3:10-13Jim SayersamBold with the enemy, bold before God
2003-06-222192003-06-22Satan the tempter39Genesis 3:1-15Jim SayerspmSatan the tempter
2003-06-152072003-03-16The unsearchable riches of Christ36Ephesians 3:1-9Jim SayersamThe unsearchable riches of Christ
2003-06-152182003-05-04Prayer is submissionto the will of God38Luke 18:1-8Jim SayerspmPrayer is submissionto the will of God
2003-06-083471995-01-01Family service6Luke 14Roger TantonpmFamily service
2003-06-083481995-01-01Youth service5Revelation 22:12Roger TantonpmYouth service
2003-06-012172003-05-04Prayer is intercessionseeking God38Luke 11:1-13Jim SayerspmPrayer is intercessionseeking God
2003-06-012062003-03-16The Church: Gods building site36Ephesians 2:19-22Jim SayersamThe Church: Gods building site
2003-05-252052003-03-16The day the wall came down36Ephesians 2:11-18Jim SayersamThe day the wall came down
2003-05-252162003-05-04Prayer is thanksgivingglorifying God38Psalm 107Jim SayerspmPrayer is thanksgivingglorifying God
2003-05-183461995-01-01801 Corinthians 1Cecil Cousinsam
2003-05-183031995-01-0110Psalm 96Jim Sayerspm
2003-05-113451995-01-01111 Thessalonians 4:1-12Clifford Pondpm
2003-05-112042003-03-16By grace you have been saved36Ephesians 2:7-10Jim SayersamBy grace you have been saved
2003-05-042152003-05-04Prayer is confessionbroken before God38Psalm 38Jim SayerspmPrayer is confessionbroken before God
2003-05-042032003-03-16Making the dead live36Ephesians 2:1-6Jim SayersamMaking the dead live
2003-04-273021995-01-01Youth service:- Can we trust God5Jim SayerspmYouth service:- Can we trust God
2003-04-272022003-03-16The power of the risen Jesus36Ephesians 1:19-23Jim SayersamThe power of the risen Jesus
2003-04-203011995-01-01Service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving10John 20:1-17Jim SayerspmService of Remembrance and Thanksgiving
2003-04-203001995-01-01Easter Family service6Jim SayersamEaster Family service
2003-04-133431995-01-0111Mark 11:1-11Stuart Balmeram
2003-04-133441995-01-0111Genesis 28Stuart Balmerpm
2003-04-062012003-03-16I want the best for you36Ephesians 1:15-19Jim SayersamI want the best for you
2003-04-062991995-01-01Discussion: Is there life after death1Jim SayerspmDiscussion: Is there life after death
2003-03-302142003-03-16Gods plan for marriage37Genesis 2Jim SayerspmGods plan for marriage
2003-03-302002003-03-16Chosen for glory36Ephesians 1:11-14Jim SayersamChosen for glory
2003-03-231992003-03-16Listen: this is a big secret36Ephesians 1:7-10Jim SayersamListen: this is a big secret
2003-03-232132003-03-16Gods plan for rest37Jim SayerspmGods plan for rest
2003-03-161982003-03-16This is your destiny36Ephesians 1:1-16Jim SayersamThis is your destiny
2003-03-162122003-03-16Gods plan for work37Jim SayerspmGods plan for work
2003-03-093421995-01-01111 Corinthians 6Chris Pegingtonpm
2003-03-093411995-01-0111Galatians 6Chris Pegingtonam
2003-03-083391995-01-01WORLD MISSION DAY: Reaching Buddhists9Rosemary HardingpmWORLD MISSION DAY: Reaching Buddhists
2003-03-083401995-01-01WORLD MISSION DAY: Reaching Muslims9Abu MesheshapmWORLD MISSION DAY: Reaching Muslims
2003-03-083381995-01-01WORLD MISSION DAY: Reaching Catholics9Chris PegingtonamWORLD MISSION DAY: Reaching Catholics
2003-03-023361995-01-0111Matthew 4:12-25Peter Croftam
2003-03-023371995-01-0111Matthew 5:1-2Peter Croftpm
2003-02-233341995-01-0111Joshua 1Tim Banksam
2003-02-233351995-01-01Gods Promises11Tim BankspmGods Promises
2003-02-163331995-01-0111Psalm 27Maurice Wadepm
2003-02-163321995-01-0111John 4:1-42Maurice Wadeam
2003-02-093311995-01-0111Mark 6:12-28Paul Kemppm
2003-02-093301995-01-01Family service6Judges 4Phil MoonamFamily service
2003-02-022981995-01-01I believe- help me overcome my unbelief10Mark 9:14-29Jim SayersamI believe- help me overcome my unbelief
2003-02-021682002-04-14Spiritual health check302 Corinthians 13Jim SayerspmSpiritual health check
2003-01-302971995-01-01Funeral of Gwen Cotton4Jim SayersamFuneral of Gwen Cotton
2003-01-262961995-01-01From doubt to faith10John 20:24-31Jim SayersamFrom doubt to faith
2003-01-261672002-04-14Pauls thorn and Gods grace302 Corinthians 12:1-10Jim SayerspmPauls thorn and Gods grace
2003-01-192951995-01-01Youth Service: From fear to faith5Jim SayerspmYouth Service: From fear to faith
2003-01-191662002-04-14Boasting in weakness302 Corinthians 11:16-32Jim SayersamBoasting in weakness
2003-01-122941995-01-01Justified by faith10Romans 4:18- 5:2Jim SayersamJustified by faith
2003-01-121652002-04-14Let him who boasts boast in the Lord302 Corinthians 10:7-18Jim SayerspmLet him who boasts boast in the Lord
2003-01-051642002-04-14Taking every thought captive302 Corinthians 10:1-6Jim SayerspmTaking every thought captive
2003-01-052931995-01-01With God all things are possible10Matthew 19:26Jim SayersamWith God all things are possible
2002-12-293292002-12-29621 Peter 1John Eyerspm
2002-12-293281995-01-0180Isaiah 9Cecil Cousinsam
2002-12-221972002-12-08Jesus, the obedient son of God35Hebrews 1:2-3Jim SayersamJesus, the obedient son of God
2002-12-151952002-12-08The humanity of Jesus35Hebrews 2:14-15Jim SayersamThe humanity of Jesus
2002-12-151962002-12-08The veiled glory of Jesus35John 1:14Jim SayerspmThe veiled glory of Jesus
2002-12-081942002-12-08Jesus, born of a virgin35Luke 1:34-35Jim SayerspmJesus, born of a virgin
2002-12-081932002-12-08Jesus, the man with no beginning35John 1: 1Jim SayersamJesus, the man with no beginning
2002-12-022921995-01-01Funeral of Helen Mason4Jim SayersamFuneral of Helen Mason
2002-12-011922002-10-06Chariots of fire342 Kings 1-2:14Jim SayerspmChariots of fire
2002-12-011862002-10-06The Jesus who divides33Matthew 10:16-42Jim SayersamThe Jesus who divides
2002-11-243261995-01-01London City Mission Sunday9Matthew 25:31-46David WhymarkamLondon City Mission Sunday
2002-11-243271995-01-01London City Mission Sunday92 Corinthians 5:11-21David WhymarkpmLondon City Mission Sunday
2002-11-171912002-10-06Stealing Naboths vinyard341 Kings 21Jim SayerspmStealing Naboths vinyard
2002-11-171852002-10-06The missionary heart of Jesus33Matthew 9:35 10:15Jim SayersamThe missionary heart of Jesus
2002-11-142911995-01-01Funeral of Ruth Pallant4Jim SayersamFuneral of Ruth Pallant
2002-11-103251995-01-0111Hebrews 12:1-3Tim Dosserpm
2002-11-103241995-01-0111John 5:1-5Kevin Mannionam
2002-11-033231995-01-0111Ed Lowisam
2002-11-031902002-10-06What if God doesnt send revival341 Kings 19:1-21Jim SayerspmWhat if God doesnt send revival
2002-10-272901995-01-0110Psalm 46Jim Sayerspm
2002-10-271842002-10-06The Jesus who can be trusted33Matthew 9:18-24Jim SayersamThe Jesus who can be trusted
2002-10-201892002-10-06Will the real God please stand up!341 Kings 18:20-46Jim SayerspmWill the real God please stand up!
2002-10-201832002-10-06Jesus the friend of sinners33Matthew 9:1-17Jim SayersamJesus the friend of sinners
2002-10-131882002-10-06Who is the troubler of Israel?341 Kings 18:1-19Jim SayerspmWho is the troubler of Israel?
2002-10-131822002-10-06Will the real Jesus please stand up!33Matthew 8:18-34Jim SayersamWill the real Jesus please stand up!
2002-10-061872002-10-06Introducing Elijah the Tishbite341 Kings 16:29-17:24Jim SayerspmIntroducing Elijah the Tishbite
2002-10-061812002-10-06The authority of Jesus33Matthew 8:1-18Jim SayersamThe authority of Jesus
2002-09-292891995-01-01How can a God of love send people to hell7Jim SayerspmHow can a God of love send people to hell
2002-09-221632002-04-14Whoever sows generously reaps generously302 Corinthians 8:16- 9:15Jim SayersamWhoever sows generously reaps generously
2002-09-221802002-09-08Having it all in a world sold out to Satan32Matthew 4:8-11Jim SayerspmHaving it all in a world sold out to Satan
2002-09-151622002-04-14Excel in the grace of giving302 Corinthians 8:1-15Jim SayersamExcel in the grace of giving
2002-09-151792002-09-08Presuming on God32Matthew 4:5-7Jim SayerspmPresuming on God
2002-09-081782002-09-08Away with the Word in a touchy-feely world32Matthew 4:1-4Jim SayerspmAway with the Word in a touchy-feely world
2002-09-081612002-04-14True and false repentance302 Corinthians 7Jim SayersamTrue and false repentance
2002-07-162881995-01-01Funeral of Marie Blyth4Jim SayersamFuneral of Marie Blyth
2002-07-141602002-04-14Christian unity and separation302 Corinthians 6:3- 7:1Jim SayerspmChristian unity and separation
2002-07-141772002-04-14The gentiles will listen31Acts 28:11-31Jim SayersamThe gentiles will listen
2002-07-071592002-04-14302 Corinthians 5:11- 6:2Jim Sayerspm
2002-06-301762002-04-14Preaching the kingdom of God in Rome31Acts 27 and 28Jim SayersamPreaching the kingdom of God in Rome
2002-06-301582002-04-14We live by faith, not by sight302 Corinthians 5:1-10Jim SayerspmWe live by faith, not by sight
2002-06-231752002-04-14I was not disobedient to the vision from heaven31Acts 25 and 26Jim SayersamI was not disobedient to the vision from heaven
2002-06-232871995-01-01Is God still in control7Jim SayerspmIs God still in control
2002-06-091572002-04-14Treasures in jars of clay302 Corinthians 4:7-18Jim SayerspmTreasures in jars of clay
2002-06-091742002-04-14The gospel at your convenience31Acts 24:1-27Jim SayersamThe gospel at your convenience
2002-06-021562002-04-14This glorious ministry302 Corinthians 4:1-6Jim SayerspmThis glorious ministry
2002-06-021732002-04-14The Lord stood near Paul31Acts 22:22-23:35Jim SayersamThe Lord stood near Paul
2002-05-191722002-04-14Brother Saul defends his faith31Acts 21:27-22:29Jim SayersamBrother Saul defends his faith
2002-05-191552002-04-14302 Corinthians 3:18Jim Sayerspm
2002-05-121542002-04-14Changed from glory to glory302 Corinthians 3:7-18Jim SayersamChanged from glory to glory
2002-05-121712002-04-14The bounderies of Christian freedom31Acts 21:1-26Jim SayerspmThe bounderies of Christian freedom
2002-04-281532002-04-14The smell and the fragrance of life302 Corinthians 2:14-3:6Jim SayersamThe smell and the fragrance of life
2002-04-211702002-04-14Proclaiming the whole will of God31Acts 20:13-38Jim SayerspmProclaiming the whole will of God
2002-04-211522002-04-14We work with you for your joy302 Corinthians 1:12-2:13Jim SayersamWe work with you for your joy
2002-04-141692002-04-14The riot in Ephesus31Acts 19:21-20:21Jim SayerspmThe riot in Ephesus
2002-04-141512002-04-14Comfort in suffering from the risen Christ302 Corinthians 1:1-11Jim SayersamComfort in suffering from the risen Christ
2002-03-311502002-01-06God intended it for good29Genesis 50Jim SayerspmGod intended it for good
2002-03-241402002-01-06The army that marches on its prayers28Ephesians 6:18-20Jim SayersamThe army that marches on its prayers
2002-03-241492002-01-06Jacob blesses his twelve sons29Genesis 49Jim SayerspmJacob blesses his twelve sons
2002-03-171482002-01-06God has been my shepherd all my life29Genesis 47:28-48:22Jim SayerspmGod has been my shepherd all my life
2002-03-171392002-01-06Take up the sword of the Spirit, Gods word28Ephesians 6:17Jim SayersamTake up the sword of the Spirit, Gods word
2002-03-031472002-01-06Jacobs last journey29Genesis 45:16-47:27Jim SayerspmJacobs last journey
2002-03-031382002-01-06Take the helmet of salvation28Ephesians 6:17Jim SayersamTake the helmet of salvation
2002-03-022861995-01-01Wedding of Bill and Binty3Jim SayersamWedding of Bill and Binty
2002-02-241462002-01-06I am your brother Joseph, the one you sold into Egypt29Genesis 43:1-45:15Jim SayerspmI am your brother Joseph, the one you sold into Egypt
2002-02-241372002-01-06Take up the shield of faith28Ephesians 6:16Jim SayersamTake up the shield of faith
2002-02-113221995-01-01Church Anniversary8Robert AmessamChurch Anniversary
2002-02-103211995-01-01Church Anniversary8Philippians 3:1-11Robert AmesspmChurch Anniversary
2002-02-101452002-01-06Josephs brothers bow down to him29Genesis 42Jim SayerspmJosephs brothers bow down to him
2002-02-103201995-01-01Church Anniversary8Robert AmessamChurch Anniversary
2002-02-101362002-01-06Put on your gospel boots28Ephesians 6:15Jim SayersamPut on your gospel boots
2002-02-031442002-01-06From dungeon to destiny29Genesis 41Jim SayerspmFrom dungeon to destiny
2002-01-292851995-01-01Funeral of Mrs. Ash4Jim SayersamFuneral of Mrs. Ash
2002-01-201432002-01-06Joseph in prison the Lord was with him29Genesis 39:21-40:23Jim SayerspmJoseph in prison the Lord was with him
2002-01-201352002-01-06Put on the breastplate of righteousness28Ephesians 6:14Mark EscaleraamPut on the breastplate of righteousness
2002-01-131342002-01-06Put on the belt of truth28Ephesians 6:14Jim SayersamPut on the belt of truth
2002-01-131422002-01-06The fruit of the spirit is self-control29Genesis 38-39Jim SayerspmThe fruit of the spirit is self-control
2002-01-061412002-01-06Here comes that dreamer!29Genesis 37Jim SayerspmHere comes that dreamer!
2002-01-061332002-01-06Be strong in the Lord28Ephesians 6:10-13Jim SayersamBe strong in the Lord
2002-01-052841995-01-01Memorial service for Brian Colver4Jim SayersamMemorial service for Brian Colver
2001-11-182831995-01-01Is God stingy or generous: Thanksgiving & Dedication of Nathaniel Lowis10James 1:17-18Jim SayersamIs God stingy or generous: Thanksgiving & Dedication of Nathaniel Lowis
2001-10-141322001-08-12Job humbled and vindicated by God27Job 38-42Jim SayerspmJob humbled and vindicated by God
2001-10-071312001-08-12Job silenced by God27Job 38-39Jim SayerspmJob silenced by God
2001-09-301302001-08-12But where can wisdom be found?27Job 28: 32-37Jim SayerspmBut where can wisdom be found?
2001-09-231292001-08-12Jesus: mediator between Job and God27Job 9-31Jim SayerspmJesus: mediator between Job and God
2001-09-091282001-08-12He lifted me out of the slimy pit27Job 3-31Jim SayerspmHe lifted me out of the slimy pit
2001-09-021272001-08-12Suffering: is it because I lack faith?27Job 3-31Jim SayerspmSuffering: is it because I lack faith?
2001-08-261262001-08-12NO TAPE27Job 1-4Jim SayerspmNO TAPE
2001-08-192811995-01-01Holiday Bible Club Family Service6Jim SayersamHoliday Bible Club Family Service
2001-08-192821995-01-0110Mark 4:21-34Jim Sayerspm
2001-08-121252001-08-12Our God reigns27Job 1Jim SayerspmOur God reigns
2001-07-151242001-04-29Sonship and family life261 JohnJim SayersamSonship and family life
2001-07-151162001-04-29Working in the power of the Holy Spirit25Acts 19:1-20Jim SayerspmWorking in the power of the Holy Spirit
2001-07-081152001-04-29Making disciples in Ephesus25Acts 18:18-28Jim SayerspmMaking disciples in Ephesus
2001-07-081232001-04-29Sonship, assurance and the battle with sin26Romans 8Jim SayersamSonship, assurance and the battle with sin
2001-07-011222001-04-29Sonship and mission261 Peter 2Jim SayersamSonship and mission
2001-07-011142001-04-29Corinth: I have many people in this city25Acts 18:1-17Jim SayerspmCorinth: I have many people in this city
2001-06-171212001-04-29Sonship in worship and prayer26Hebrews 10Jim SayersamSonship in worship and prayer
2001-06-171132001-04-29All people everywhere to repent25Acts 17:24-34Jim SayerspmAll people everywhere to repent
2001-06-031122001-04-2925Acts 17: 16-23Jim Sayerspm
2001-06-031202001-04-29Sonship, Church life and brotherly love261 Peter 1Jim SayersamSonship, Church life and brotherly love
2001-05-271192001-04-29My grace is sufficient for you262 Peter 1Jim SayersamMy grace is sufficient for you
2001-05-271112001-04-29Gripped by the message of the Bible25Acts 17:1-15Jim SayerspmGripped by the message of the Bible
2001-05-131182001-04-29Not slaves but sons26Jim SayersamNot slaves but sons
2001-05-131102001-04-29Philippi: Exorcisms and earthquakes25Acts 16:16-40Jim SayerspmPhilippi: Exorcisms and earthquakes
2001-04-291092001-04-29Macedonia: Come over and help us25Acts 16:6-15Jim SayerspmMacedonia: Come over and help us
2001-04-291172001-04-29New Birth: Born of God26Ephesians 2:1-5Jim SayersamNew Birth: Born of God
2001-04-081082001-02-25Speaker: Robin Spittle24Zechariah 9-10Jim SayersamSpeaker: Robin Spittle
2001-04-081022001-02-04Living for God in a godless world23Genesis 34-35Jim SayerspmLiving for God in a godless world
2001-04-011072001-02-25The green shoot of recovery24Zechariah 5-6Jim SayersamThe green shoot of recovery
2001-04-011012001-02-04Wrestling with God23Genesis 32-33Jim SayerspmWrestling with God
2001-03-251062001-02-25Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit24Zechariah 4Jim SayersamNot by might nor by power but by my Spirit
2001-03-251002001-02-04Fleecing your father-in-law23Genesis 30:25-31:55Jim SayerspmFleecing your father-in-law
2001-03-181052001-02-25I will remove their sin in a single day24Zechariah 3Jim SayersamI will remove their sin in a single day
2001-03-18992001-02-0423Genesis 29:1-30:24Jim Sayerspm
2001-03-041042001-02-25Gods people: A city without walls24Zechariah 2Jim SayersamGods people: A city without walls
2001-03-04982001-02-04Bethel: The House of God23Genesis 28Jim SayerspmBethel: The House of God
2001-02-251032001-02-25Return to me and I will return to you24Zechariah 1Jim SayersamReturn to me and I will return to you
2001-02-25972001-02-04NO TAPE23Genesis 27:1-28:9Jim SayerspmNO TAPE
2001-02-18962001-02-04Gods covenant with Isaac23Genesis 26Jim SayerspmGods covenant with Isaac
2001-02-18932001-01-14A guilty woman: Who throws the first stone?22John 8:1-11Jim SayersamA guilty woman: Who throws the first stone?
2001-02-11922001-01-14The lame man: Pick up your mat and walk22John 5:1-15Jim SayersamThe lame man: Pick up your mat and walk
2001-02-11952001-02-04A birthright as cheap as a lentil stew23Genesis 25Jim SayerspmA birthright as cheap as a lentil stew
2001-02-04942001-02-04Gods kindness to a new generation23Genesis 23, 24Jim SayerspmGods kindness to a new generation
2001-02-04912001-01-14The officials son: Taking Jesus at His word22John 4:43-54Jim SayersamThe officials son: Taking Jesus at His word
2001-01-28902001-01-14The Samaritan woman: Thirsting to know God22John 4:1-26Jim SayersamThe Samaritan woman: Thirsting to know God
2001-01-21892001-01-14Nicodemus: You must be born again22John 3:1-21Jim SayersamNicodemus: You must be born again
2001-01-14882001-01-14Nathanael: Before you know it, He knows you22John 2:43-51Jim SayersamNathanael: Before you know it, He knows you
2000-12-10872000-10-08You cant build a church without unity21Acts 15:30-16:5Jim SayersamYou cant build a church without unity
2000-12-03862000-10-08Jerusalem Christians must reach the world21Acts 15:1-29Jim SayersamJerusalem Christians must reach the world
2000-11-19852000-10-08Building a church that survives21Acts 14:19-28Jim SayersamBuilding a church that survives
2000-11-12842000-10-08Who do you worship?21Acts 14:8-18Jim SayersamWho do you worship?
2000-10-29832000-10-08How do you respond to the Gospel?21Acts 13:42-14:7Jim SayersamHow do you respond to the Gospel?
2000-10-22822000-10-08A new way to be right with God21Acts 13:13-41Jim SayersamA new way to be right with God
2000-10-08812000-10-08Light and darkness in Cyprus21Acts 13:1-12Jim SayersamLight and darkness in Cyprus
2000-09-303191995-01-01Bill and Ruth Harpers service of thanksgiving for 40yrs of marriage11amBill and Ruth Harpers service of thanksgiving for 40yrs of marriage
2000-05-202801995-01-01Wedding of Tim Tree to Alison Plant3Jim SayersamWedding of Tim Tree to Alison Plant
2000-05-122791995-01-01Thanksgiving service for Ruth Roworth10Jim SayersamThanksgiving service for Ruth Roworth
2000-04-16802000-01-09Gods word will always triumph20Acts 12:11-25Jim SayersamGods word will always triumph
2000-04-09792000-01-09Get out of jail free20Acts 12:1-9Jim SayersamGet out of jail free
2000-04-02782000-01-09What is a Christian?20Acts 11:19-30Jim SayersamWhat is a Christian?
2000-03-262781995-01-01Christianity vs. other religions (discussion session)1Jim SayerspmChristianity vs. other religions (discussion session)
2000-03-192771995-01-01Christianity vs. Science (discussion session)1Jim SayerspmChristianity vs. Science (discussion session)
2000-03-192761995-01-01(Mission)9Hebrews 2:5-18Jim Sayersam(Mission)
2000-03-122751995-01-01Why suffering (discussion session)1Jim SayerspmWhy suffering (discussion session)
2000-03-05672000-01-02God himself will provide the Lamb19Genesis 22:1-19Jim SayerspmGod himself will provide the Lamb
2000-03-05772000-01-09Convincing the Church that the world can be saved20Acts 11:1-18Jim SayersamConvincing the Church that the world can be saved
2000-02-27762000-01-09God accepts people from every nation20Acts 10:23-48Jim SayersamGod accepts people from every nation
2000-02-27662000-01-02Laughter and tears19Genesis 21:1-33Jim SayerspmLaughter and tears
2000-02-20742000-01-09When God says Reach the world20Acts 10:1-8Jim SayersamWhen God says Reach the world
2000-02-20752000-01-09When God says Reach the world (Contd.)20Acts 10:9-23Jim SayerspmWhen God says Reach the world (Contd.)
2000-02-13732000-01-09Escapes and Resurrections20Acts 9:20-43Jim SayersamEscapes and Resurrections
2000-02-06652000-01-02Getting serious with God19Genesis 18:1-33Jim SayerspmGetting serious with God
2000-02-06722000-01-09Facing the claims of Jesus (guest service)20Acts 9:1-19Jim SayersamFacing the claims of Jesus (guest service)
2000-01-30642000-01-02Abraham: father of many nations19Genesis 17:1-27Jim SayerspmAbraham: father of many nations
2000-01-30712000-01-09Philip and the Ethiopian20Acts 8:26-40Jim SayersamPhilip and the Ethiopian
2000-01-23702000-01-09Even Samaritans can become Christians20Acts 8:1-25Jim SayersamEven Samaritans can become Christians
2000-01-23632000-01-02Where have you come from and where are you going?19Genesis 16:1-16Jim SayerspmWhere have you come from and where are you going?
2000-01-16622000-01-02Gods covenant with Abram19Genesis 15:1-21Jim SayerspmGods covenant with Abram
2000-01-16692000-01-09Preaching Christ from all the Scriptures20Acts 7:1-60Jim SayersamPreaching Christ from all the Scriptures
2000-01-09612000-01-02The unpromising promised land19Genesis 13:1-14:24Jim SayerspmThe unpromising promised land
2000-01-09682000-01-09When the gospel confronts tradition20Acts 6:8-15Jim SayersamWhen the gospel confronts tradition
2000-01-02602000-01-02Setting out in faith19Genesis 12:1-9Jim SayerspmSetting out in faith
1999-12-26591999-09-05NO TAPE18Revelation 22:7-21Jim SayerspmNO TAPE
1999-12-19481999-09-12The best is yet to come17Jim SayersamThe best is yet to come
1999-12-12581999-09-05The new Jerusalem18Revelation 21:9-22:6Jim SayerspmThe new Jerusalem
1999-12-12471999-09-12The Church17Acts 2Jim SayersamThe Church
1999-12-05571999-09-05The millenium death and life18Revelation 20:1-21:8Jim SayerspmThe millenium death and life
1999-12-05461999-09-12What is a Christian17Acts 26Jim SayersamWhat is a Christian
1999-11-28451999-09-12The resurrection of Jesus17John 20Jim SayersamThe resurrection of Jesus
1999-11-28561999-09-05King of kings and Lord of lords18Revelation 19:11-21Jim SayerspmKing of kings and Lord of lords
1999-11-14441999-09-12The cross of Jesus17Mark 8:22-33Jim SayersamThe cross of Jesus
1999-10-31551999-09-05Fallen is Babylon the Great18Revelation 17:1-19:10Jim SayerspmFallen is Babylon the Great
1999-10-31431999-09-12Entering the kingdom of God17Mark 10Jim SayersamEntering the kingdom of God
1999-10-262741995-01-01Thanksgiving service for Mary Boon10Jim SayersamThanksgiving service for Mary Boon
1999-10-17541999-09-05The reality of Gods wrath18Revelation 15:5-16:21Jim SayerspmThe reality of Gods wrath
1999-10-10421999-09-12Jesus: child of promise17Jim SayersamJesus: child of promise
1999-10-10531999-09-05Holy war against Babylon, beasts and dragons18Revelation 11:19-15:4Jim SayerspmHoly war against Babylon, beasts and dragons
1999-10-03411999-09-12Why does God allow evil17Genesis 3:1-16Jim SayersamWhy does God allow evil
1999-10-03521999-09-05NO TAPE18Revelation 8:2-11:18Jim SayerspmNO TAPE
1999-09-19511999-09-05The Lamb is at the centre of the throne18Revelation 4:1-8:1Jim SayerspmThe Lamb is at the centre of the throne
1999-09-19401999-09-12Man: the rebellious worshipper17Genesis 1-3Jim SayersamMan: the rebellious worshipper
1999-09-12391999-09-12In the beginning God17Genesis 1:1-26Jim SayersamIn the beginning God
1999-09-12501999-09-05The local churchs check-up18Revelation 2:1-3:22Jim SayerspmThe local churchs check-up
1999-09-05491999-09-05Apocalypse now!18Revelation 1:1-20Jim SayerspmApocalypse now!
1999-04-182731995-01-01Baptismal service2Jim SayerspmBaptismal service
1999-04-113181995-01-0111Genesis 3Andrew Andersonpm
1999-04-113171995-01-0111Genesis 3Andrew Andersonam
1999-03-28321999-01-17Suffering disgrace for the name15Acts 5:12-42Jim SayersamSuffering disgrace for the name
1999-03-21311999-01-17Good stewards and bad15Acts 4:32-5:11Jim SayersamGood stewards and bad
1999-03-143151995-01-01Church Anniversary8Luke 5Alasdair MacLeodamChurch Anniversary
1999-03-143161995-01-01Church Anniversary8Acts 2Alasdair MacLeodpmChurch Anniversary
1999-03-133141995-01-01Church Anniversary8Alasdair MacLeodpmChurch Anniversary
1999-03-07301999-01-17Signs and wonders15Acts 4:23-31Jim SayersamSigns and wonders
1999-02-28381999-01-24The tower of Babel16Genesis 11Jim SayerspmThe tower of Babel
1999-02-28291999-01-17No other name under heaven15Acts 4:1-22Jim SayersamNo other name under heaven
1999-02-21281999-01-17Rise up and walk!15Acts 3:1-26Jim SayersamRise up and walk!
1999-02-21371999-01-24The sins of the fathers16Genesis 9:18-10:32Jim SayerspmThe sins of the fathers
1999-02-14361999-01-24My covenant: as long as the earth endures16Genesis 8:20-9:17Jim SayerspmMy covenant: as long as the earth endures
1999-02-14271999-01-17The new community15Acts 2:42-47; Acts 4:32-37Jim SayersamThe new community
1999-02-07351999-01-24Then the Lord shut him in16Genesis 7:1-8:19Jim SayerspmThen the Lord shut him in
1999-02-07261999-01-17God has made this Jesus whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ15Acts 2:22-41Jim SayersamGod has made this Jesus whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ
1999-01-31251999-01-17All filled with the Holy Spirit15Acts 2:1-21Jim SayersamAll filled with the Holy Spirit
1999-01-31341999-01-24But Noah found favour in the eyes of the Lord16Genesis 6Jim SayerspmBut Noah found favour in the eyes of the Lord
1999-01-24331999-01-24Murder, malice and Methuselah16Genesis 4:1-5:32Jim SayerspmMurder, malice and Methuselah
1999-01-24241999-01-17Situations vacant15Acts 1:9-26Jim SayersamSituations vacant
1999-01-17221999-01-17You will be my witnesses15Acts 1:1-8Jim SayersamYou will be my witnesses
1999-01-17231999-01-17Involving the local church in world mission15Acts 1:8; Romans 15Jim SayerspmInvolving the local church in world mission
1998-10-252721995-01-01Clairs commissioning101 John 2:3-17Jim SayersamClairs commissioning
1998-04-05211998-01-04The cursed lifestyle14Genesis 3:16-24Jim SayersamThe cursed lifestyle
1998-03-29201998-01-04The promised serpent crusher14Genesis 3:14-15Jim SayersamThe promised serpent crusher
1998-03-08191998-01-04Adam, where are you?14Genesis 3:6-13Jim SayersamAdam, where are you?
1998-03-01181998-01-04Now the serpent 14Genesis 3:1-5Jim SayersamNow the serpent
1998-02-22171998-01-04Gods image: relationship14Genesis 2:18-25Jim SayersamGods image: relationship
1998-02-15161998-01-04In Eden you are free but you must not14Genesis 2:4-17Jim SayersamIn Eden you are free but you must not
1998-02-01151998-01-04The seventh day14Genesis 2:1-3Jim SayersamThe seventh day
1998-01-25141998-01-04Let us make man in our own image14Genesis 1:26-31Jim SayersamLet us make man in our own image
1998-01-18131998-01-04And God saw that it was good14Genesis 1:3-25Jim SayersamAnd God saw that it was good
1998-01-04121998-01-04In the beginning God14Genesis 1:1-3Jim SayersamIn the beginning God
1997-03-093121995-01-01Church Anniversary8Dick LucasamChurch Anniversary
1997-03-093131995-01-01Church Anniversary8Dick LucaspmChurch Anniversary
1997-03-083111995-01-01Church Anniversary8Dick LucaspmChurch Anniversary
1995-05-21111995-03-12Do you love me?13John 21:15-25Jim SayersamDo you love me?
1995-04-30101995-03-12It is the Lord!13John 21:1-14Jim SayersamIt is the Lord!
1995-04-2391995-03-12Stop doubting and believe.13John 20:24-31Jim SayersamStop doubting and believe.
1995-04-1671995-03-12The stone had been removed.13John 20:1-18Jim SayersamThe stone had been removed.
1995-04-1681995-03-12Receive the Holy Spirit.13John 20:19-23Jim SayerspmReceive the Holy Spirit.
1995-04-1461995-03-12It is finished.13John 19:28-42Jim SayersamIt is finished.
1995-04-0951995-03-12The king of the Jews.13John 19:16-27Jim SayersamThe king of the Jews.
1995-04-0241995-03-12Sentenced to be crucified.13John 19:1-16Jim SayersamSentenced to be crucified.
1995-03-2631995-03-12What is truth?13John 18:28-40Jim SayersamWhat is truth?
1995-03-1921995-03-12The lies and the truth.13John 18:12-27Jim SayersamThe lies and the truth.
1995-03-1211995-03-12I am he.13John 18:1-11Jim SayersamI am he.
1995-03-113101995-01-01Welcome Service11Ecclesiastes 12:9-14Brian EdwardsamWelcome Service